Good friends, great food, the occasional glass(s) of wine, a martini, who knows even some tequila can be what makes the night! It started out simple, an excuse to get out every couple of months, guys night, steak night was born. After a while one thing became apparent, we all had very different views and opinions of what made the food, the steak, a restaurant, the ambience and service great (or not great). From Hy’s, to the Keg one of the regulars always chooses the next restaurant we visit, based on reviews suggestions, or simply a gut feeling that it may be our next favorite place.

So if you have a secret, a great tip, or an unknown gem that you think needs more recognition that it gets, let us know and we will add it to our ever growing list of the next best place to go! My quest for good food in Las Vegas usually has me eating way too much, drinking way too much and listening to as many people as possible as they share favorites spots on the strip.
Check out our Vegas page to see some of the unique restaurants we visit while in Vegas or other unique destinations.
Secret handshake: Booyah!”The eyebrow-raising book could barely keep the attention of the roomful of rambunctious kids, and may have left the mayor with a bad case of indigestion.

So is the spicy Italian sausage, the veal-pork-beef meatballs, the pre-sauteed onions and mushrooms--and the cheese is grated fresh daily (there's also big imported pepperoni and green peppers to top, as well as pepper flakes and Parmesan, naturally).
Realize this is a hidden gem, no frills in a new resort that seems to have everything you could possibly need.

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