They loved it because people today are searching for leadership, for direction, for someone to help guide them on the path to right living.
Matt once told me that many of the clients he has trained over the years have said to him, "I want you to kick my ass." No - not in physical sense of him putting boot to butt - but YES, in the sense of getting MORE out of you than you're able to get all by yourself. I know, you probably already have Matt's Combat Conditioning book and DVD's - and if you're one of the Furey Faithful you have a whole lot more - so you might be tempted to think that there's nothing more he can give you in person.
There is a gargantuan difference between owning Matt's products and learning from him first-hand. There's no physical product that can take the place of him staring into your noggin with his beady little eyes and saying, "Come on Jack - I expect MORE from you ? 11 More Super Fitness Heroes Who Will Help Roast Your "Inner Pig" - Making 2007 The Fittest Year of Your Life! Before I tell you about the others that Matt is bringing in, I should probably tell you that there WILL BE another Combat Conditioning Contest - and this year the WINNER will earn in CASH!
In 2006 the contest was a GIANT success, and that was without the promise of CASH going to the winner. Alright, let me move on and tell you about some of the Super Fitness Heroes that Matt has in store for you. Matt Furey - Zen Master of the Internet™ - is going to walk "buck naked" into the conference room!
On the morning of February 1, 2007, at the beginning of this high-powered fitness bootcamp, Matt Furey, aka Zen Master of the Internet™ - is going to walk "buck naked" into the conference room. Matt will be almost 44 years of age at this bootcamp and you'll see living proof that age cannot stop YOU or HIM from getting into the best shape of your lives.
Yes, he's going to teach you the down n dirty details, the "mud slopping" methods he's used to get fit and stay fit. You may have heard the saying, "Pigs get fed, hogs get slaughtered." It's a good saying and one to keep in mind as 2007 approaches.
According to Chinese culture, a pig is so focused on his purpose that he looks neither to the right or left. Most importantly, perhaps, is the fact that pigs never get shook about any problems they may be having. Matt's not going to be alone in helping you surpass all previous bests - getting you into the best shape of your life, regardless of your age. In fact, he has an entire array of guest experts that he's bringing to the event - both male and female - and they're going to roast your "INNER PIG," too. Most people know Garin for his music and magic shows - but what they don't know is he's a lifelong martial artist (started at age 7), is a workout fanatic, a sculptor, artist and who knows what else. Do NOT miss her presentation - unless you think you've got the tiger by the tail and are satisfied with a life of mediocrity. Last year John Wood got into a nose-to-the mat bridge, grabbed a thick Tampa Bay phone book (a couple thousand pages thick) - and to the crowd's amazement and raucous applause, tore it in half.
This strength feat had NEVER been attempted by John, or to our knowledge, anyone else in the world before.
Two years ago John took a Coke can, began squeezing the unopened can with his bare hands - and made it pop open.
Knowing these 7 Pillars will make it easy for you to build your strength and health on the most solid foundation ever created. All beautiful women with big breasts know what it's like to get "hit on" by guys all the time.
As most men and women have observed, women with large breasts, even if they're implants, often have trouble controlling their weight. She's got ALL the grace and femininity of a woman - with the strength, speed and power of a man. He's going to tell you how he's achieved success in virtually every area of his life even though he started from what can only be called "humble" beginnings. Chet's straight forward, straight-shootin, tell-it-like-it-is style of communication will have you on the edge of your seat. It's not often that you'll find a modern day human being who has the gall to write a book and put a gorilla photo in the bio section as HIS photo. He also co-authored Primate Power and the Secret Power of Handstand Training with Matt Furey.
Eddie first hooked up with Matt in California in 1999 and the two have remained good friends ever since.
Eddie began doing bodyweight exercises in 2000, after years of power lifting and Olympic weightlifting.
Eddie is going to put you through a combination of exercises guaranteed to give you Primate Power strength and laser-like focus.
Don't forget, 2007 is the year for roasting your "INNER PIG." When you combine exercise and the diet of Dr.
But it was Tim Kauppinen, Coack K, who took to the hills and showed people how to make them your friend. Coach K was a standout athlete as a young man - placing 1st or 2nd in 13 races over a 10-day stretch - a stupendous feat, no doubt. Well, as you've watched the "moron box" you've no doubt heard about the so-called IT FACTOR that is talked about when describing elite Hollywood Movie Stars, musicians, rock stars, and so on. Yet, there are a number of basic and fundamental things you can easily learn and do that will give you the PIZZAZZ and Red Carpet like radiance that you'd like in your daily life.
How would you like to have others like you and trust you - and you're not doing anything obvious to make it happen?
Well, leave it to the stunningly gorgeous Vanessa Bader to show you HOW it's done - and how you can duplicate it in your daily life.
2007 Ultimate Combat Conditioning Contest - In order to be considered for the competition, please indicate in the "comments field" when you enroll. Best Bodyweight Exercise - show us something we don't yet know or that is very difficult and hard to do - even though you make it look easy - and this award may be yours.
You'll be learning all the closely guarded secrets that Matt and the other presenters hold "close to the vest." Matt will be covering totally NEW ground, as he does at EVERY event. Matt and his 11 guests will be giving you their undivided personal instruction in their areas of expertise and they'll be answering all your questions. You'll be hanging out with other "Furey Faithful," (The best of the best), while you learn.
You're going to have more fun than you would if you were in Beijing ringing in the "Year of the PIG for the Chinese New Year! No one who comes to a Matt Furey event leaves without the foundation and the tools necessary to build a long and productive life. When you become one of the Furey Faithful you'll become fitter faster than any of your friends. Matt won't be teaching anything from that tired, useless and declining health paradigm that's being sold to us every day.
You get healthy and you stay healthy until it's time to go, and by following what Matt teaches you can easily live 100 years in superior health.

And all of these things will happen without going to some fancy schmancy gym with rows and rows of shining equipment, tons of mirrors, and a never-ending supply of liquid B.S. Those who enroll by November 17 will be eligible to attend a FREE Saturday mornning (February 3rd) "mystery" before-breakfast workshop with Matt that has a value of $1,500.00. At Matt's most recent seminar, a seminar that attendees paid $3,500.00 to attend, after Matt spoke for a couple hours, the entire room said they had already gotten their money's worth for the entire event. Well, this same scenario WILL repeat itself in February of 2007 - but on an entirely different subject. In the 3-day bootcamp, Matt and his friends will reveal health and fitness secrets that they have kept to themselves. Right now Matt has no intention of selling this seminar on DVD; and if you're laying bets, it would be a safe bet to put your money on GOING to this bootcamp instead of hoping it'll be available later on DVD. Keep this in mind right now because when I gave the total amount for this bootcamp, I'm sure that some will immediately come up with excuses. I don't know about you, but I've watched so-called intelligent men and women waste their money on the craziest of things.
Not only that, but none of the other expenses contribute to 100 YEARS (or more) or superior health. For the next 48 hours I'm going to let you enroll in this bootcamp for the ridiculously low amount of $1495.00 if you hurry!
Anyone who thinks that $1495.00 is too expensive for 3 FULL DAYS of instruction with Matt and this group of Super Fitness Heroes isn't very serious about having a great future.
If you wait to get a seat "later" you will most likely be very disappointed because there probably won't be any. The crew Matt has assembled should serve as a powerful magnet that attracts the "best of the best" from all over the globe.
Last year Matt had students from Hong Kong, England, Sweden, Australia, Canada, Kajikistan, Germany and so on. In closing, let's remember the words of Sir Winston Churchill who said,"Our future is in our hands. Yet, in my vast experience as a drill instructor in the Marine corps, over and over again, people enrolled because they wanted to have discipline in their lives.
He'll show you how you can still double your flexibility, your strength and your endurance. We're going to roast your "INNER PIG" - the creature within who wants to eat everything in sight, who feels out of control, who thinks he doesn't have a choice about how he looks and feels.
No matter what difficulty a pig encounters, he figures out a way to transcend the problem; to "leap frog" it. You've heard about people with no athletic skills jumping over a fence to escape the charge of a wild pig.
And imagine that he can show YOU how to double, if not triple your strength, almost instantly, by tapping the vast reservoir of internal strength all of us have within ourselves. He's going to show you how he does them, too, and how you can harness the mind power to do them as well.
We're not going to show you her face right now as it IS a surprise, but let's put it this way, she is incredible. Wu Di, an expert in Chinese methods of longevity, a top-tier acupuncturist and chi kung healer. Wu Di will show you a number of Chinese exercises that improve the health of your internal organs, especially your lungs and kidneys.
Furey swears by sometime during the weekend, then make sure you let us know early on in the event as Dr.
He not only sprayed his shirt with the sugary juice but he cut his hands wide open doing the feat. Well, he's FAR MORE than that - and in his presentation you're going to see some wild 'n wacky things. One of the funniest and most entertaining story tellers EVER, Chet Rowland, is going to entertain you with his no-holds-barred wit and wisdom. He grew up in a trailer with no running water - yet today he lives and breathes the air coming off the water at his beach front condo - or his lakefront property.
And when he's finished talking you'll KNOW that YOUR future is in your hands and YOU have the POWER to make your life into whatever you truly desire. Y has spent years and years and years researching our caveman ancestors - and he's going to teach, for the first-time ever, what he has only revealed to his top patients and clients. Y has to teach you and I can assure you that every last ounce of bacon grease will be sizzled right off your body. In his Uphill Fitness Training course he showed how running hills greatly reduces bodyfat, and fast. But more important than that, he has coached everyone from state qualifier to state champion to the average Joe or Jane who wants to get into the best shape EVER.
He'll show you why long-slow distance may not be the way for you to go - and he'll tell you what type of running is BEST for your specific body type of physical condition. That's why this bootcamp is an absolute must to help get you off your lazy butt so you can live a grand and glorious life. And she radiates the sort of presence that you've previously associated with the RED CARPET. You will be amazed, enthralled and mesmerized as she delivers her award-winning blow-by-blow of what it takes to radiate Pizzazz. In fact, although Matt likes to be in China for the Chinese New Year - he has agreed to come home early so he can make this event the TIPPING POINT of YOUR LIFE. You'll be stunned, amazed, thunderstruck, and fascinated by Matt and his simple, salt-of-the-earth approach to health, fitness, strength and internal power.
If you are a beginner, you'll get the basics, and you'll get to observe where you'll be a few months later - not to mention years later.
In this "special workshop" Matt will teach you the latest, greatest, most astounding developments he has uncovered in his annual travels to China. So let it be known right NOW that no recording devices of any kind will be allowed in the room for this special bootcamp.
Matt will show you that what he teaches has never been completely revealed before in any of his books, courses or seminars, and he may never speak about these subjects again.
Not only that, you'll be able to speak with him over lunch, during dinner, and well into the night. Those who are members of the Furey Faithful however, truly "get it." And if you consider yourself one of the Furey Faithful, then please, do not hesitate. Your life begins to change the moment you say "YES" and enroll in this life-transforming event. I'm one of the featured speakers at Matt Furey's 2nd Annual "Secret of Secrets" Universal Health, Strength and Power Fitness Bootcamp.
Shut off the "zombie box." Sit up straight and listen to the life-changing message I have for you. And even though I'm one of the presenters again this year, I sent Matt a check for the event.

He is a virtual encyclopedia of knowledge - yet he NEVER stop learning - neither should you. Anthony Clark of Canada won that contest - but he had at least three others snapping at his heels. He's going to squash, once an for all, all the nitwits who think he's not the physically fit dynamo he has proven himself to be.
Or, if you're not overweight, the INNER PIG who is getting in your way of living the life you want to experience.
They put all their strength, physical as well as mental, into making sure they hit the bull's eye. They never cop an attitude of being "too cool for school." Nope, pigs are fast and furious about getting all they can out of life. He has performed ALL over the world: On Alaskan cruises, in Europe, In China, India, South Africa, Australia - not to mention Carnegie Hall.
And her workout routine is guaranteed to take thunder thighs, big butts and flabby arms from fat to fit in record time.
And she will kick the living crap out of ANY MAN who thinks she is "easy pickins." In fact, if you'll go back to the movie Police Academy, and recall the scene of the beautiful blonde who tossed the men around - you have a pretty good idea as to what Mrs. But if you're dumb enough to cross the line and mistake kindness for weakness - well then, suffer the consequences.
Eddie is author of the best-seller, Bodysculpting Bodyweight Exercises for Women, which has caught on like wild-fire. I'm hiding his identity from you right now so that he makes it to the bootcamp in one piece. Then, once you hear his message, you'll understand that he is delivering nothing but truth - full barrel, full throttle.
He even wrote about it in his first book, The Martial Art of Wrestling - and regularly features it in emails.
He gave a ton of drills and routines, from beginner through advanced, that will help almost anyone get super fast results in record time.
He'll also explain how to prevent running related injuries - a problem that holds more people back than anything else. That's why Matt has brought in Vanessa Bader to show something that ANYONE can develop to have the power of a movie star in your personal and professional life - no matter what you do, no matter who you are. In fact, at this bootcamp you will follow along with Matt and the others - and I guarantee that you'll be buzzing with energy for 3 straight-days.
See if you can get this at any other seminar with the quality of guests Matt has lined up - not to mention what it would run you to train with the Zen Master for a day.
In this session he's going to show you how to develop MIND and BODY POWER for 100 Years of Healthy Living. Or put another way, what are you going to do with yourself if your body begins to fall apart?
None of the above will give you the health, the strength or the power that you desire in your life.
As Emerson once said, "Do the thing and you will have the POWER." Enroll in Matt Furey's Universal Health, Strength and Power Fitness Bootcamp and you'll be immersed in a sea of Universal Power for 3 days.
Matt Furey and his team of Fitness Super Heroes are going to give you three days that will BEAM YOU into a NEW BODY. Wu Di will show you how to cleanse these negative vibrations from your system, thereby keeping you young and well, even into your "latter" years. If he chooses you, you better be tough, as he knows how to get the toughest of the tough to beg for mercy.
She's going to show you how, with improved posture and abdominal training, you can reduce your waistline considerably in a few minutes. He didn't sit on his ass watching tee-vee, he didn't need hours of Internet porn per day to add excitement to a boring life.
It also had to do with some biological and nutritious facts that HE understood because there were no alternative theories. Vanessa, along with her husband, Garin, travel the world, speaking and performing before packed houses.
This is where Matt and his special guests upset the applecart, pull up the tent stakes, cut across the grain of what is supposed to be "correct," and run circles around their critics and detractors; leaving Coulda Ben, Shoulda Ben and Woulda Ben to lock the auditorium door long after Elvis has left the building. Because what Matt will be teaching is truly incredible and he's never taught it to anyone before and may never teach it again.
Mark my words, when Matt closes the whole circus down YOU and everyone else will still be clamoring for more. Most importantly, be sure to enroll NOW to make sure that you get in on the FREE workshop being held on Saturday morning, February 3rd.
Just real world, real time use of the power all of us can tap into - if we're willing to learn.
He literally flies him to Tampa on weekends and has him give healing treatments to his wife, children and in-laws.
Don't be surprised if someone does a double-take then says, "You seem like you're two feet taller." This sort of thing happens to Matt Furey seminar students all the time.
And those who come and get to know Matt in person will discover that he won't want it to end either.
But each day the amount will go up - so don't put off til tomorrow what really needs your attention TODAY. This new course gets you off the wall so you will balance on your own thereby developing super physical.
Personally, I can't believe you're going to get to train with Matt at such a reasonable price - much less all the others. But only if you take your future into your own hands and get ready to move to the next level. Free download ebook and - The Amazing Course That Gives You Raging Bull Strength from Pushups.
Learn ninjutsu now using powerful ninja techniques including five core techniques you need for mastery. Understand integrated body movement to generate unstoppable; Most arts have only " up" kicking and punching. Please note: All files listed on FilesDeck are either indexed from other file hosts, or uploaded by our visitors for their own usage. There has been a great deal of confusion about Weapon over the last few Rack, Thick Bars, Heavy Grip Work, Tendon and Ligament, Effort, Dedication of steel - you want abs of reel - meaning that your abs can do something far more important than look pretty.

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