By registering to bid or placing a bid you agree to be bound by all of these terms & conditions, and any other announced terms and conditions of sale or rules of this site. Before placing bids in our online auction bidders must register and provide credit card information. Winning bidders MUST make proper arrangements to have their items removed by a 3rd party shipper within two weeks from the date of sale. 3.All In-house Bidders agree to pay today's buyer's premium of 15%, 18% for Live Internet bidders and 18% for Phone bidding. Vintage Silverplated Faux Tortoise Shell Tray A large decorative English silver-plate gallery tray with segmented faux tortoise shell surface and acanthus leaf handles measuring 32.5" long by 21" wide by 5" tall, hallmarked LAC with a segmented diamond.
Russian Silver, Continental Silver Plate Flatware Russian Silver, 2 meat forks and 2 serving spoons marked 84 1830 ru, (some damage, cracks). Sterling Silver Creamer & Sugar Set A pair of hallmarked sterling #1702 "N" over lion handled cream and sugar.
Gorham Sterling Silver 5 Pint Handled Pitcher A fine monogrammed Gorham sterling pitcher #A11709, hallmarked on bottom.
Frigast Sterling Silver Flatware Service for 12 A boxed set of Frigast Danish sterling flatware for twelve in the "Queen Christina" pattern to include: (12) dinner knives with stainless steel blades, (12) butter knives (12) dinner forks, (12) salad forks, (12) tablespoons, (12) teaspoons, (12) iced tea spoons, (13) serving pieces, (2) serving pieces with stainless steel, and (2) Roger's Bros. Chinese Pewter Jeweled Foliate Lidded Box An antique Chinese pewter lidded box having a grape motif handle with leaves, the grapes having turquoise and coral cabochons. Japanese Enamel Foliate Centerpiece Bowl A vintage porcelain enamel bowl stamped "Hong Kong" on bottom, depicting florals and foliates with gilt accents. Japanese Floral Sato Cloisonne Vase PAIR A pair of pigeon's blood Sato vases depicting a floral motif with silver accented rim and bottom. Chinese Signed Pewter Rim Porcelain Plate A hand-painted antique Asian porcelain plate having a floral and bird motif in red with a pewter rim. Tall Hand-Painted Chinese Pottery Vase PAIR Two antique handed pottery vessels with handles each depicting a figural scene with characters on opposite side. Chinese Carved Serpentine & Jade Dragon Sculpture A lovely and large detailed carved green serpentine dragon over a jade "sea" of waves. Kitao Masanobu (1761-1816) Magai Otsuye Woodblock A circa 1907 Ukiyo-Ye School from the Masterpieces Selected from the Ukiyoye School Volume IV folio framed behind glass color woodcut print by a listed artist (Japan, 1761-1816) depicting a maiden dancing for a demon, plate number 111. Kitao Masanobu (1761-1816) Magai Otsuye Woodblock A circa 1907 Ukiyo-Ye School from the Masterpieces Selected from the Ukiyoye School Volume IV folio being plate number 112, framed behind glass color woodcut print by a listed artist (Japan, 1761-1816) depicting a maiden dancing for a demon,. Framed Antique Japanese Woodblock PAIR Two mounted and framed behind glass color woodblocks depicting Geisha. Chinese Ancestral Painting PAIR Two mounted and framed behind glass ancestral paintings on silk, hand written on verso that pieces were picked up by US military during WWII.
Asian Crane Watercolor on Wood Parquet An interesting framed behind glass signed Asian crane painting on thin woven wood strips making a parquet pattern. Antique Carved Ivory Ganesha Hindu Deity Figure An antique carved ivory figure depicting the Hindu elephant-headed god depicted with his vehicle, umbrella and mouse mounted on wooden stand. 14K Gold Jade Hinged Bangle Bracelet A beautiful hinged red jade bangle with box tab closure having 14k yellow gold accents with etched floral motif.
Pre-Columbian Pottery Bowl 1000-1250 AD, Mexico A small pottery bowl circa 1000-1250 AD from Northern Mexico, Casas Grandes-Paquime (Northwestern Chihuahua), having remnants of polychrome rings on exterior.
Pre-Columbian Pottery Vessel 1000-1250 AD, Mexico A small pottery vessel circa 1000-1250 AD from Northern Mexico, Casas Grandes-Paquime (Northwestern Chihuahua), having holes punched for handles. Pre-Columbian Pottery Vessel 1000-1250 AD, Mexico A beautiful pottery vessel circa 1000-1250 AD from Northern Mexico, Casas Grandes-Paquime (Northwestern Chihuahua), having polychrome geometrics present about the exterior. African Tribal Fertility Carved Wood Sculpture A carved wood sculpture depicting a seated female or goddess with two children.

Foreign Coin Collection: 65 + Countries 69 Envelopes of coins, (a few only contain a single coin). Foreign Currency, Mexico, Brazil, Israel Two 1910 Imperial Germany 1000 Mark Reichsbanknotes, 1916 Polish mark.
Vintage Rizzuto Estileto Switchblade Knife A genuine Italian 8.5" long swinguard switchblade knife with resin handles in good used condition, has scratches and rub marks, has a strong spring, weighs 82 grams, marked Rizzuto Estileto Milano and Stainless Steel on the blade. NIB Charter Arms .44 Special Bulldog Pug Revolver Charter Arms model 74420 SS Bulldog Pug, ser. Over the last fifty years, Daoism has become increasingly accessible to the west, primarily through the translations of esoteric texts and through the increasing propagation of multiple Daoist traditions by both Chinese and Western teachers. Evola were also strongly attracted to Daoism as an esoteric expressions of philosophia perennis. Winning bidder must contact shipping company for payment & details post-auction and to arrange for items to be picked up. Failure to do so will result in the automatic shipment of items to address on file with an additional surcharge. All property is sold "AS IS", and ALL SALES ARE FINAL, there are no returns, exchanges, or refunds.
Bidder agrees that this agreement shall be governed by the laws of the state of Arizona and hereby grants sole jurisdiction and agrees to submit to the personal jurisdiction and venue of a court of subject matter jurisdiction located in Arizona.
Speiser (1923-2010), a foremost authority on aviation law who made headlines in the late 1960s as Ralph Nader's attorney in a groundbreaking invasion of privacy suit against General Motors.
1901 A three piece hallmarked London 1901 claw footed silver tea set with repousse and reticulated rims. Gorham Sterling Silver Flatware Set A grouping of forty-seven pieces Gorham sterling flatware in the "Fairfax" pattern to include: (7) dinner knives with stainless steel blades, (5) butter knives, (14) teaspoons, (7) soup spoons, (7) dinner forks, and (7) salad forks.
Sterling Joan of Arc Silver Flatware Service A large 162 piece set of of International Sterling "Joan of Arc" flatware plus extras to include: (12) breakfast knives with stainless steel blades, (12) dinner knives with stainless steel blades, (9) solid silver butter knives, (11) grapefruit spoons, (24) teaspoons, (12) soup spoons, (7) tablespoons, (3) serving spoons, (17) iced tea spoons, (11) demitasse spoons, (23) dinner forks, (10) salad forks, (8) cocktail forks, (1) lemon fork, and a sterling handled cheese knife and fruit server.
Chinese Porcelain Famille Rose Plate Lot A group of five antique 8.5" diameter plates having traditional floral center and border with a pair of figural scenes on each piece. Signed Japanese Carved Ivory Netsuke Lot Three ivory netsukes to include a piece depicting three seated men, a standing man, and a dog.
Survival Collapsible AR-7 Rifle Armalite style AR-7 collapsible .22 LR with 2 magazines, ser. Daoism is by no mean a single hegemonic tradition, but a mosaic of textual, ritual, and interpretive practices and schools that eludes any simple quantification. Jung Speaking, 1955)It is a bit surprising to me that there has not been a biography of Emma Jung, given her pivotal role in Jung’s life. All items won will be charged to the credit card on file immediatetly following close of auction. Bidder waves their right to a charge back, and agrees that they will not charge back any credit purchase from any credit card of any kind. Should a tie or a dispute arise between two bidders, the auctioneer may, at his discretion, reopen the bidding until the property is sold. Bidder agrees to provide any identification J Levine Auction & Appraisal may request including but not limited to: drivers license, photocopies of credit cards, Social Security card or US Passport. If an item is found to be different than listed, it will be announced and no absentee or live bids will be entered on item. This high-end estate auction features quite a variety of items including historic and modern pieces, fine art, vintage and retro items, collectibles, decor, estate jewelry, gold, silver, electronics, rare artifacts and much more! All out of state purchasers of post-1898 firearms must have guns shipped to a licensed FFL dealer, NO exceptions, NO HAND GUN shipments to California, long guns OK.

All out of state bidders must pay 15% buyers premium and are responsible for all shipping costs. Levine auction & appraisal is not responsible for damage to any items once items have been turned over to shipping company. Bidder agrees to comply with any stated additional terms or conditions associated with particular items. Invoices must be paid in full for Saturday pickups, front office will not be open for apyment. It is the bidder's responsibility to determine overall condition before bidding on an item. Speiser was one of the first lawyers to use expert testimony from engineers and forensics specialists to re-create a crash scene to prove negligence and willful misconduct.
All out of state purchasers of post-1898 firearms must have guns shipped to a licensed FFL dealer, NO exceptions, NO HAND GUN shipments to California, long guns and black powder rifles OK. It is the Bidder's responsibility to determine condition, age, genuineness, value or any other determinative factor. Checks of any kind must be accompanied by an irrevocable bank letter of credit guaranteeing payment to J Levine Auction & Appraisal and approved at least 24 hours in advance of the auction.
A fee of $10 per item per day will be charged on any item not picked up by Noon on Saturday. He successfully represented clients in many high-profile cases, including people whose families had died in the 1988 bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland, and relatives of those who had died aboard Korean Airlines Flight 007, which was shot down in 1983 over the Soviet Union. They were married on 14 February 1903 (Valentine’s Day) seven years after they first met. Please inspect photographs closely as we try to describe all items thoroughly and will not be held responsible for any inaccuracy's in description and or photographs. J Levine Auction & Appraisal may attempt to describe the merchandise in advertising, on the Internet and at the auction but makes no representations. One sits inside, the other perches on the edge and looks about and attends to all outside business.
J Levine Auction recommends previewing all items in this auction personally, if unable to do so, please call 24 hours prior to start of sale for a condition report. In no event shall J Levine Auction & Appraisal be held responsible for having made or implied any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.
Speiser's best-known case started with a phone call to Nader, the consumer advocate and lawyer whose 1965 book "Unsafe at Any Speed" attacked the lack of safety standards for car manufacturers and the fatal design flaws of the Chevrolet Corvair. The four pieces marked '84', 2 serving spoons, 2 meat forks and the small fork marked 875 weigh 337.6 grams. Speiser had a passion for aviation collectables and photo-realistic artwork - many of these pieces are offered in this sale.
Current high bidder will be placed in system at current high bid with the maximum bid entered in their behalf. Auction software will bid on behalf of the absentee online bidder just as if online bidder is present at auction.
If live auction crowd does not outbid the absentee online bidder then online absentee bidder will win item.

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