I haven’t posted something humorous in a while so I figured this would be a good mention. Free theme: From the creator of PipBoy 3000 comes Pip-Berry v5000 for the BlackBerry Storm! Last week, The Department of Homeland Security put out a contract posting on its official website seeking bids for designs of the next presidential limousine. The contract award is supposed to be completed by August 29th, so look for the announcement of new Beast at the end of this summer. Former Secret Service Agent Clint Hill gave a first-hand account of the events that happened the day President Kennedy was assassinated. Former Secret Service Agent Clint Hill was the man seen in the Zapruder film frantically climbing onto the back of President Kennedy’s limousine as shots rang out on the streets of Dallas Nov.
Hill gave a first-hand account of the turning point in American History during a lecture Tuesday at the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn.
While doctors were battling the odds, Hill placed a phone call to then-Attorney General Robert Kennedy, the president’s brother.

While many Americans still believe there was a conspiracy to kill the president, Hill said all of the evidence points to one man alone. The actual car President Kennedy was riding in when he was assassinated is on display at the Henry Ford Museum. This presidential limousine already has bulletproof windows, special run-flat tires, and surely an immense outer layer of body armor. Kennedy was assassinated shared his version of that fateful day as the nation prepares to mark the 50th anniversary of the tragedy. It was so explosive in nature that blood and brain matter and bone fragments all erupted right out of the wound.
I could see through that hole and there was no brain matter left in that whole area of the brain, so I assumed it was a fatal wound. All three shots came from the same location, the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository, they were all fired using the same rifle and they were all fired by the same individual, Lee Harvey Oswald, and no one else,” he said. Plus Cadillac has history providing presidential protection, but its current model dates back to 2004.

Phase two is testing of that armor, and automotive integration of the chassis, vehicle design, and component testing.
In the car next to him is his wife Jacqueline (1929 – 1994) and in the front seat is Texas governor John Connally.
And I turned and I gave a thumbs-down to the follow car crew to let them know just how serious the situation was,” he said.
The BlackBerry fell because Obama decided to run to his greeters but afterwards decided to walk the rest of the way, a smart choice.
We rushed him into trauma room one, doctors came running from all over the hospital, trying to do everything they could to revive him,” he said.

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