Filming begins in Victoria next week on The Secret River, a three hour mini-series adapted from Kate Grenville’s acclaimed novel to air on ABC1, ABCTV said today. The 2 x 90 minute convict drama stars British actor Oliver Jackson-Cohen (Mr Selfridge, Raven, Dracula) and AACTA award winner Sarah Snook (Sisters of War, Not Suitable for Children and the upcoming films Predestination and Ghosts), as William – a convict, and Sal Thornhill, his free settler wife, who are transported to the new colony of New South Wales in 1805.
Through the deeply personal story of young couple, William and Sal Thornhill, The Secret River dramatises the colonisation of Australia and the escalating conflict between the original Indigenous inhabitants and the newly arrived white convicts and settlers. The mini-series is produced by Stephen Luby of Ruby Entertainment (Crackerjack, the Murray Whelan telemovies, Bed of Roses) and will be directed by Daina Reid (Paper Giants: The Birth of Cleo, Never Tear Us Apart, Paper Giants: Magazine Wars and Howzat! Grenville’s novel won the Commonwealth Writers Prize in 2006 and was shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize in the same year.  It has been adapted for television by Oscar nominee screenwriter, Jan Sardi (Shine, Mao’s Last Dancer) and Mac Gudgeon (Killing Time, Waterfront). Luby added:  “It’s thrilling and exciting that we will begin filming next week with such a stunning cast and a brilliant and committed team behind the cameras, including our wonderful director Daina Reid, screenwriters Jan Sardi and Mac Gudgeon, production designer Herbert Pinter, DOP Bruce Young and costume designer Edie Kurzer. The Secret River will shoot for eight weeks in locations across Victoria and on The Hawkesbury River, north of Sydney. The series is made with the financial assistance of Screen Australia, Film Victoria and the ABC. In July 2014 a pioneering expedition team trekked into the remote Pamir Mountains of Afghanistan’s Wakhan corridor in the footsteps of 'The Great Game' explorers. The Pamirs are characterised by large U-shaped mountain valleys that provide abundant grazing during the summer, but are covered by snow for six months of the year. Due to high river levels taking out a key bridge, the team were forced to change their itinerary, approaching the Big Pamir plateau via the Wuzed pass. After crossing the Showr Pass the team moved down to Lake Zorkul, claimed by John Wood to be the source of the Oxus (the source is still disputed today).
On the final phase of the trek the expedition team crossed the 4,700m high Dara Bik Pass and were met with views of the Hindu Kush extending towards Pakistan.
The above film is from Tracey Croke, a travel writer and team member on our 2014 expedition to the Wakhan Corridor. Assistant Expedition Leader Jan Bakker talks about his experiences in the region in Sidetracked magazine and in his Trekking in the Pamirs blog. Press release: packraft elephant-rich Gabon In June 2016, a team of amphibious travellers will aim to become the first to packraft across the Equator in Gabon. Secret CompassSecret Compass redefines what is possible by creating pioneering projects in the world's wildest places.
Get your daily fix of the hottest celebrity photos on red carpet, in bikini, on vacation and fashion photos from the red carpet, awards shows, events and more. No doubt about it, this will be a big one with a lot of people relying on it, and a must-see.  An 8 part historical drama seen through the eyes of 4 young soldiers fighting to stay alive in the Battle of Gallipoli.

In this 4 part murder mystery series starring Alex Dimitriades (remember the cute kid from Heartbreak High in the 90s with Claudia Karvan?!) and Aden Young, the bloke from the excellent yet underrated series Rectify, Alex plays the new principal of a disadvantaged boys’ high school who has to deal with the aftermath of the death of one of his students in amongst government bureaucracy and a disaffected multi-ethnic student body. A co-production with New Zealand, this 8 episode family drama is about a widower dad and 2 daughters who relocate to New Zealand where he writes a newspaper column. And also, the lovely Poh returns in her new cookery and lifestyle show Poh & Co on SBS and channel 9’s Love Child returns for season 2! These are just some of the TV gems coming out this year from our talented bunch, I’m sure there are many more in the works so drop me a line if you spot any more. I'm happy for my images and recipes to be used as long as they are attributed to and linked back to my site.
On occasion I use images or videos belonging to others which are always credited to the site I found them or the person or agency they belong to; where possible I request permission from the original owner. Any work on this site which belongs to other people should not be used on other sites without permission from the original owner. Set near the border of Thailand, in Cambodia’s Cardamom Mountains, experience Koh Kong Province starting in the capital, Koh Kong. Kayak down the Tai Tai River through the mangrove waterways that reach back into the jungle. Situated along the Tatai River and overlooking the Cardamom Mountains, a peaceful and private sanctuary awaits at this luxury eco lodge. The story of Will and Sal Thornhill is at once an enthralling adventure, a compelling character journey, and a compassionate insight into the Australian soul.
It has been a long journey to bring this project to the screen and I am very grateful to the ABC for supporting this powerful and moving Australian story”. At the eastern end of the corridor the mighty ranges of the Hindu Kush, Karakoram and Pamir make up the Pamir Knot. In the Wakhan, two such large areas of grassland exist, the Big Pamir and the Little Pamir. The aim of the 2014 expedition was to travel from the Little Pamir to the Big Pamir via the 4,895m Showr Pass.
With the help of yaks, horses and local guides the team crossed freezing rivers and grassy plateaus dotted with yurt settlements, before reaching the Showr pass, the highest point on the expedition. Here they encountered the Kyrgyz people: hardy mountain nomads who originate from the steppes of Siberia.
As thrilling as it is scary, the game draws dozens of men and horses from the surrounding villages who then compete using the headless carcass of a goat or sheep, trying to get it into a hole in the ground.
Hot springs waiting for them below, the team made the final 1,800m descent to the valley floor after 22 days of exploration through one the world’s last isolated wildernesses.
For experienced independent travelers looking to undertake logistically, physically and mentally challenging trips in dazzling locations, they really don’t have a close competitor.

Known as the Eden of Africa, Rough Guides calls Gabon a ‘top 20 place for wildlife encounters’, with Lonely Planet describing tourism in Gabon as extremely DIY with infrequent transport and little infrastructure. Secret Compass is built around a team of trusted experts who combine a passion for exploration with industry-leading professionalism. This series not only looks brilliant but will be quite confronting to watch at times (but necessary as we shouldn’t ever forget those dark times). Meander through the ancient mangrove forest then take a boat ride on the estuary at the Peam Krasop Wildlife Sanctuary. Ethnically and culturally different from Afghans, their ancient way of life has been unaffected by the modern word. With no set boundaries, the sport is almost as dangerous for spectators as it is for competitors! To browse Secret Compass’s media coverage section, including manny Wakhan articles, visit our In the Media page. These ingredients make raw, remote and wild Gabon the perfect place to stage this June’s pioneering expedition to become the first to trek and packraft across the Equator.
Secret Compass reignites your primal need for adventure, providing the catalyst for you to come alive and achieve the extraordinary.
Spend the day on Koh Kong Island’s beautiful beach, or visit one of the other nearby islands.
This was an incredible opportunity to go where very few Westerners have ever been (or will ever go). Trek through one of the world’s largest rainforests and look out for more than 100 mammal species including gibbons, barking deer, Asian elephants, large Indian civets, and endangered clouded leopards, Indochinese tigers, pileated gibbons and Malaysian sun bears. The landscape was even more vast, rugged, desolate, magnificent and awe-inspiring than I had imagined, and it was fascinating to meet local people who were as interested in us as we were in them.
Home to over 450 bird species, spot storks, cranes, song birds, the brahminy kite, and the nearly extinct silver oriole and great hornbill. The Secret Compass team were enthusiastic from day one and, on the ground, were phenomenally experienced, professional and great fun. Meet the local people that dwell in the mountains and forest to learn about their customs, beliefs, and natural cures.

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