Dustin Nguyen says in a statement, "I don't know what it's like to shoot lasers from my eyes, fly an Invisible Jet, or dress like a bat. In this follow-up novel to "Switching Gears," 12-year-old Kevin Bowman is now working with the Autobots to fight the evil Decepticons and search for his missing brother. Scholastic says the novel reimagines Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman as middle-grade students in a mysterious school. It will feature Arthur Curry (Aquaman), Victor Stone (Cyborg) and other young super heroes.

Kevin is starting to lose hope until he gets help from the most unexpected person-his nemesis, Douglas.
Douglas informs the team of a secret cave of ancient Cybertronian weapons located at Battle Mountain, Nevada. Young Bruce does not fit in at the school and he befriends two outsiders very familiar to comics fans, Clark Kent and Diana Prince. Kevin and Gears believe the cave might have clues to the disappearance of Kevin's brother and other missing soldiers.

The three young super heroes form a detective squad to find out what the faculty at the school is plotting. Will the team find what they are looking for or has Douglas set a trap for them at Battle Mountain?

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