This is a guest review by a reader known as The Race Radio on Twitter, the go-to source for information on the USADA action and much more. Also the book and its place the sport and the maelstrom engulfing Armstrong, the UCI and others is something I’ll probably return to soon. Whatever the truth, non-truth, evidence, or no evidence happens to be doesn’t affect the fact that RR has little use for Armstrong. I Denmark there is a lot in the online media right now, about Tylers years on Team CSC (now Saxo-Tinkoff) and the alleged drug use, with team owner Bjarne Riis in charge.
So what do you think, this story about alleged systematic doping use on Team CSC, as the Danish reporters tells it. It’s interesting much of this is now causing pressure for Riis rather than Bruyneel or even the Phonak managers who are now at BMC. Riis seems to be a Zelig-like figure, a human chameleon, who responds to the system in place, he goes in the direction of the prevailing wind. My best guess is that Hamilton had a great story to tell, but in the midst of misery and grediness, he was seduced by the endless possibilities for creative additions. Hamilton’s co-author -New York Times best-selling author Daniel Coyle (who actually did the writing) checked everything that Hamilton told him with multiple sources. Hamilton is not without his faults and does have credibility issues but any way you look at it this book is a major point in our sport and needs careful consideration.
As for all the talk about a vendetta, I couldn’t care less as to whether there is a vendetta against Lance. At this point it might be good to realise that people can sue for libel and slander if they believe they have been, and given the allegations you could expect, if successful, to receive a large settlement.
I saw the Bush administration deftly exploit this dubious form of reasoning at least twice.
Been waiting for this for ages but need to get an American copy rather than the edited British copy. Can someone please explain if and why there might be 2 versions of the same book, one for USA and one or UK.
Yes, apparently there will be a number of redacted names and scenes in the UK version, because of the stricter libel triggers. The reaction from Frankie Andreu when JV said that he went to CA and they were racing on bread and water? Landis also confirmed that Armstrong did not take anything that he and Tyler were not taking. This book help explains why all the riders from the era, including Vaughters himself, continue to believe Armstrong was the best guy of his period.
That is a regular anti armstrong talking point, but it neatly forgets the reality that the top teams were already doping when Armstrong was impressing in single day events.
Tyler is an admitted liar and Coyle is an opportunist just like when he wrote his book about Lance. I think it is a stretch to determine a five year old’s future potential as an artist by ONE finger painting.
If it doesn’t matter, why didn’t USPS share their methods with every other team? Interestingly, when asked by the interviewer to clarify these remarks, Daniel Coyle intervenes to stop Tyler answering the question. 2) The Andreu’s claim that Lance admitted to doping to his doctors while he was in the hospital for his cancer treatment. 4) US Postal helped re-inent how teams contest Grand Tours; the complete focus on the GC leader, forgoing all else also aided Lance. To claim Lance’s transformation was because of doping ignores too many other factors.
Very interesting to hear from someone involved (I’ll ignore the fact none of us can check that you are who you claim to be). Well, a multi TdF winner whose domestiques are contemporary can only be the preceding one (Indurain) or the following one (Contador).
Just ordered this from Book Depositry, as Amazon were a stitch up on shipping, between 18-32 days to get it to Australia. The ISBN Numbers quoted on the Book Depository site are: 9780345530417 and 0345530411 which match the US version of the book and this is backed up by the fact that the book at the Book Depository is released. I was confused by that as well, but on the front page it has it down as 4 days to go for the Paperback and 17 for the UK version.
Tyler Hamilton zal een boek uitbrengen met daarin een berg dopingonthullingen die hij eerder deed over zichzelf en zijn voormalige ploeggenoot Lance Armstrong.
Hamilton werd na zijn carriere zelf geschorst en moest zijn olympische titel van 2004 inleveren, die hij won op de tijdrit.

Suggestions Floyd Fairness Fund received money from Tailwind Sports investorsFormer US Postal Service rider Tyler Hamilton has said that legal representatives of Lance Armstrong sought to influence him prior to his giving evidence, with last-minute representation made to his lawyer last year. In May 2011, Hamilton admitted doping on the 60 Minutes programme and said that Armstrong and others on the former US Postal Service team also used banned substances. He flew in from out of town and, according to Hamilton, challenged him there about his plans to testify.
As witness tampering is a federal offence, agents travelled to Aspen to determine what had happened. If Hamilton’s account of Armstrong’s lawyers’ approaches is correct, the Texan’s approach changed dramatically as the Grand Jury testimony approached.
Had Landis not fought the Tour de France case and instead admitted doping, it is conceivable that his claims of US Postal Service doping practices could have been made years earlier than the 2010 declaration. For 300 pages Tyler and Dan Coyle trace Tyler’s journey through the madness of professional cycling during one of the sports most complex times. The investment banker behind the US Postal team Tom Weisel is gruff, demanding results, pushing always pushing. I am not a fan of conspiracy theories but Tyler makes a very compelling case for a special relationship between Armstrong and the UCI. Or at least it was as the publishers made reviewers sign legally-binding “non-disclosure agreements” to keep the contents secret until today. I have wondered more than once exactly what happened between RR and Armstrong to cause such animosity. If he knew about what his riders were doing, the chances are several other team managers did too.
I can forgive him for lying once or even twice, but the amount of insinuations and circumstantial evidence against him for organizing doping on his team is simply too heavy now.
Sure, Lance doped, sure USPS was among the worst teams out there, sure Riis knew what was going on within his team.
If it was okay to go hard after Lance (and it was btw) then the next in line should be Riis. However in most jurisdications for cases of public interest truth is (I believe) a reasonable defence.
The truth is a sufficient defense for those *defending themselves* against a defamation suit.
Supposedly they are threatening to sue anyone who says they are corrupt so I thought lazy would be the better adjective.
I’m no copyright lawyer, but the whole notion of national boundaries in the age of digital press is surely defunct. You can smear Armstrong all you want, but you will never be able to change the minds of people in the know. If Greg LeMond had started his career in the 1990s then you’d be saying that he was a great one day rider but was not suited to winning a tour. We all know Lance doped, but it doesn’t matter because he was still the best rider of that era. If Greg LeMond had started his career in the 1990s then you’d be saying that he was a great one day rider but was not suited to winning a tour.
I still believe that if every sport was tested equally, cycling wouldn’t be the dirtiest. I have heard it say in the forums that the UK libels laws mean some of it has been chopped out ? De uitgeverij van Hamilton heeft aangegeven dat zijn boek, “The Secret Race, op 5 september uit zal komen.
Daarnaast zal hij dieper ingaan op zijn, zoals hij het zelf noemt, gecompliceerde relatie met Lance Armstrong. The two subsequently had a confrontation in the Cache Cache restaurant in Aspen, Armstrong apparently being told of Hamilton’s meal booking by the owners, who personally know him.
The restaurant owners claimed that the video camera in the area in question was not functional, and that no footage was available.
The implication is that any Tailwind sports assistance with his fund may have been to limit the chances of that happening.
Thoughtful, polite, eager to please, Tyler was not the guy you would expect to be in a Madrid gynaecologist’s office transfusing blood to be used for the Tour. The book claims they ignored his doping and did his bidding if the competition got too close.
It will be essential reading for anyone who wants to understand that era and wants to minimize the chance of a return. When Twitter correspondent The Race Radio offered to write a review whilst the book was still under embargo it was an obvious yes.

Hardly a big deal though, and besides its unclear from the review if those are THs words or the reviewers. But is not easy to find out was is right and wrong, in this story, when I have not read the book.
But why this unconditional belief in the belated memories of a notorious liar with so strong incentives to exaggerate his story? The question then is not so much whether the accusations are bulletproof but why don’t those accused seek legal redress? If I were to purchase the British version, I wouldn’t be happy to know that I was getting a watered down edition. JV made it clear that somehow, some way, that idea has to be discarded and racers have to believe they can WIN without cheating. But the neo pro isn’t going to have access to the best clean coaches and staff either , so the field is never completely level in that sense. When high-priced dope docs like Ferrari, with their exclusive deals are involved, it’s tough to believe thing were not tilted in one direction or another. Not bitter two-bit haters who blame Armstrong for their own lack of elite talent on the bike. Anybody who thinks LA was doing it on bread and water is brain dead, but when we look at those who stood behind him on the podium it is hard to believe that the best of the best were not on some kind of program. Armstrong had a stake in it, although he later denied this as federal investigators looked into his role in the team’s alleged doping. It is perhaps the most disturbing part of the book and warrants further official examination. Ultimately Tyler captures the essence of his experience “It all happened so slowly and organically. Given the situation with JV and Garmin one would think Hesjedal was clean during Giro d’Italia 2012. Our biggest problem with LA was that he found a way to beat riders that were naturally better than him through very sophisticated methods. While he gives massive amount of details of organized doping programs he spares the individual settling of scores.
It is made clear that Ferrari is the best doping doctor there is and the USPS support staff was way ahead of the rest.
You start out tiptoeing through a little bit of mud and before you know it, you’re up to your neck. That message needs to be driven home to all involved while at the same time anyone still involved in doping needs to be driven OUT of the sport. What matters is that the sport cleans up its act and we can believe what we see when we watch these races.
If the truth is so important then I suggest we be honest with the next five year old that comes to us with their next finger painting and tell them that it is an absolute stroke of genius and they should do more painting when the reality is that they have no talent and should find another hobby altogether.
60% simply outsourced his team’s doping schemes so he could always claim the riders did it on their own with no help from him, whether it was Basso, Hamilton or whomever. When it is decided that transfusions are the next step Bruyneel pitches the plan with with ease, nonchalance.
While on US Postal Tyler had great support but there was always the idea that Lance had more, a higher level program.
Book The Free eBook: The, Gratitude Book, Liv, Michelangelos Anatomy Book Get a free sample or buy The by Daniel Coyle on the iTunes Store.
In his first meeting with new boss Bjarne Riis the topic quickly shifts to how great transfusions are and what his doping program was at USPS. To from the iTunes Store, The result of this determination is The, is a definitive look at the world of professional cycling?and the doping issue surrounding this sport and its most iconic rider, is a former professional bike racer, Olympic gold medalist, and NCAA champion. CSC soigneurs eagerly helped with saline transfusions to get his blood values right while a tester waits downstairs. They were all on dope and if they weren’t they should have been so the playing field would have been leveled. Unfortunately, according to his new book, The - Inside the Hidden World of the Tour de France: Doping, Cover-ups and Winning at All Costs, so is everyone else in the cycling world, even cycling legend Lance Armstrong.

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