Rosary Bay makes in-house designer rosaries and offers them online to support our mission and charitable initiatives. Soon after he began his practice, his father began sending him opera colleagues with voice problems.
Vocalization can be transformed permanently when auditive stimulation is maintained over a certain time. He developed these theories by studying patients at hand when he found out that the voices of opera singers had damaged their own ears. Tomatis began treating a number of other problems with the same methods, including reading problems, dyslexia, depression, severe schizophrenia, and even autism.
In his autobiography, the doctor recounts the many conflicts he had with the medical establishment in both France and Canada, where he later worked.
He believed that many speech problems were caused by some trauma resulting from broken relationships and poor communication. For the next several weeks, I want you to come here every day for two hours and listen to Mozart.
It is not excluded that the fragility of Beethoven’s audition could be explained by psychological mechanisms. This book, Pourquoi Mozart?–Why Mozart?, which has had little impact in the English world,3 echoes the endless questions of his 100,000 patients worldwide. The author goes to great pains through 70 pages of endless epithets and exclamation points to tell us that Mozart was a precocious genius who had already enjoyed a broad intra-uterine life of music, and had no real problems with the world. Through our body, we resonate to the natural rhythms of the Cosmos, captured by the nervous system.
Firstly, the loose aspect of the music phrase offers a fluid flow, with no monotony, and this, in whichever work you examine. Tomatis analyzes also the diverse parts of the internal ear, the vestibule (in charge of the body movements and space) and the chochlea.
Certainly the most striking function of the ear, and yet the most neglected, is the dynamo-genetic power of the brain, the generative principle of the nervous energy.
For us, this notion is essential since it leads us to understanding the musical phenomena registered today in the world of sound technology. One could wonder why Tomatis evokes, in a book dedicated to Mozart and therapy, the virtues of Gregorian chant. Not only are breathing and the heart beat controlled by the proper performance of the sacred Chant, but so are the body position and the timbre of the voice, which acquires the fullness of emission. Of all the sacred songs, the chant of the monks is the one most deprived of any bodily expression, since it does not make any reference to the feelings that occur in life. In fact, Mozart was not insensitive to this timeless music that seems to carry to us the quiet modulations of eternity.
To finish, Tomatis does not leave the field of music with the optimistic mood of the great music composers of all times. 8 According to the British Epilepsy Organization, the Mozart K448 and K488 showed a clear decrease in epilepsy fits. She is dressed all in white: over her long tunic she wears a scapular with the shield of the order imprinted breast high.
At very turning of history God raises great saints in order to strengthen the supernatural hold over souls exercised by the Church in virtue of her divine mission. Benedict was born in central Italy, about the year 480, when the civilized world was being overrun by pagan and heretical tribes.
St Benedict’s prayer enables the monks to lift the stone on which the devil is sitting.
The miracle stories echo the events of certain prophets of Israel as well as happenings in the life of Jesus. According to the liturgical calendar of 1962, the St-Benedict feast is celebrated on March 21-st, two days after the feast of St. Medal has a cross, the sign of our redemption, the protecting shield given us by God to ward off the fiery arrows of the evil spirit. There are many indulgences for the wearers, including a plenary one on All Souls’ Day, obtained by visiting a church on that day or on its eve, and praying there for the intention of the Holy Father.
It may be worn about the neck, attached to the scapular or the rosary, or otherwise carried devoutly about one’s person. No particular prayers are prescribed, for the very wearing and use of the Medal is considered a silent prayer to God to grant us, through the merits of St.
May the intercession of the Blessed Patriarch and Abbot Benedict render Thee merciful unto us, O Lord, that what our own unworthiness cannot obtain, we may receive through his powerful patronage. Graciously obtain for me from God these favors and graces which I need so much in the trials, miseries and afflictions of life.
The Mystery (or Rosary) Sonatas constitute one of the virtuoso high points of the Baroque violin literature, as in addition to the daring technical and contrapuntal demands of Biber’s writing, each sonata employs a different tuning of the violin’s strings, known as scordatura (the first sonata and the final passacaglia alone employ the standard violin tuning). A lengthy but illuminating discussion of the background for this style of composition is found at Dr James Clements’ website, entitled Penetrating the Mysteries. The Rosary Girls ePub (Adobe DRM) can be read on any device that can open ePub (Adobe DRM) files. Don Campbell, author of this book, explains that music can help transform health, education, and well-being.

His father was an opera singer, and he spent much of his childhood traveling with him and watching his opera performances from the wings. Alfred soon discovered that traditional treatments did not work; further, there had been very little research on the voice. While the ear can be damaged with sounds of 80 or 90 decibels, a male opera singer often produced 150 decibels. He was convinced that many of these problems result from a failure of communication, which has to do with listening and the ear.
He finally gave up and turned in his medical license, admitting that he was practicing very little medicine. But the constant law seemed to be that audition could be affected by emotion, and he even suggested it could have been the case of Beethoven’s strange deafness.
It is today an accepted idea that audition can be widely influenced by the psyche, as more than 90% of the fibers of the auditory nerve proceed from the brain in the direction of the ear. Thus, he brings us back to the state of pure innocence, which was the state of his soul, childlike, spontaneous, worriless and free from human burdens. Ideally, the biological and neuro-physiological rhythms are attuned to and in balance with the cosmic rhythms that are beyond human auditory perception. He has in himself, in his phrasing, in the search of his rhythms, in his sequences, both a plenitude and a liberty that allow us to breathe and think at ease. Then, the great mobility of the sonorous bundles contributes to secure this specifically vivid and joyful side of the Mozartian compositions. When this function is disrupted, difficulties in analysis, accommodation, spatialization or auditive lateralization are caused. The vestibule presumably deals with the ordering bodily movements and spatial activity, the chochlea with the organization and analysis. Among the energizing effects, we can define those related to the recharging sounds and those to the discharging ones. For decades now, the Tomatis Center has selected Gregorian chant from Solesmes for the same reason that, where others fail, Solesmes works. He did say at the end of his life that he would have gladly renounced his entire work for the joy of composing the Introit of the Mass of the Dead.
He is wise enough to sound the alarm bell confronted as he is by the modern musical jungle around him. As a young man, he withdrew to the mountainous region of Subiaco to live there as a hermit. Amen I say to you, that whosoever shall say to this mountain, Be thou removed and be cast into the sea, and shall not stagger in his heart, but believe, that whatsoever he saith shall be done; it shall be done unto him.
At his feet are represented a chalice and a raven, symbols of the priesthood and of hermit life. For the sick it can be placed on wounds, dipped in medicine or in water which is given to them to drink. Thy heart was always full of love, compassion and mercy toward those who were afflicted or troubled in any way. Benedict, to live and die as a faithful child of God, to run in the sweetness of His loving will and to attain the eternal happiness of Heaven. Joseph is in Western Christianity the principal feast day of Saint Joseph, husband of the Blessed Virgin Mary. In addition the eleventh sonata requires the violinist to cross over the middle strings at the bridge and nut to allow octave tunings between the adjacent pairs of outer strings. With damaged hearing, they were forcing their voices to produce sounds in registers they could no longer hear. The emerging knowledge of the physiology of the ear showed that the ear starts forming a few days after conception and that the ear is fully developed by the fourth month of pregnancy. Because his music was the language by which he could best express himself, he had to secrete it through and through. Finally, the remarkable rhythmic base is inscribed in a permanent tempo, truly a downbeat of 120 pulsations per minute. The person experiences an influx of information, but perceives it in a distorted manner affecting comprehension, as well as impacting verbal expression. Be that as it may, it is clear that the vestibule plays an important role in the static posture and dynamic activity of the different members of the body. Gregorian chant remains that celestial hymn and dance closely linked to listening, and listening to the Most High.
This confession is extraordinarily humble, but it would have been a great loss for humanity if it had been carried out. Some images have her standing, with the child in her arms, or carrying two bags of coins for use in ransoming Christians imprisoned by Moors.
Therefore I say unto you, all things, whatsoever you ask when ye pray, believe that you shall receive; and they shall come unto you.
Benedict was first approved by Benedict XIV in 1741, and further indulgences were granted by Pius IX in 1877 and by St Pius X in 1907. However, for obtaining extraordinary favors, it is highly recommended to perform special devotions in honor of the holy Father St. Thou didst never dismiss without consolation and assistance anyone who had recourse to thee.

Joseph while on earth, and who during his whole life was obedient to him, should suffice to inspire all hearts with devotion to this great saint; and he, whom the King of kings placed so high, indeed deserves especial veneration from man.
Each of the violin sonatas is accompanied by a figured continuo bass, whereas the passacaglia is for violin alone. Mozart was seen to drastically lessen epileptic fits in a comatose state, help direct rats out of a maze, and make cows yield more milk.
In his attempt to retrain the singers, he developed his device, the Electronic Ear, which used earphones and sound filters to enhance the missing frequencies. Our doctor theorized that information coming from the fetal ear stimulates and guides the development of the brain.
Many moviegoers have heard Depardieu speak with a mellifluous voice, but in the mid-1960s, he was a tongue-tied young man still struggling to become an actor. For that reason, when interpersonal relationships are characterized by unbearable, intolerable tensions, there is a way to avoid those difficult encounters. He was, moreover, the only composer ever to know he was the best in the world, having traveled extensively to all the courts of Europe as a child prodigy.
So, if the music of Mozart awakens in ourselves the musician, it is because it puts the rhythms of the cosmos and the rhythms of the body-instrument in resonance, in tune, so we can start to experience what Plato described as the music of the spheres or the music of Heaven.
Let us recall that, on the Corti element of the internal ear, the sensory cells are distributed unevenly according as they are in the zones of the bass sounds, of the medium or the treble. What this shows is that Mozart discovered in Gregorian chant the language of plenitude of the adult man, which is fully reached in the heavens. In yet others he is shown with her arms extended showing a royal scepter in her right hand and in the left some open chains, a symbol of liberation. And when you shall stand to pray, forgive, if you have aught against any man; that your Father also, who is in heaven, may forgive you your sins. The right to make it is reserved exclusively to the Great Archabbey of Monte Cassino, in Italy. Benedict, for instance, on Tuesday, on which day the Church commemorates the death of the holy Patriarch. I therefore invoke thy powerful intercession, confident in the hope that thou wilt hear my prayers and obtain for me the special grace and favor I earnestly implore.
The collection of sonatas survives in a manuscript copy with engravings accompanying each of the sections and portraying the depicted scene. He believed that autism is a communication problem that begins in pregnancy, with the fetus not properly responding to the voice of the mother. Coming from a background of family difficulties, educational failures, and personal sorrows, Depardieu could not express himself.
After several months, Depardieu returned to acting school with new poise and confidence, and went on to become one of the consummate actors of his generation.
It also favors the body verticality and reacts to the law of gravity by sending stimuli to the nervous system. Rare in the zone of the bass sounds (100), they are more numerous among the middle range (500) and much more numerous in the region of the treble (24,000).
Benedict left Subiaco for Monte Cassino and founded on its summit a monastery that became the most famous in Europe. His most controversial method attempts to lead autistic children to recognize and respond to their mother’s voice. After having rescued Europe from the darkness and ignorance that followed the downfall of the Roman Empire, St.
He devised an apparatus to simulate the sound of the mother’s voice as heard in the uterus, and to lead the child gradually to accept and respond to her real unfiltered voice. Benedict’s monks went out into the whole world to combat paganism with the light of Christ.
He reported that this method often brought startling results, with children crying with joy as they recognized their mother’s voice for the first time. Tomatis diagnosed the cause of Depardieu’s voice and memory problems as deeper emotional problems underlying his physiological difficulties and told him that he could help him.
For example, a child, at loggerheads with a father who treats him harshly, who scares him with a very big voice and exercises over him a very restricting authority, finds a refuge by suppressing the frequency band corresponding to his father.
May thy blessing be with me always, so that I may see and serve Christ in others and work for His kingdom. Depardieu asked what the treatment would involve–surgery, medication, or speech therapy.
On the other hand, the sharp sounds, in the proper zones and rhythms and intensities, become perfect generators of energy. Furthermore, as he loses faith in his father, he will lose faith in his future as well, as fathers symbolize the future.
We can observe this day after day during psychological consultations, and the results are without exception the same.

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