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Somebody is up to very bad things, and using a cave tucked away in the desert to dump the remains - in a pile of horribly stiff body bags.

Oddly, the serial killer%26rsquo;s truck is still there too, parked right where the bodies were presumably slung from its bed. You can find this worrying little scene directly south of the western end of the desert airstrip, in the rock formation shaped (on the map) like a near perfect circle.9) Statue of LewdityInside the Atrium in Commerce, San AndreasRockstar is hardly above using sexual innuendo for a cheap laugh, but this is - literally - a monument to it.
At least one barrel short of a double entendre, it nevertheless makes a kind of sense in context. Also, you can feel a bit better knowing that the employee will probably thank you for shooting him dead and putting him out of his misery.

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