Reddit user joebennz wasn’t entirely happy that the limited-edition Wind Waker Wii U merely embellished the Wii U GamePad. The official Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD website has an Easter Egg buried within the source code. Oh web developers can be an amusing bunch, and the latest bit of trickery comes in the form of a Triforce, made out of Japanese Yen symbols, hidden as a comment within the recently launch The Wind Waker official website. The site itself contains a handful of nifty wallpapers to bring a taster of the Hylian seas to your computer or Facebook account, plus a look at the new features in the Wii U remake.
Miitomo Thread of Coins and Random Questions 2 Add me and come play 1 Weirdest Super Mario World Glitch, someone know wtf happened? I played Wind Waker for the first time back in 2003 when it first came out--when I was a second grader. Playing through the game this past summer on Wii U made me realize just how great it really is. Another big step up that The Wind Waker took that I don't think it gets enough credit for is the way it used its visuals and upgraded engine to create puzzles that feel much more ingrained into the environment than the ones in previous Zeldas. This is how Nintendo approached its design; they didn't just choose cartoony graphics because they thought it would look cool.
With the E3 news that Zelda U will be open world, and Aonuma's constant reminders that you can actually go to those mountains in the background, I think that Zelda U could learn a lot from Wind Waker when it comes to how it paces its traveling.
Most importantly to me, though, is something that no other Zeldas aside from the original and Wind Waker have succeeded at: hand-holding. Despite a rather slow selling launch, Nintendo’s latest console seems to be picking up some steam.
Hell I miss the good ole days of third party developers Nintendo used to have that brought great racing games and some FPS to help during Nintendo's droughts. Diddy Kong Racing and Banjo Tooie were and are my favorite N64 games in the RareWare category.

810 Miitomo Thread of Coins and Random Questions 2 Last film you watched 794 Add me and come play 1 Weirdest Super Mario World Glitch, someone know wtf happened?
For starters, let's get the giant-mountain-turtle-face-rock-beast out of the room: the game was beautiful when it came out, and it's still beautiful today. Cutting the rope bridge in the first dungeon must have been pretty mindblowing at the time, right?
Maybe I'm alone in this, but I want travel in Zelda U to take LONGER than the travel in Wind Waker!
Somehow, it looks even better than Wind Waker, to the point where I'd even call it the prettiest game I've ever seen. The month of September was an immensely positive month in terms of Wii U sales in the United States and the United Kingdom. It looks really, really nice and begs the question: why didn’t Nintendo make a custom design like this for the Wind Waker Wii U in the first place?
6 GameTrailers RIP 3 Random Video Thread MKII 276 Video Game Music - Post Your Faves 151 Binding of Isaac 1 Add me! The HD version took the art in a slightly different direction, but 95% of the time (the other 5% being when you open a chest and the lighting removes the cel-shading from the environment), it looks fantastic. Even if that sort of gameplay could be theoretically possible on the N64, the little animated touches, like the way that Link's arms are jerked up when passing over a gust of wind on the Deku leaf, add so much more liveliness to the game, not only from a graphical perspective, but from a gameplay perspective as well. I want to have to spend two hours riding Epona from my starting village to Death Mountain--because that's what an adventure is!
If it can take a similar step up in terms of puzzle and gameplay design, we just might have another revolution in the design of Zelda games no our hands.
I wrote a pretty big article about this for Nintendo Enthusiast, but in a nutshell, I want my Zelda games to stop telling me what to do!
US sales of the console jumped up 200% in the past month, and UK sales skyrocketed 685% in the last week.

Probably more important though, The Wind Waker HD was released for download at the end of September, and the physical bundle was shipped out in early October. Regardless, this design is beautiful and could have easily been the official design for the Wind Waker Wii U. You can't have an epic story that takes place in a giant kingdom if you can just teleport from plot point to plot point!
I want to be an adventurer, discovering the land for myself, solving mysteries and discovering new things along the way! And where do you weigh in on hand-holding versus letting the player figure it out for himself? The combination of a price cut and a better line up of first party titles is definitely doing the Wii U some favors. Hopefully Nintendo will pick up on ideas like this and create custom designs on future releases of the Wii U, like they have already been doing with their 3DS consoles!
Compared to the muddy, jaggy (yet charming) graphics of the N64 Zeldas, the Gamecube's art was a HUGE step up. Traveling between islands is part of the journey, and that quiet downtime doesn't detract from the story, it enhances it!
The King of Red Lions tells you where the dungeons are, but you're on your own in figuring out how to get inside them. There isn't ever anything that's too ridiculously hard--it's pretty much just following the fish's directions--but I love that the game trusts you to have a brain.

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