One of China’s top grossing family films and Disney’s first Chinese language film, “The Secret of the Magic Gourd” will appeal to the world over with its heartwarming, fun-filled adventures and universal themes of perseverance and self-reliance. Performers clad in outfit look like film and reels dance during a parade at Hong Kong Disneyland in September. The Chinese-language film, "The Secret of the Magic Gourd," began shooting in October in the eastern city of Hangzhou and is due to be released next year, Disney said. Burbank, Calif.-based Disney has opened Disney-brand stores in several mainland Chinese cities and is reportedly in talks on setting up a Shanghai theme park and a television channel.
Foreign film and television distributors are eager to expand in China, but face regulatory obstacles. China's state-owned film distributor frequently releases foreign titles at awkward times and limits the length of time they are shown in order to minimize competition with China's own film industry. Chinese studios have tried without success to create franchise characters that can match the success of Mickey Mouse and other Disney icons with Chinese children.
Chinese regulators also are especially sensitive to entertainment aimed at children, insisting that most cartoons on state television be domestically made. An official of China's main TV regulator said in June that Beijing might further reduce the amount of foreign cartoons that broadcasters can show once Chinese producers can meet demand. China Film Group is the mainland government's main film production and distribution company, with interests in studios, a movie channel and DVD sales.

On a solo fishing trip, Raymond reels in the mysterious Magic Gourd, who offers to make all his wishes come true.
The story line and the lesson that this movie teaches is something every kid (and adult) needs to learn.
When Wang Bao discovers a magical that can instantly grant his every wish, the awkward child I made this Music Video from the End Credits of and I mixed the beginning part with the Chinese Version.
The woman singing the english part is "Megan Hilty" and the Chinese woman in the video is named "Baby Zhang" this is a great Theme Song to the movie is a famous childrens story, written back in the 1950s, that is brought to vivid life by Walt Disney Productions in conjunction with Centro Pictures Entertainment and China Film Group. The: Corbin Bleu, Zhu Jiaxin, Zhong Zhihang: Fast shipping on more than 1,000,000 Book Video, Video Game, Music titles More! Disney a commence la premierefois a distribuer ses titres en Chine, en commencant par le Roi Lion, mais souhaite concentrer son attention sur des histoires chinoises avec des acteurs chinois. We 100% Guarantee the full functionality of all used and previously viewed(rental) product, except its digital content Add to Cart. A cause de son comportement en classe, ses camarades n'ont pasde bonnes notes pour leur travail en groupe.
Chez lui, il entend sa grand-mere raconter a sa petite soeurSophie, l'histoire extraordinaire de la Gourde Magique.
There is also a behind the scenes featurette with the original Chinese cast and crew (it is entirely subtitled).

Disneys The, "featuring the voice talents of High School Musicals Corbin Bleu!" Next PostNew Music Video by Dax Norman. Alors qu'il avoue a voix hautequ'il aimerait pouvoir tout faire sans fournir le moindre effort, sa canne apeche remonte des eaux du lac, une gourde qui va bientot se revelermagique. DVD movie video in stock at CD Universe, Based on the enchanting childrens novel, tells the story of a curious.
Kung Fu Panda 3 (2015) Hotel Transylvania 2 (2015) The Life Of Pets (2016) The Good Dinosaur (2015) Follow Us https: Watch A young boys life is turned upside down when he discovers a that grants wishes. The film is based on an old Chinese folk tale about a little boy who is imaginative but lazy, always searching for the easy way out. Experience a magical story about the boundless limits of imagination and the strength we each have inside us with this heartwarming film THE the fall s02e02 subscribe.

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