With all the inmates captured and placed in custody, Commissioner Gordon oversees the rebuilding of Arkham Asylum. Alex Ross and Paul Dini tell the origin stories of the JLA's original members and some of the later members. Nite-Wing's normal routine starts by waking up at noon and a brief workout followed by breakfast watching cartoons. Batman, Robin and Nightwing return to the Batcave knowing that it's only a matter of time until they are called upon again to protect Gotham and its citizens.
Jason leads Nightwing through various memories from Dick's time as Robin up until his current activities in Bludhaven.

After that, he would run some errands, practice some sport with unnecesary violence and have dinner at evening watching more cartoons. Later he would exercise a little more, he would do some research and at nightwfall he would dress-up as Nite-Wing and roam the streets stopping criminals and takin away their stolen money to pay the rent. Kid Flash was aware of what was happening and Dick explained that he was feeling guilty for not honoring his parents on the anniversary of their deaths. He compared himself with Batman and how he would place roses ever year on his parents' grave and in Crime Alley. Kid Flash told him that if he was done beating himself, he should join him back to the Titans Tower.

When they arrived, Robin realized that all the Titans were reunited and together they told him that despite having lost a family when he was a kid, he has made a new one with them. Dick remembered the training with his parents and how the safety net would prevent him from falling and he told the Titans that they were the best safety net a man could ask for.

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