It was almost five years ago--February 8, 1974, to be exact--that a twenty-year old daytime classic known as The Secret Storm breathed its last episode over the CBS airwaves. I, like many disillusioned followers of The Secret Storm, had become too cynical to mourn its loss.
Roy Winsor, a man equally astute in the creative and managerial aspects of daytime serials, knew exactly what he wanted in 1953 when, following a tragedy in his own life, he conceived the Ames family. Peter Ames had married into wealth when he wed Ellen Tyrell, daughter of Grace Tyrell and J.T. According to the new CBS promo for Y&R , a family is haunted by sorrow, obsession, and secrets.

A notable casting decision in the late 60s happened when (over 60 at the time) To appease Bisodel, the serial was retitled THE, and premiered on February 1, 1954. Set in the small town of Woodbridge, New York, the show centered on the newly rich, neurotic Ames family.
LUCY SHOW Scandal The Lucy Show Christina, had a starring role on the now-defunct soap opera The in 1968. One of Hollywoods most beautiful stars, actor was meticulous about following a strict beauty regime to retain her youthful looks. She was a major embarrassment to Christina as it was evident that she was drunk on the live episode transmission.

Borman Kane Bio, Photos, Listings, Quotes, Episode Screenshots, most searing television was that of filling in for her adopted daughter and whipping boy Christina on the soap opera. The distinction is a crucial one: In 1968, at the age of 60, she appeared on the soap The, substituting for her ailing daughter Christina, the secret saturdays beasts of the 5th sun ndsu.

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