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The action-packed Power Rangers Super Samurai: Secret of the Red Ranger – Volume 4 comes to DVD and Digital Download June 11th from Lionsgate Home Entertainment. Saban’s Power Rangers Super Samurai, the #1 Live-Action Kids Action Series, continues to please kids of all ages as it celebrates 20 years of success.
The Truth Changes Everything Sometimes it seems everyone has a different idea of what is true.

To insert a picture from a file, click File, and then locate and double-click the picture that you want to insert.To paste a picture that you copied, click Clipboard. Follow the Rangers as they fight to take down Serrator’s secret plan to split apart the world. The Power Rangers are in for the fight of their lives when Master Xandred returns to Earth to face the team in an epic Bullzooka battle. Power Rangers and all related logos, characters, names, and distinctive likenesses thereof are the exclusive property of SCG Power Rangers LLC.
After barely escaping, the Super Samurai Rangers must call upon the Shogun ancestors and their most powerful mega modes to fight their way through bug spraying Pestilox, giant Spitfangs and twin Papyrux in order to face their ultimate showdown with Serrator!

And after the smoke clears, a battle with new Nighlok monster Fiera will reveal the Red Ranger’s long-lost secret and change the team forever! Come explore the book of Colossians and learn to sort through what you hear about other’s beliefs while discovering what makes our faith special and what it means to be a Christian.

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