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After celebrating his 96th birthday, John Schnabel has some final words of wisdom for his grandson.
Kotaku UK is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. No application in the history of smartphone has been as insanely popular with the users as WhatsApp.
And behind this massive popularity lies the secret of constant development and hardwork of the coders. The developers at WhatsApp have given their blood, sweat and tears to the application and they have tried their best to make this application the leading name in the world which it today is. The success wave of whatsapp comes from the fact that the company has relentlessly worked towards the direction of innovations while trying to stay as simple as possible while staying on the same domain that they began at. The older management at WhatsApp was a purist management, the old guard, they believed that the app’s success story comes from the fact that they remained what they began as and while everything around them was dynamic they were the only constant, catering to the same audiences and providing the same services. This was however, a good news for the users but a bad news for the old guard as facebook is one of the most progressive organizations in the world and are everything but ‘purists’. With the acquisition of WhatsApp, the old guard now knew that their days are numbered and the purist ideologies are going to go out of the window. All the employees of whatsapp have been using the video calling version of WhatsApp since the last two months and that they will launch it by mid-May. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. It was just an interim patch between the introduction of Naxxramas, the notoriously vicious 40-man final raid, and WOW’s first expansion, The Burning Crusade. The 20 billion dollar deal meant that facebook now had full control over WhatsApp and all that they had to offer to the users.
The progressive facebook brought in drastic changes, as the company now has many features that are user demanded and are amongst the most popular features of the recent times.

The logic goes that it’s vanilla WOW’s final and best incarnation, for in the two years between World Of Warcraft’s release and version 1.12, myriad fixes and quality-of-life improvements had turned a rickety, spit-and-glue MMO into a real cultural phenomenon that was fast approaching ten million subscribers. Player-versus-player became ranked, heralding fiercer clashes over the Horde and Alliance haunts of Tarren Mill and Southshore, and Battlegrounds were patched in.
Shortly afterwards, the ability to queue for Battlegrounds from the comfort of capital cities was added, while top-tier gear no longer had placeholder textures.
By patch 1.12, it was clear World Of Warcraft had reached completion, incorporating features that a modern MMO designer wouldn’t dream of leaving out. Without determination and time to burn, you would never make it off the starting line, never mind to the endgame raids. Your first mission is to slay ten mottled boars or, for the other races, some similarly arbitrary conjunction of number and creature – the quest structure that launched a thousand memes. You stand stock still, pressing the hotkey for your sole spell once, twice, thrice, and you’re out of mana. The boar isn’t dead, so you club it repeatedly with your puny weapon – a weapon in which your skill is so low that many swings miss. At this point, your health is perilously low and your mana, as established, is spent, so you’re obliged to eat and drink until you’re back in fighting form. Nine more boars to go, assuming that enough have spawned to satisfy the murderous population. If not, you’ll need to queue in the European style, sprinting madly for each creature that pops into existence and trying to tag it first. One spectacular example of a vanilla legendary quest structure can be found in Silverpine Forest, titled A Recipe For Death: “He mentions a very rare Hardened Tumor that he discovered on a Vile Fin murloc,” the quest text reads. World Of Warcraft was always brazen in making you sweat for the simplest of rewards – in this case a soon-to-be-replaced cloak and a potion than makes you run a bit quicker. For 60 levels, most monsters are an effort to dispatch, unless you invest serious gold in rare gear. And that’s no trivial thing: before hyperinflation set in, in The Burning Crusade, each gold piece was hard-won.

At 1,000 gold, high-level mounts that took the hassle out of traversing the world were out of reach for many players. It’s what distinguishes vanilla WOW from the theme parks that constitute modern MMOs, in which you rush from exciting encounter to high-design set piece, the game desperate to outdo itself at every opportunity. If you wanted to start raiding with your friends, you had to work, with all the suffering the word connotes, to buy, craft or farm the necessary gear, complete the quests, and then commit four hours of your evening. Today, we can walk away and play another game if we’re not entertained, but in its day World Of Warcraft was kind.
Let’s be clear: killing boars, farming ingredients and grinding loot were never considered fun in and of themselves. Rather, you sat down to the grind with steely determination because it made the reward worth it.
To put in the ground work, to do what must be done, to sweat for the chance to battle alongside your friends and face challenges greater still made a hero’s reward of the scant handful of gear from a raid boss your guild had spent weeks defeating.
It’s only after the hard day’s hike that you can look back and be proud of what you overcome. The original World Of Warcraft would never survive as a subscription game these days because we’re well equipped to avoid hard work – WildStar’s subscription model collapsed for just that reason.
But in opting for games that promise us instant entertainment, the sheer exhilaration of overcoming hard labour is confined to private servers running patch 1.12.
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