This comes despite reports looming budget cuts could force the ABC and SBS to cut up to 500 people, costing tens of millions of dollars.
Two-part miniseries The Secret River, an adaptation of Kate Grenville's novel set in New South Wales in the early 1800s.
Sarah Ferguson's successful stint on 7.30 is acknowledged in the previously announced three-part series on the Rudd-Gillard Labor governments, while No Excuses! Notable in their absence from the extensive list were series including Upper Middle Bogan, Kitchen Cabinet, the ground-breaking series Black Comedy, and more. Friday night favourites Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries and The Doctor Blake Mysteries return with eight new episodes each.
Also returning are new seasons of the mockumentary-style satire of bureaucracy Utopia, Gruen and Josh Thomas' Please Like Me, while there are new shows from acerbic comedienne Judith Lucy and duo Sammy J and Randy.
Despite a small drop in audience share in 2014 compared to the previous year, the ABC's main channel is poised to once again finish the year as Australia's third most-watched television channel. Poll: Which of the following ABC shows - that has yet to be slated - would you want screened in 2015? These polls are not scientific and reflect the opinion only of visitors who have chosen to participate.
What concerns me is the programming is now so Sydney & Melbourne centric it is no longer the national broadcaster. Hope they come with their Labor or Greens membership cards & are fully conversent with left wing policies !!!
No doubt about it, this will be a big one with a lot of people relying on it, and a must-see.  An 8 part historical drama seen through the eyes of 4 young soldiers fighting to stay alive in the Battle of Gallipoli.
In this 4 part murder mystery series starring Alex Dimitriades (remember the cute kid from Heartbreak High in the 90s with Claudia Karvan?!) and Aden Young, the bloke from the excellent yet underrated series Rectify, Alex plays the new principal of a disadvantaged boys’ high school who has to deal with the aftermath of the death of one of his students in amongst government bureaucracy and a disaffected multi-ethnic student body. A co-production with New Zealand, this 8 episode family drama is about a widower dad and 2 daughters who relocate to New Zealand where he writes a newspaper column.
And also, the lovely Poh returns in her new cookery and lifestyle show Poh & Co on SBS and channel 9’s Love Child returns for season 2!
These are just some of the TV gems coming out this year from our talented bunch, I’m sure there are many more in the works so drop me a line if you spot any more.
I'm happy for my images and recipes to be used as long as they are attributed to and linked back to my site.
On occasion I use images or videos belonging to others which are always credited to the site I found them or the person or agency they belong to; where possible I request permission from the original owner. Any work on this site which belongs to other people should not be used on other sites without permission from the original owner. Get your daily fix of the hottest celebrity photos on red carpet, in bikini, on vacation and fashion photos from the red carpet, awards shows, events and more.
Rising out of the flat fens and coastal marsh, the Lincolnshire Wolds contain the highest ground in eastern England between Yorkshire and Kent.
Captain John Smith, who sailed to the New World and established the first English permanent settlement at Jamestown, Virginia in 1607, and Sir Joseph Banks, the legendary 18th-century botanist explorer, are famous sons of this area, but it is Alfred, Lord Tennyson whom we most associate with the Wolds. A Tennyson Trail follows the Lincolnshire life of the Poet Laureate and the countryside that provided inspiration for so much of his work. A steam train runs between Ludborough and North Thoresby thanks to the hard of a dedicated group of volunteers who brought the railway back to life.

The station, platforms and signal box at Ludborough have been rebuilt, the track has been relayed all the way to North Thoresby.
I stayed in Tealby, a picture-postcard village of orange-brown ironstone houses and whitewashed cottages snuggling into a dip in the landscape. The colourful, hand crafted kneelers in the pews are a pointer to the strong sense of community in Tealby, where the friendly Village Store is successfully run by volunteers. Alford lies on the eastern edge of the Wolds, an attractive town famed for its crafts markets.
Set at the confluence of the Rivers Bain and Waring and originally a walled Roman fort, the best-preserved parts of the old Roman walls can be found in Horncastle Library.
Whether in markets, independent shops or cafés and restaurants, locally sourced and produced food and drink features high in the enjoyment of exploring the Wolds. Louth, the busy market town that’s known as the Capital of the Wolds, has a host of award winning specialist food shops. The River Lud gives the town its name and one of the best places to enjoy its quiet meanderings is at Hubbard’s Hills, a green and wooded, steep-sided and sinuous valley on the western edge of town. Much of Georgian Louth’s prosperity was the result of trade afforded by a 12-mile canal, excavated by hand in the 1760s, which allowed sea-going vessels to navigate between the town and other inland and coastal ports, including London.
Whether you are driving, walking or cycling, the hills, valleys, villages and hidden hamlets of the Lincolnshire Wolds hold many pleasing surprises. LOST RIVER: LINCOLN'S SECRET WEAPON is based on the true story of Anna Ella Carroll, an unrecognized heroine of the American Civil War. With help from numerous people who work and live on the Mississippi River, I am creating an ongoing digital archive of personal histories — the lost stories of river people and river communities. These are just some of the people I interviewed as part of A Secret History of American River People. Lauren Donovan, who kayaked the length of the Mississippi River, interviewed in Hastings, MN. The Story in PicturesAnother part of the story is told through a steady stream of little snippets and photos. Radio folks, comics, actors, writers and journalists based in Sydney and Melbourne command the national broadcaster but do not represent Western Australia, tell our stories or report current issues. They got rid of The Roast - one of the few smart comedy shows that challenged every institution in Australia. This series not only looks brilliant but will be quite confronting to watch at times (but necessary as we shouldn’t ever forget those dark times).
An Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB), this is a gentle landscape of rolling hills and rich farmland. High hedgerows follow their meandering routes, woods crown hilltops and a giant patchwork of fields stretches out in all directions.
The tourist information centres in Horncastle, Alford and Louth are stocked with a superb collection of free leaflets detailing walks short and long, also cycle routes, in every part of the region.
Organised in eight stages, it visits six market towns, passes through obscure and unspoilt villages, takes in a fair bit of ancient history including Roman roads, and traverses valleys, hills, woods and arable fields revealing a succession of splendid country views. At Ludborough there is a museum which has a fine collection of railwayana to remind you of days gone by. The River Rase, a meandering stream crossed by picturesque fords, once provided water power for corn and paper mills.

The Alford Manor House, reputedly the largest thatched manor house in England, dates from 1611 and is a rare example of a wood-framed structure with reed and plaster encased in brick. At Alford’s working Five Sailed Windmill you can clamber through its six storeys and buy flour produced from organic grain as well as a range of wholefoods. The Sir Joseph Banks Centre on Bridge Street ensures that the achievements of the learned local man who sailed with Captain Cook on the Endeavour to the South Seas and Australasia, and for whom Botany Bay was named, are not forgotten. Look for the distinctive Tastes of Lincolnshire logo and you’re unlikely to be disappointed. A glance in the window of Meridian Meats on Eastgate reveals why the shop has won so many awards for its quality meats, sausages and pies. A scenic waymarked walk from the Navigation Warehouse on Riverhead Road follows the old towpath and locks. She was raised to know law and politics even though there were no women lawyers or women politicians at the time. I’ve interviewed Upper Mississippi artists, boathouse residents, scientists, researchers, historians, business owners, and adventurers. The production of shows need to spread around the country to allow other states to have their voices heard whether it be in comedy, current affairs or telemovie. Read more AACTA Awards 2015: craft winners December 2nd, 2015 Make a comment ABC titles dominate the first awards handed out earlier this week. From its hillside perch, the 12th-century All Saints Church presides over the village, said to be the prettiest in Lincolnshire, and the view from there is vista wide. Take a break from browsing at Myers Tea Room and stock up on Lincolnshire Plum Loaf and delicious foodie treats at the Bakery and Deli next door. A metal strip in the Eastgate pavement and a small wall plaque mark are subtle recognition of this distinction.
The area’s long history, from the Stone Age to the present day, is revealed in the excellent Louth Museum. I use digital and social media to present and connect river people and their stories to those far from the river. The ABC is owned by us, and it should be protected from the tamperings and damage of mean, naive, right wing governments who would really rather get rid of it altogether if they could get away with it. Read more Secret River producers pursue Eureka project November 27th, 2015 Make a comment Producers set their sights on the untold story of the women behind the Eureka Stockade. When the Civil War began, she helped keep Maryland in the Union by presenting Abraham Lincoln with a legal brief setting forth his presidential powers. Read more Screen Music Awards 2015: winners November 13th, 2015 2 comments The Secret River, The Code and Banished amongst winners at the annual composers awards. There were hearings to make her a major general, but she never received the recognition for her accomplishments. November 11th, 2015 5 comments Visiting West Wing director Thomas Schlamme, says Aussie directors are missing out big time.

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