Personalization drives success across nearly every industry – from smart phone apps to luxury travel. The wellness industry faces a double challenge: an effective program must not only be customized for the organization or company that institutes the program, but also for the individuals – employees, family members and others – who participate.
Better Motivation: Triggers to motivate are more effective when they make sense at the individual level. Better Knowledge: Strategies and information associated with the program will be tailored to the company and the participants. Better Engagement: Activities or products that carry personal relevance or meaning increase engagement. Better Results: Companies and participants need to see the bottom line – overall cost-savings combined with better health outcomes for employees and their families. The tricky balance begins with a basic question, asked, simultaneously, from the employer and employee points of view: What’s in it for me? With case studies to tell the story, a coordinated personalization strategy is the “secret sauce” to wellness program success.
Let’s start with the employer: How can you know that a wellness plan is personalized for your organization and your employees?
The first step is to understand your company’s business objectives and connect the wellness plan directly to those goals. To do this properly, you’ll need to understand your organization’s unique health and wellness numbers. Another way to customize a wellness program is to consider creating a “package deal” for employees. Employers should also ensure that the wellness provider knows and understands the overall benefit package. Finally, the wellness provider can personalize the plan for companies by focusing on company culture.
Once this initial connection is made, personalization for the employee shifts into high gear.
Finally, keep aware of other opportunities for personalization, from special invites to webinars that address employees’ health needs to recommendations for workshops based on current health condition (i.e.
A case in point is Miami Children’s Hospital which sought to change its emphasis from employee participation to accountability. With ongoing coaching, monthly newsletters and six-month check-ups, wellness remained top of mind.
Because Miami Children’s Hospital really took ownership of this solution and, because it made wellness part of its business strategy and not just a “check the box” benefit, many other resources were connected to the program. This personalization and the commitment from hospital executives, yielded tremendous results.
Members with elevated risk see significant first-year improvements in blood pressure, triglycerides, LDL cholesterol, tobacco cessation and 81 percent of those who received a diabetes-related critical outreach call in 2012 did not require a call in 2013.
The “right test, right person, right time” approach – with a 38-panel venipuncture blood draw, health questionnaire and blood pressure – works, as 35 percent of participants receive additional testing (tests they might not have known they needed). Of the participants whose initial tests put them in the “High Risk” category, more than a third reduce their risk or move to a healthy state in just one year. With personalized health goals and appropriate incentives and follow-ups, 77 percent reach their goals. Wellness program members see decreased workers’ compensation and disability claims, with important reductions in costs and days lost.
The accomplishments of the program are assessed by the impact on the organization (financial, cultural, competitiveness) and the impact on individuals (participation, engagement and health improvement).
Sandi Eskew is a senior wellness strategist at Interactive Health, a leading provider of comprehensive, outcomes-based health management solutions designed to engage employees in the management of their health through early detection and identification of risk factors. In a previous post, I explained why most corporate presentation templates fail to meet the needs of PowerPoint users because they are frequently created by people who don’t use PowerPoint on a regular basis.
Themes: In PowerPoint 2007, the Themes feature is an enhanced version of what was previously known as the Templates feature in PowerPoint 2003. Bullet point formatting: In the Slide Master (within the Design tab of the Ribbon), take the time to format the bullet points for each of the levels.
Slide Master layouts: In the Slide Master, the default configuration includes 11 different layouts. Text box and shape defaults: Ensure that the default text and shape colors have a good contrast against the background of the corporate template. File size: Watch the file size of your corporate template if you want to stay in good favor with your IT department. I’m creating a corporate template for my company, and I have one best practice to suggest, and one issue that’s driving me crazy!

Another best practice is to have a default set of slides already showing in the template: Title, Agenda, Content, Thank You. I’ve found the most reliable way to get a table into PPT is to source it first in Word, then copy and use Paste Special (MS Word Object) to bring the stuff into PPT.
You may be thinking to yourself it?s no surprise that a sales person must be a good relationship builder, but many in sales forget that they need the help and support of a variety of internal departments to sell effectively. One of the key factors that separates rainmakers from the rest of the sales team is their ability to effectively orchestrate internal resources. Watch how your top sales people interact with the finance and operations teams as they work deals.
If you are a sales person on the verge of rainmaker status, take the time to build strong internal relationships with everyone that supports your selling activities. Secret Sauce Music Group is a music publishing consultancy from one of the foremost experts in the industry.
Playing off the idea of “sauces”, we took design cues from hot sauce packets and BBQ labels to create a brand identity that sets itself apart from other players in the field. Beyond MeasureBy Margaret Heffernan(TED Books, 107 pages, $21.99)We’re told that nothing in business is beyond measure. Every now and again, we do something unexpected for one of our customers – nothing big, just a little something to show that we appreciate their business and that we care. In a recent campaign for Coyote Creek based on their expertise in monitoring and managing Microsoft Exchange servers using their Coyote Creek RMM product, we developed a call-to-action around their “secret sauce” and designed and sourced a specially branded BBQ sauce for them to give to prospects.
Our anniversary surprise was that we took a bottle of sauce and Coyote Creek’s corporate color palette and invited graphic artists to channel their inner Andy Warhol and have some fun with the design.
At Bootstrap Marketing, we believe in going the extra mile for our customers and we wanted to share this little example with you. The more products and services can be customized to personal habits, goals or desires, the more success that product or service often has. Companies and participants need to understand why the wellness program matters – not in general, but in personal terms. This means packaging not only what your wellness provider offers, but also every other benefit to your employees, such as health plan benefits (mammograms, yearly well-being exams), EAP, gym memberships and community organizations. For example, let’s say diabetes – or diabetes medication adherence – is a concern for an organization. Coaches are critical to plan success; they can create one-on-one relationships that help individuals recognize and overcome personalized barriers.
The hospital clearly defined business objectives including making wellness a business strategy, increasing participation and employee productivity, reducing cost and realizing visionary goals like becoming a top employee leader in the wellness industry. The answers were straightforward and focused on using health improvements as an avenue to enhance each employee’s personal life. Incentives were added including financial rewards for meeting specific wellness goals instituted. The key to creating this success is personalizing the program for the organization and for each individual participant. In my last article, I covered the basics of PowerPoint backgrounds and how they need to be designed in order to create an effective PowerPoint template. I’ve seen PowerPoint templates where the bullet points were left with the standard black bullet points and even with insufficient spacing between the bullet point and the text.
In PowerPoint 2007, the footer fields found in the Slide Master are now editable when you’re building slides. The date field is problematic because it always reflects the current date that the PowerPoint slides are being viewed.
I have seen PowerPoint templates where the default text box font color and shape color were the same as the background, which can be frustrating for inexperienced PowerPoint users who don’t know how to change the defaults.
If you’re looking to move from PowerPoint apprentice to ninja, subscribe to this RSS today! You will find that top sales people are very organized and communicate very effectively with internal teams. Nothing galvanizes internal teams like positive feedback, individual recognition, and winning more deals.
Employing only experienced and motivated US-based associates (all located in our corporate office in Frisco, TX), with the ability to conduct research and marketing campaigns globally, OnTarget solves real marketing problems for B2B companies. They wanted the company to reflect their expertise and wicked sense of humor, in an otherwise dry, corporate industry. You can’t manage what you can’t measure, and it’s possible to devise metrics to drive efficiency and effectiveness in all aspects of your operations.
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Here’s an example of something that we just did for Coyote Creek to celebrate their second anniversary of working with Bootstrap Marketing. We liked the way that this turned out and had a couple of 24 x 36 posters made up to celebrate. After all, if the wellness program doesn’t align with a particular organizational culture (or its other benefits offerings), the program is difficult to make successful. Further, let’s assume the employer will reduce or eliminate the health plan co-pay on diabetes medication. One approach then is to generate friendly competition around wellness goals, such as creating raffles, with additional prize entries for teams who meet objectives. Getting the clinical results – the numbers – sets the stage for the ensuing personalization. Beyond effectiveness, this approach carries an additional benefit: Relationships build trust and help participants feel accountable to themselves and the coaches.
We’ve seen how personalizing a wellness plan – for employers and employees – can yield terrific results. This made great sense because they were accustomed to helping others improve their health to improve their lives; Miami Children’s Hospital just needed a personalized wellness plan that would shift some of that focus to the employees themselves. Annual biometric screening – “Smart Testing” with a 38-panel blood test and an extensive report – gave hard data to medical professionals who apply scientific results to drive care. Importantly, the initial biometric test results showed 399 participants required immediate medical attention – hospital employees and spouses who didn’t know they needed this help. No two people have exactly the same needs, so shouldn’t the r their wellness journey be personalized? Most PowerPoint users will appreciate having corporate colors (or a set of complementary colors) built into the template because most users won’t know the RGB codes of their company colors or which colors work well together. It is interesting that so much time and effort can be spent on creating an appealing background and so little on making sure the bullet points are up to par as well. Take some time to validate which of these layouts should be included in your PowerPoint template, which ones should be removed, and which ones need to be customized.
They strive to make sure that they provide all the information needed by each team member to make it easy for them to do their job right the first time. Take the time to review your key relationships and make a New Year?s resolution to make them better in 2013.
Bright colors and flames combine to create a brand recipe that is hot, spicy and a lot of fun. But Margaret Heffernan, an entrepreneur and former CEO of various companies has a new book provocatively titled Beyond Measure. Thomson Reuters is not liable for any errors or delays in Thomson Reuters content, or for any actions taken in reliance on such content.
At the same time, what good is a wellness program that meets organizational objectives, but doesn’t makes sense for participants. In this case, the wellness plan provider can personalize the plan and ensure that all health coaches who work with employees are aware of this opportunity.
Immediate outreach and intervention secured immediate involvement; meaning no putting off personal care while these caregivers helped others. Instead of using the footer fields, use text boxes for text such as dates or confidentiality statements because they will be embedded in the template and out of the way. Putting the date as text (not as a date field) in a text box in the Slide Master will preserve the original date of the presentation. While some of the above observations may be true, one of the major differentiators between a rainmaker and an average sales person is the rainmaker?s ability to have strong long-term INTERNAL relationships.
It’s about corporate culture, a vital aspect of your organization that you must manage but can’t really measure all that well. A great program with no participation is the wellness equivalent of a tree falling in the forest with no one there to hear it! I don’t have any quick solutions for you, but I’ll come back to you if I can figure out something. Recognizing a proposal team for their long hours on a deal or recognizing finance for the winning pricing options they created really help solidify that sales is a team sport! After all, just because pre-diabetes is a huge issue in the United States doesn’t mean the condition is relevant to your organization. After all, many work overnight and weekend shifts, so they need information when the moment is right for them.

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