Acteurs Chanteurs Chefs operateurs Compositeurs Costumiers Decorateurs Distributeurs Effets speciaux Humoristes Monteurs Producteurs Realisateurs Scenaristes Societes de Prod ? What better way to get in touch with one's inner mermaid, than to study one in motion, in a motion picture? Sadly, this silent film is presumed lost, however you can see some brief clips from someof Annette's other films on youtube. Danny Kaye stars as Hans Christian Andersen, author of many fairytales, including the sad but beautiful story of The Little Mermaid.
In Million Dollar Mermaid, Esther Williams, the undisputed queen of "aquamusicals" plays Annette Kellerman, the Australian swimmer who starred in a number of water-themed films of the silent era, and who was also the first woman to attempt to swim the English Channel.
If you've never seen Esther in action, here's a brief sampling of some of her stunning waterwork on youtube. The Secret of Roan Inish is not about a mermaid, per se, but about the mythological selkie, a seal who can turn herself into a human.
I saw this movie with a Pisces pal back in NYC when it first came out, and we both enjoyed it thoroughly. Aquamarine is a sweet, end-of-summer, coming-of-age preteen chick flick, but one I think a Pisces of any age would enjoy.
Ondine comes highly recommended by my older & wiser sister, who has yet to steer me wrong about anything.
Ondine is directed by the acclaimed Neil Jordan, who is himself a Pisces (born on February 25th) — which bodes well for his having gotten the atmosphere and details right. Johann Sebastian Bach, Ludwig van Beethoven, Frederic Chopin, George Frederick Handel, Franz Liszt, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Maurice Ravel, Johann II [Junior] Strauss, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, Antonio Vivaldi, Heribert Munchner, J?rg Faerber, G?nter Kehr, Anton Nanut, Libor Pesek, William Help your elementary students gain a deeper appreciation of music by introducing them to the men and women who created it!

Fiftyish man in midst of mid-life crisis discovers a mermaid; love and complications follow.
You may remember her as the suffragette mom in Mary Poppins, or else as the cheery grandmother in While You Were Sleeping, a few years back. Within the film you see an abbreviated versionof the ballet based on this tale, with enchanting scenery, costumes, dancing and music. It may not make many top ten lists, but it's still worth an eye if you enjoy mermaid tales, and being transported back to a simpler time (the mid 1980s).
Directed by independent filmmaker John Sayles, and set in a misty fishing village on the western coast of Ireland.
I don't remember it as being very fast-moving, but it provided a delightful refuge from the busy, noisy city for a few hours.
Like The Secret of Roan Inish, it is set in Ireland and involves selkies, and features Colin Farrell as the fisherman who catches something mysterious and intriguing in his net.
Bach to Beethoven, Schubert to Sousa-kids will enjoy reading mini-biographies and stories of 13 from the Baroque to Romantic periods. The movie follows what seems to be a common theme among mermaid films: Mermaid is found, brought home, and life gets messy, hiding her from the neighbors. Click the image at right to visit The Secret of Roan Inish on IMBD, or here to check it out on Amazon. Find best value and selection for your Readers Digest Music of The Masters Best of Eight 4 Disc Set search on eBay.
Divided into units, the book offers important facts about the, his life story, an essay, and a fun activity sheet and a suggested listening example.

We are very proud to announce our most current project of producing on video the complete cycle of Beethovens monumental 32 piano sonatas. Showcasing the timeless music of Mozart, Vivaldi, Beethoven, and Tchaikovsky, The offers hours of listening to some of historys favorite classical works.
17 units on the lives, times and music of the worlds greatest musicians, with reproducible activity sheets and suggested listening on. Listening for the book containing 17 units on the lives, times and music of the worlds greatest musicians, with reproducible activity sheets and suggested listening on. Handel music album in stock at Universe, George Frederic Handel was a German born naturalised English whose short stay in London. It is important that young students learn about the lives of the who have enriched our lives with beautiful music. From Bach to Wagner, your essential guide to the from the world of classical Music, with BBC Music Magazine. The 12 units in Stories of the give elementary students a glimpse into each life, character and music.
Find best value and selection for your The Collection - 66 - pick up only Sussex search on eBay. Stories of the: Book - It is important that young students learn about the lives of the who have enriched our lives with beautiful music.

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