It’s their very first adventure and the Secret Seven super-sleuths are already on the trail of a mystery! My addition is only 117 pages long, with large print and illustrations, so it took 45 minutes to read; however it was 45 minutes of joy! He goes to hunt for it that evening, and is surprised to hear a vehicle approaching, with no lights on, and then someone saying – "No one about is there!" Jack is alerted that something odd is going on, especially when he hears an angry snorting sound and a curious high squeal. We learn that before Christmas they had helped out in the community, but since it was just after Christmas and everyone had been looked after they were seeking something fun to do – maybe even solve a mystery!
I was immediately sucked into the adventure and the society with the secret password and the special badges. I really enjoyed being transported back into a world of fun, secret societies and mysteries. He races home in fear, and can't wait to report the happenings to the other Secret Seven members. It reminded me of the games I used to play with my friends – although I never crept around creepy old buildings! They have to be brave and sometimes they are a bit naughty and reckless, but that makes for more fun reading about them!
When he is heading home at night he hears a car pull up and a very strange noise coming from the back. The story has suspense – it may even be a little frightening for the younger reader, but of course it has a happy ending.
It isn’t a tough read, but it is exciting and I am looking forward to reading it with my children.
Sure, the children weren’t using telephones or email to communicate, they wrote letters – but surely children in secret societies still do that? It isn’t my favourite childhood book, but I love the author and I love re-reading her books.

Because of this, I have set myself the challenge to read all the Secret Seven books this year. A car pulls up near the gate and two mysterious men get out even though the lane leads to nothing and it is late at night. This was strange enough, but Jack then heard the sound of squealing and thudding in a mysterious van like carriage on the back of the car. In understandable horror, Jack runs back home and leaves a letter for Peter and Janet calling for an urgent S.S.
Peter makes the orders, and it is agreed that himself, Colin and Jack would go down to the house to ask the caretaker if he had heard anything in the night, whilst Pam and George have to enquire about the owner of the big empty house. As for Janet and Barbara, they are given the task of following the tracks from the car and mysterious carriage.The Seven are successful with all their tasks. Janet and Barbara find out that the tracks went exactly where Jack had been, whilst George and Pam find out that Mr J.
The three boys make the most exciting findings when they discover that the old caretaker had even heard the same squealing and thudding noise in the night.Due to this revelation, the Seven come to the conclusion that the two men in the car and mysterious carriage went to the house and hid a prisoner. Peter decides that only the four boys can go, with two staying with the snowmen the children had built in the field, and the other two boys going up to the house to find the prisoner. In their white overcoats, white skull caps and white face paint, Peter, Jack, Colin and George go to the field in the middle of the night.The real excitement starts when Peter and Jack, the two that go off to the empty house, hear the same squealing and thudding noise, which the follow down to the cellar.
Before they have a chance to look the two men come back and in their anger lock the boys in the cellar. It is here that they are given an enormous shock as they come face to face with the prisoner.
Appalled they cry for help and luckily Colin and George eventually come and rescue them.The next morning the Seven phone the police and the two men are arrested. As a reward the children are given circus and pantomime tickets in a happy ending to the adventure!In my view, the first book of Blyton's Secret Seven series turns into a fairly strong mystery and story.

Not many readers would be able to figure it out, and I certainly got a surprise when it was revealed. Looking back, there were clues to this, such as the thudding noise, the footprints in the snow, and the carriage, but it is easy to say that once you have read the book.My criticisms would be that it takes a while to get into the book.
The sense of unpredictability and excitement does not really start until Peter, Jack, Colin and George dress up as snowmen.
Even then, I find it a bit hard to believe that the four boys could really look like snowmen.
By this, I mean it was a case of identifying a mystery, finding clues and splitting up in pairs. And of course, the four boys in the Seven get to take part in the dangerous aspect of the adventure in the big empty house.The book is very systematic and follows the typical codes and conventions you would expect from a mystery series.
Instead, they enjoy seemingly innocent trips into the beautiful countryside, only to eventually find a mystery. The Famous Five Series is really is unique in this sense.The characters in Secret Seven are not as strong either as the Famous Five.
In the Famous Five, they are all individuals, and the reader is given a strong insight into their personalities and relationships, whereas little is mentioned about the characters in this first book of the Secret Seven series. Peter is a poor version of Julian, to the point that he gets rude about the passwords and badges, and even shouts at the deaf old man.
Jack is probably the strongest character, playing a huge part in discovering the mystery in the first place, and coming up with further bold ideas and a lot of bravery when he was in the house with Peter, who was also brave in this instance.
But apart from this, there is not much, even Scamper is not the same as the loveable, courageous Timmy.As a book, The Secret Seven was a good first mystery, but it is not a patch on Famous Five.

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