There are few art forms as meditative, nostalgic and all-around blissful as the coloring book. There's just something magical about the ability to transform black-and-white pages into full blown works of art, without ever once undergoing a creative meltdown in the process. Yes, we're waxing poetic about our third grade creative outlet of choice, the unassuming booklet of canvases that turns even the most reticent of artists into budding creative spirits.
Basford, a commercial illustrator based in the UK, modeled her first book The Secret Garden after the Brodick Castle Gardens on the Isle of Arran, on the West Coast of Scotland. Dubbing herself an "inky illustrator," Basford uses monochromatic lines to create wild naturescapes waiting to be filled with vitality. Consider trading in your yoga mat for a set of markers and peruse the gorgeous gardens of Basford's imagination below. Voce se lembra como era gostoso abrir uma caixa de lapis de cor e passar horas colorindo desenhos em um papel? Quando o livro foi publicado, em 2013, a expectativa da autora era cobrir um pequeno nicho, de cuja existencia nem se tinha tanta certeza.

Receba os melhores posts do Hypeness e dicas de empreendedorismo e criatividade em seu e-mail gratuitamente. The process is intuitive, carefree -- the artistic equivalent of a low-stakes game of freeze tag. And although most practitioners of this enchanting art form haven't yet hit puberty, there are ways for adults to participate in the glorious art of the coloring book. The artist has sold over one million copies of Secret Garden worldwide, which has been translated into over 14 different languages. Since the early 20th century, psychologists including Carl Jung have preached the tranquil advantages of the technique. O que era uma atividade para desenvolver a criatividade e a coordenacao motora na infancia agora esta sendo redescoberta como uma especie de terapia para os adultos.
O resultado das vendas foi uma grande surpresa: as pessoas comecaram a entender a atividade como algo relaxante e criam ate grupos para colorir.
Enter Johanna Basford, the intrepid soul behind two adult coloring books, Secret Garden and Enchanted Forest, spreading the gospel of the coloring book to aspiring artists of a certain age.

There's something undeniably accessible about the semi-blank pages of a coloring book that provides the training wheels so many budding artists crave.
A blank sheet of paper can be daunting, but a coloring book has the outlines already there, making it easier to pick up a pencil and begin making your mark.
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