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With a changing cursor at your command, explore Vulcania as you get to the bottom of what's happened to the captain. The hidden object scenes are not only interactive, but also animated, giving you the feel of searching through an actual location and not just a stale, stationary picture. Unfortunately, for a game that has you reassembling several machines, there's only a small hotspot for each part, requiring you to know exactly where the object needs to be used. For a game inspired by Jules Verne, they certainly have done him justice both in the story and in the writing, which is featured in your notebook.
The hint system is very helpful, giving you a mini screenshot of the area you need to go as well as where exactly to use an object. It can be helpful to either read the story in your notebook or read your task list if you're not sure what to do next. The walkthrough below attempts to give you the route with the least backtracking as well as the shortest solutions for the puzzles. Areas in blue are for items requiring interaction (item names are by the areas), and areas in green are for the task at the end. Examine the floor controls and use the lever (from the chair in the control room) on the 3rd floor slot. One method of solving these is to focus on one aspect of picture and line the two images up with one knob, and then the other. If that doesn't work well for you, then simply look at the picture in general and turn the knobs to make the picture look more clear. Examine the gate and use the code key (from the device on the desk in the control room) on the slot.
Solve the key match puzzle by clicking each arrow to get the picture to match the printout.
Examine the flying robot and use the electron tube (from the robot parts on the 3rd floor landing), robot's eye and robot's propeller to fix it.
The first screenshot is for the items directly visible; the second is for when the door is opened.
Now repair the bathysphere with: the flipper (from the box on the dock walkway), ladder (from the control room), windshield (from the tunnel entrance), claw (from the robot parts on the 3rd floor landing), door, lantern and screw propeller (from the control room entryway).
Solve the symbol combo puzzle by clicking the symbols until only the ones on the rock are depressed. Examine the light switch and use the insulating tape (from the hidden-object scene in the lagoon) on the wires.
Examine the step below the chaise and use the lantern (from the hidden-object scene in the lagoon) on the metal bottom. Use the empty oil can (from the arches in the lagoon) and handwheel (from the dresser in the hotel room).
Examine the tilework above the mantle and use the tile (from the hidden-object scene in the lobby). Tiles of the same color cannot be lined up vertically, horizontally or diagonally (even the short diagonals). Examine the man hole cover and use the ball (from the hidden-object scene in the hotel lobby).
Solve the ball puzzle by placing a ball in a hole, then choosing which direction to slide it. The goal is to get all seven balls into some configuration on the eight holes available, but when you place a ball down, it then has to be moved to an adjacent hole.
Place the next ball so that you can slide it into the hole that you placed the first ball in. Continue this pattern of sliding each subsequent ball into the hole that the previous one was originally placed.
Examine the panel on the wall and use the carbide lamp (assembled in the hotel room) on the counter to the left.
Solve the contact puzzle by rotating each connector so the correct colors travel along the wires to the correct contact. Now use the wagon wheel (from under the window in the lagoon), then the rod (from by the rope in the lagoon) on the empty axle. Use the battery (from inside the radio in the hotel basement) in the slot behind the light. Solve the color pie piece puzzle by selecting the right combination of colors to match the inner part of the circle.
After selecting the colors with the levers, pull the handle on the right to rotate the circle. Examine the boards and use the board (from the righthand doors in the hotel lobby), nails (from the hidden-object scene in the hotel room) and the hammer (from the floor of the hotel basement). Examine the chessboard in back and use the knight (from the hidden-object scene in the Nautilus room) in the empty corner. Solve the knight-swap puzzle by clicking a knight, then placing it in an available, highlighted square. The goal is to flip the knight positions so the colors match what's indicated in the corners. The solution lists the number the piece is currently on, then the number it should move to.
Use the emerald (from the hidden-object scene in the hotel room) and amethyst (from the hidden-object scene in the cavern) on the Time Wheel. The first screenshot is for the items directly visible, the second is for when the door is opened. Examine the panel on the wall and use the knob (from the hidden-object scene in the control room entryway).
Use the respirator (from the panel in the bathysphere hold) on the doorway to enter the tunnel. Examine the large rock to the left of the walkway and use the flange pipe (from the water at the bathysphere hold). Examine the door on the upper level and use Part 1 (from the hidden-object scene in the control room) and Part 2 (from the man hole cover in the tunnel entrance). Examine the overturned cart and use the wrench (from the hidden-object scene in the bathysphere hold).
Examine the bridge mechanics and use the fuse (from the hidden-object scene in the Nautilus room). Notice that the slot narrows on the right side, which, along with the shape of the fuses, creates the difficulty. Use the chain (from the hidden-object scene in the hotel lobby) on the loose end to the right.
The challenge of the puzzle is that certain movements of the columns can affect the movement of other columns. Examine the robot and use the jackhammer (assembled at the drawer in the tunnel) and cable (from the train station). Pull the lever, then put the bucket (filled in the tunnel) and lighter (filled in the transporter room) in the furnace.
Examine the signal mechanism on the desk and use the staff (from the hidden-object scene in the control room). Solve the staff puzzle by clicking a staff, then choosing one of the highlighted, available moves. Head back to the train station, stopping on the way at a phone to use the cylinder (from off the chair in the station office). Examine the railway post and use the handle (from the 2nd floor platform) on the side socket. Now use the rail disc (from the glass cabinet in the transporter room) and turn the handle. Examine the motorcycle and use the key (from the hidden-object scene in the station office).
Examine the coat and use the tweezers (from the suitcase at the 2nd floor landing) to collect the x-ray key. Examine the door and use the x-ray key (from the coat in the station office) over the bulbs. Solve the symbol code puzzle by clicking the dial to rotate it, then clicking the numbers to change them. The number-symbol combination on the x-ray key must be matched on the dial before it will accept the correct number. This is possibly the hardest puzzle because you can easily get yourself completely off track.
While Extra Life's official date is November 7th, 2015, we feel like one day is not enough. As you guy might have noticed I have been bringing back my "Road to Platinum" series lately with the Nathan Drake Collection. I've already done the blogs for the Uncharted 1 and 2 platinums from the Nathan Drake Collection but this time around I will be doing a two-parter. What I find interesting is that even though I played the second time on Crushing my total play time only differs by about 2 minutes.
It seems like it's only been a few days since I brought you my Uncharted: Drake's Fortune platinum blog.
I've always found the games get easier as they go with Drake's Fortune as the hardest and Drake's Deception as the easiest (though not much easier than 2 if I am being honest) so it was interesting seeing my stats as I played and noticing they were a lot different from Drake's Fortune. Some other interesting things to notice is I shot my gun almost 5000 more times in Uncharted 2 with only 3 more gun kills yet have a higher accuracy. Last week Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection was released for PS4 and includes 3 of my favourite games from the PS3 remastered.
I am pretty hesitant to write blogs these days with the status of MyIGN currently, but I thought I would show some support to Tom and give this one a whirl. Catherine is an amazingly fun puzzle game that is based on a story of infidelity and the guilt that causes. Zelda is another game filled with weird moments but the man living inside the toilet in the Inn is one of the strangest. This is a tough one but I would have to say people that think their opinion on games is the only valid one. If I had to choose one hobby in my life that is as important to me as videogames, it would be music.
It seems like everyone is getting in on the action these days and while I've done this theme before (probably more than once) I figure I might as well give it a shot. Jumping ahead a generation we come to my favourite Final Fantasy game from the PSOne era and possibly the FF with the greatest soundtrack (despite what Tom's feelings on it might be ). While we're on the topic of Final Fantasy I'll have to mention this track from the greatest game in the series, Final Fantasy VI (or 3 if you played it in North America in the 90s). This is one of the first games I played on the Genesis, and like Sonic Spinball one of the ones I put he most hours into. If you've ever played the modern Pixeljunk Shooter, this is exactly how this game plays though it is a much harder and deeper version of that game. Resident Evil 2 was actually the first game in the series I played which is probably why it has stuck with me as being my favorite in the series. Thanks to half a dozen of my favourite MyIGNers I have found myself immersed in my first MMO. That's it for my soundtrack blog, I hope you enjoyed it and came across at least one or two new songs that you enjoyed. So today on my way to work I checked the mail and noticed that I had a nice little package. Lucky for me that at least one of those books will soon join the read category as this hardcover beauty arrived for me today! Thank again to my mysterious Secret Santa who picked it up and of course to Jose for all the work he puts into this every year. As someone that has been using MyIGN since it's inception, I've seen a lot of people come and go and with those lost people a lot of great friendships have faded into the past. Our friendship has moved beyond Uncharted and now every new game that comes out we spend playing together and we span among many different platforms. Gaming isn't the only thing we have in common, but only the catalyst to some of the greatest friendships I have ever made.
Now I want to get into some of the events that I was really excited about this year and I can't have a year-end blog concerning events without talking about THE event. The absolute greatest moment of 2014 for me though was most definitely being part of the MyIGN Extra Lifers. While I may not have spent as much time playings games this year as previous years, that time was spent building friendships that I will cherish forever. A couple days ago I started what I hope will end up being a continuing blog series of Smash Bros countdowns. I don't know, maybe this is cheating since this is essentially three commercials, but I would still put any of those alone ahead of the last two.
With less than 2 hours (Atlantic time) until Smash Bros for 3DS is released, I thought it would be a good time to start a new series of blogs.

While I hold a lot of nostalgia for the original Smash Bros, it just doesn't have a very excited menu theme.
Let me be pretty clear that the divide between 3 and 4 is so much larger than that of 3 and 2, or even 3 and 1.
This theme is probably the most simple of the themes (excluding the original) but damn is it nice to listen to.
I generally don't have a lot of time these days to write blogs about games (as I barely have time to even play them these days) but since Arick chose to tag me and he is such a great guy, I will give this a go.
I guess I won't have to wait too long to have this one in my hands since it is only days away. There really isn't a date for this one yet, but it is mostly assumed that we will see it in 2015, probably in November. I have no idea if this game has any sort of release date yet, but the newest trailer makes it look like it is pretty close to completion. This is an easy choice for me, as a huge Star Wars nerd it is no surprise that the game I have been waiting for the most is Star Wars: Battlefront 3. I'm not going to bother naming any other games as there are so many games I am looking forward to and I could be here for hours listing them all. I have written about Final Fantasy IX numerous times on MyIGN, including the support blog that I made to try and save it last year. The generator built by following the plan provided will convert your household’s organic waste into biogas, which is then utilized to power your home.
Large companies have been using them for a long time in order to convert some of their organic waste into energy. Even if you have a little technical skill, you should be able to build it with little to no effort.
However, this could change based on where you live and the variable costs of acquiring the materials required.
In fact, many people follow the instructions with their children, and are able to finish it whilst taking their time, in half a day. Some people have even reported producing so much energy that they sell it back to the grid. Therefore, if you live in the city, it may be difficult to get enough organic waste to produce a lot of energy.
If you have a small garden, it may not be for you because you have to consider that you need space for recreational activities. However, please take note that in order to gain maximum benefit from the Liberty generator, you should build your biogas generator as large as possible. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Tom Pisarski and with appropriate and specific direction to the original content. The inventory bar at the bottom conveniently hides when not highlighted but can optionally be locked in the up position. You are only given eight objects to find at a time, and once you've found the objects of a particular column in the list, it will then show you the next few items. Puzzles are varied, ranging from hidden-object scenes to mini-games to gathering the correct items to fix a mechanism.
To counter this, though, the hint system works very well, showing you a miniature screenshot of the location to which you need to go, as well as where to use what object. The pages are updated every time you encounter something important, so to truly experience everything Nemo's Secret: Vulcania has to offer, you'll need to read it regularly. I just hope you can get over my size and realize that it's not the size but how you use it. For those that don't know, Extra Life is am event put on by gamers to raise money for children's hospitals all over the world.
In fact, aside from failed checkpoints (which is to be expected in a crushing run) my stats are fairly similar in both.
For example, my headshots were much higher initially on Drake's Fortune with the headshots trophy coming naturally during progression but I had to grind that trophy post-game to get the trophy in Uncharted 2. Being the Uncharted fan I am I could not pass them up and ruin my perfect record of Uncharted platinum trophies. Some other things to note are I got 51 of 61 treasures (including the Strange Relic) in my playthrough without the use of a guide before cleanup. Every time the player goes to sleep you get caught in this crazy, fucked up dream world filled with naked men, talking sheep and giant babies. It makes you wonder if Snake's codename in MGS3 (Naked Snake) was jokingly in reference to that. I was planning on letting it go quietly, but he just had to go and make a public announcement about it.
The person I had been friends with for over a year was living an entirely second gamer life.
In the winter it can be as frosty as the planet Hoth but the summer months it becomes the most beautiful place to live. I was a punk (coloured spiked hair and covered in piercings) growing up and basically lived my high school years off of Epitaph records. Anthony, Johnny, Jose (the Omatic kind, not the Otero), Ross, Blair, Emile, Jones, Sam, MJ, Dave, Crista and of course my bro Steve (aka HiddenEmerald).
For example, if you don't like a certain genre of game than just realize that it isn't for you.
My biggest regret is not owning a Dreamcast, which is another console I hope to pick up sometime in the future. I grew up on cartoons like He-Man, Transformers and TMNT but my life really changed when I first saw Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers for the first time. I love classic films such as Princess Mononoke, Akira, Ninja Scroll and Ghost in the Shell. I love to play soccer and used to be part of a rec league until my busy life got in the way. I can one thing that I don't think anyone here knows about me is that I used to be a bit of a political activist. I am on the left dressed in black with a purple face mask and bandana tired around my head.
My favorite videogame music is a dynamic list that never seems to be the same so if I wrote this tomorrow it would probably be different from today. When I bought my Genesis, along with coming with Sonic 2, it came with a mail-in offer for two free games and the two games I went with were this and Jurassic Park: Rampage Edition.
Luckily the SNES had it's fair share of great Power Rangers tie-in games and the first one based off the first season of the show is by far the best.
I got this game out of the bargain bin of K-Mart as a child and it ended up being one of the best games on the system. This track in particular is such a great song and it still pulls on my heart strings every time I hear it.
This game has some great tracks and this probably isn't even my favourite from the game but I have a lot of love for it and just felt like I needed to share it! It has a very horror sounded soundtrack despite being a mostly straight up action game (with the exception of Grant's final level). That is saying something considering it is like 20 years older running on much inferior hardware (Sega Genesis) but the game is excellent. I remember renting it as a kid and not quite finishing it so I immediately went out and bought it. The game's soundtrack, like any by Uematsu, is fantastic but it was the first time I entered a FATE that I really found myself digging the music and now I will never go back. Everything about CT is perfection and no game has yet to come close to taking it's number one spot for me. I use the term little a bit loosely, since 8lbs 14oz is the largest one yet of the 4 I now have in my collection. Since I had a long shift ahead of me I didn't want to open it up and spend all day thinking about getting whatever it was home to show you all so I put the package in my trunk and off to work I went. Luceno isn't Zahn or Stackpole when it comes to Star Wars novels, but he's no slouch so I'm sure I will be happy with this story. One day I could be pulling weeds with Jose in Animal Crossing, the next day I could be taking on the Vault of Glass in Destiny with Steve. It's hard to imagine that without and overweight version of a videogame villian I might not have ever met Steve (HiddenEmerald).
Crista, or cookiemonster426 is another member of this community that I had mostly brief exchanges with, generally as blog commments before getting to know her on Skype and in Uncharted 3. Tom's annual Videogame Tournament is a huge undertaking that he takes mostly alone and while I have always had fun with it, I decided to go a all out this year, which I'm sure caused more than a few headaches for Tom .
Anthony, who had been doing Extra Life solo since 2011 (I think) opened the doors for us in 2013 and created a MyIGN group for the charity event called the MyIGN Extra Lifers.
Horza was born, turned into a girl and then was given a friend, aptly named Aurora by my 4 year old daughter.
I'm sure everyone remembers the series of commercials put out by Nintendo featuring these guys and the same generic Japanese music.
I have a lot of time this week, so I expect to pound out a few more entries before the end of the week. I don't know how many of these I will do, or how often I will do them but it has been a long time since I've done a blog series and right now that time seems right. But lets be honest, while I am excited to get it for 3DS the real version of this game for me will be the home console version. Uncharted quickly became my favorite new IP last gen and I am sure that the PS4 version will match the scope of the PS3 predecessors. Considering it was announced that Nomura has left the project to focus on KH3, I would say it is pretty safe to say this game is nearly done and we will see it next year. The first and second game are some of the best multiplayer games I have ever played, easily up there with Smash Bros. Most recently I did my Community soundtrack blog where I spoke of my love of the music from the game.
When you put organic matter in a sealed environment, you are able to collect the gases it produces as it degrades.
If you own a big house, with higher than average energy requirements, you will have to build a bigger biogas generator.
Therefore, you will not incur additional cost by having to hire someone to build it for you.
Therefore, over the long term, the liberty generator guide will pay for itself many times over.
Those who live in the countryside will have little problems, as they can just approach a farmer for their organic waste. A biogas generator built using the blueprint by Liberty Generator is harmless to the environment and repays for itself over time.
With some unique puzzles and animated hidden-object scenes, Odian Games' sequel to Nemo's Secret: The Nautilus offers a refreshing hybrid game without the usual murderers and supernatural spooks. There is a large array of puzzles to solve, some are variations of what you may have encountered elsewhere, others are original to this game, and there is only one instance when a puzzle concept is used more than once, which is always a plus. The total number is displayed to the right of the list, and if you're playing in normal mode, clicking the name of an item will display the silhouette of that object to aid you. Vulcania is a good-sized island, but no map is necessary as the developers have done a great job of slowly giving you access to new areas, allowing you time to become familiar with where you are before moving on. She is the entire package and I knew when we did our Valentione's Day test and we matched so perfectly that it was meant to be. I am proud to say that this is my 4th your supporting Extra Life and my third year streaming for it.
Be aware that if you follow us on twitter, facebook, here or any other social media we will be plastering it with advertising for the event because we feel the kids deserve it.
This is a series that originally stemmed from a blog that had nothing to do with platinum trophies but merely the stats for my first time (blind run as it were) through Uncharted 3 when it first came out on PS3 back in 2011. Well I am at it again as I just finished getting the platinum in Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Remastered on the PS4. In the past I've enjoyed doing blogs that chronicle my platinum journey by sharing some of my stats with you.
Also, when I first got the platinum for Drake's Fortune on PS3 it took me 1 year and 2 months from my first trophy until platinum and in fact I platinumed Uncharted 2 only three days later. With that said, I am happy to get it out of the way as it is easily the hardest of the three games.
Sure, there have been a few games to bear the title and not delivered exactly what we expect from a Kojima game but that generally has to do with the fact that Kojima wasn't a part of the team. The one that STILL isn't over the fact that David Hayter isn't the one voicing Snake in the latest entry of the Metal Gear series.
It seemed like everything was going just fine and then Destiny came out and because Steve and I were the only DNUTs that moved to PS4 right away we were the only ones playing on PS4. One day some friends and I started coming up with what we'd call a punk band if we ever started one and in the vein of bands like Against Me or Rise Against I came up with the name Defy By Default.
We shared a lot of the same interests in music and gaming but then one day, like many users of MyIGN he simple disappeared with no explanation. While a lot of them I had known from MyIGN, I didn't really interact with them much until Anthony's stream acted as a catalyst. I would say that Steve is the yin to my yang, but more realistically he is the yin to my yin. You see, during last year's Videogame tournament I made it a point to get out Xenoblade Chronicles.
While he hasn't been around much lately due to his busy school life, I hope his recent graduation while allow him more time to come visit me on my island and treat himself to some of the best sand in the world. I have done several blogs detailing my love of everything Star Wars including the games, books, movies, TV and anything else. When the show was briefly banned in Canada and disappeared from YTV (Shoutout to PJ Fresh Phil and the The Zone) I was destroyed. I do miss it and it has made a lot of memories for me but life goes on and I find new ways to make memories. It is legitimately a good game with tight gameplay, great animations and even better music. Mario games always have solid soundtracks but I listening to this song I can still picture every jump and every enemy as I run across the various levels of SMB3.

It's a game I can go back to when I don't feel like playing anything else and I do quite often.
Be sure to check it out, follow MyIGN-Plays for updates and share the news and donate if you can. Steve is someone whom I had seen around MyIGN but hadn't interacted with a whole lot until we started playing Uncharted 3 online together. It was through Crista that I discovered how awesome Fire Emblem is outside of a handful of Smash Bros characters and some music that I enjoyed hearing occasionally on the Hyrule Temple stage in Melee.
Last year I made the commitment to do 24 hours and had so much fun going Out of Town that I just had to be part of the festivities again so when Anth said he was looking for interest in a group affair again this year it was no question that I would join.
I was worried when I started that the lists might end up being in more or less the same order, but this entry will definitely quell that fear. As always, leave a comment and tell me your thoughts on this top 4 or leave ideas for future topics. The premise here is that I will take the 4 (5 kinda?) Smash Bros titles and rank different elements from each one. I guess you aren't meant to sit in the menu, but the next three games on this list make me want to do just that. The chanting and the bombastic music really gets the blood pumping and puts me in the mood to Smash some people off ledges.
It already feels like a classic Nintendo theme and the game hasn't released yet (oh my god, it is so close). Melee is my favorite of the series and that is mostly due to the time of my life it came out. I already have part two lined up, so if I find time tomorrow I will try to get that one out. Super Smash Bros has always been the game I anticipate most for any Nintendo console and this is no different. It will also make a lot of the DNUTs that have not yet made the jump (so basically anyone that isn't Steve and I) to PS4 finally join this gen. I have wanted a sequel to Battlefront 2 for a very long time and the leaked footage of the since abandoned sequel did not make it any easier. Dardell, an antagonist from the classic era when bad guys instinctively twisted their mustaches, is intent on using the technology they've developed for his own purposes. Unlike most hidden-object games where you acquire one of the objects you have just found, in Vulcania, once you've completed the list, you are then tasked to find an additional item that requires you to interact with the scene.
Once again a team that consists of people that came together here on MyIGN are getting together to stream for charity. If you want to donate prizes to any of our streams you can drop me a message here or privately on Skype (geofftrainor).
Part two of the Uncharted 3 stats should be up sometime in the next few days (I'm thinking Tuesday) but until then you can check out my previous entries in the "Road to Platinum".
Not only has this platinum brought me closer to having all the Uncharted plats (I'm 6 for 7 right now) but it is sort of a milestone, being my 60th platinum trophy overall.
Also, I on PS3 Uncharted 2's platinum took me 1 month and 3 days whereas on PS4 I got it in 4 days and 10 hours.
The first stat blog I did was for Uncharted 3, though not for the platinum it was my initial run of Uncharted 3 (played on hard mode). It has everything that is important to me, strong gameplay, compelling characters, an amazing soundtrack and a great story.
I ended up liking it so much that I started using it as my online persona on every platform. But jumping forward a bit, one day I posted a blog about Conan and being excited about his new show on TBS. Then Anth suggested I join a skype group and I met even more people and thus the DNUTs were born. We agree on pretty much everything and he's the guy I can talk to when I need to get something off my chest or just need to laugh at somebody's expense when they've done something truly idiotic.
Ender's Game was always a favourite of mine but while it is still an excellent book, I find it hard to support Orson Scott Card anymore after coming out as a bigot. I have CD collection that numbers around 1500 or so albums and while I've switched to mostly digital it is something I am pretty proud of. I was protesting the FTAA (Free Trade Area of the Americas) and while I don't plan on getting too political here I will say that it was a defining moment in my life. You can start out playing as either Alan Grant or as a Raptor and while both play through the same levels they are in a different order and play very differently. Playing through the second scenario thinking I knew exactly what would happen only have the shit scared out of my again was one of the best feelings. I will often just sit in the main menu and listen to the theme before starting up because I love it so much. Between my DS copy and the PSOne classic I have installed on both my PS3 and Vita I have no shortage of options to play this game. Nolan Oliver Trainor came into the world violently by being cut out of the comfortable womb that he had made his home. And just because I love making terrible videos, please enjoy these three "trailers" I made for the event. Opening it up I found that there was no name attached as sender so my Secret Santa remains a mystery but what they got me is great! Even though he said he wants these blogs to be about other people, I couldn't forget to mention the event that created my new arch-nemesis on MyIGN fliadaloisio (thanks to my take down of the giant that is Xenoblade). The amazing thing about gamers is that there is no end to our generosity and that really showed this year when I more than doubled my previous year's donations and as a team we raised more than 2000 dollars, which is absolutely incredible. Since the original blog, I have gotten my hands on Smash Bros for 3DS and damn is it a good time. And you know what, I could totally see me and some friends settling an argument with a match of Smash. It features the song 'So Happy Together' by the Turtles and it all comes together to create an amusing commercial that you will never forget.
The topics will be varied (assuming I ever make it past the first one) and I hope to have some discussion over them. I was out of highschool and had gotten an apartment with my best friend and fellow Smash Bros enthusiast. When it was revealed DICE would be working on the sequel I was equally excited and terrified. It holds a very special place in my heart, partly because it was the first 3D Final Fantasy game I had played so that nostalgia effect that everyone seems to feel for the seventh game in the series I actually hold for IX. The creators of the Liberty generator are hoping to bring biogas generators to the mainstream.
It's up to you, Alice, to travel to Vulcania Island in the Atlantic Ocean to save Nemo, but you're not going at it alone as his flying robot friend is there to assist.
It's worth noting that the plats for Uncharted 1 and 2 on both PS3 and PS4 were only days apart with Uncharted 2 being the plat that followed directly after both times. I've since done a couple more stat blogs based around platinum stats but this is the first time I can bring it back to the world of Uncharted. For previous stat blogs, check the links below and feel free to share some of your own stats with me in the comments.
If you want to use the excuse that he is an older weather Big Boss, there are two reasons that doesn't make sense to me. Not to mention that is has some of the best replayability I've seen with several endings and ways to play. I shouldn't be surprised when a guy that pretends to be a shark ends up acting like a shark. A side note is that we also came up with emo band names and the one I came up with was "She Was Sober, I Was Drunk" based on a story of running into my ex super drunk one night and basically making an ass of myself. That blog prompted a reply from resident Conan superfan, Anthony Retondo, also known as gameguy523 or cocobrien. My favourites would include JRPGs, Shooters (first and third), Survival Horror and Fighting but there is no limit to the kind of game I can get into. That is because I love both those consoles equally and as of now it is too hard to choose one over the other. I have to say being tear gassed is one of the most unique experiences I've ever had and if you've never experienced it I will say it is VERY sureal. Uncharted 4 cannot come soon enough (though I hope ND takes all the time they need to make it perfect). Those who know me well might have figured out that Nolan is in honor of Nolan North, my favorite voice actor in the business.
I am a huge Star Wars fan and have read an enormous amount of the EU books so when making up my list I threw on a couple that I hadn't read yet. I was a Final Fantasy Tactics snob that refused to recognize any other game in the genre but she woke me up to new things and I am happy for it.
Anthony and Ross got to experience some of the most beautiful skies (with not a cloud in sight). Finally, Nintendo is getting back to making some quality entertainment in their publicity, which we started seeing with the Directs this year. There is a cost to building a biogas generator, however, over the long term, you will save money on your energy bills. For other blogs in this series, including the one for Uncharted: Drake's Fortune check the links below and let me know in the comments what your thoughts are on Uncharted 2.
With that said, Konami removing his name from his games means that his name not being on the cover doesn't mean a great experience. You could play in several times and have a different experience every time which is an impressive feat for a 20 year old game. One of those other guys sold his copy of Destiny and they all moved on to Battlefield, a game which I did not own. That got me following him and then one day I saw a status that he was streaming Wind Waker on twitch for some Zelda marathon he was doing.
Sure, we could be good when we wanted to be (if we got the high ground in London Underground) but for the most part we just played for laughs. Of course there are many other people that I consider friends, like one of our newest DNUTs Jarred, aka supersupersupersuper or never going to be a DNUT, Jason (GoldUltima). I haven't even played it yet and I'm sure I would love it as it's basically my favourite genre of game (if I had to choose one) and certainly has some beautiful music. Some of my favourite games include Metal Gear Solid, Resident Evil, Final Fantasy, Super Mario, Metroid, Super Smash Bro, Zelda and of course Uncharted. DBZ bored me and I thought I was too cool for Pokemon even though I loved Pokemon Yellow as a kid. Books are a huge part of my life and when I buy my next house (as I will need an upgrade soon with all these kids) I will put a lot of thought into building a library in it. I was in so much pain and that I almost poured Coke in my eyes to wash out the tear gas and was only stopped because a medic was nearby and came to me rescue. In fact, this is my second child that is technically named after him since my first son is named Nate (after Nathan Drake). It's rare to find someone, like myself, who likes to enjoy videogames and doesn't try to see the negative in everything. Now I can't wait for a Wii U Fire Emblem game to hit the shelves (Fire Emblem X Shin-Megami Tensei? Finally, I learned that no amount of money is too high to see an overweight Canadian attempt to do the Carlton live on stream. With each release Nintendo finds some way to advertise their titles and they have a knack for creating interesting commercials to accompany them. But seriously, my main problem here is the commercial itself is just not original to Brawl. You know, they didn't even have to show gameplay in this and people would have bought it based on that live action sequence alone, but they did.
I have the fondest memories of Melee because of the time and people I spent with it and that probably helps in my decision in making this theme number one. In theory you could gain energy independence by using the liberty generator, but we will explore that in a bit more detail later in this review. Once you have built it all you need is to add organic waste and it will then produce electricity naturally. The last time I did one of these profile blogs I had half the little people in my house that I currently do. I know I am missing people but because of a lot of you I don't get any sleep anymore so I am pretty tired right now.
But it was against Shadow of the Colossus and that game gave me one of the greatest twitch highlights ever. Something about 4 or 5 guys getting together in the woods and getting hammered (a requirement of proper camping) and then going on a hungover nature walk is just pure bliss to me. But lack of sleep is worth it when I get to spend my hours talking to you on Skype and playing games together. Because of that he is someone I find myself talking to when I need an outlet and I feel like I can be the same for him. Other DNUTS, such as Anthony Retardo, the Mexican (Jose), the sandy one (Ross), the pantsless one (Sam), the photoshop queen (Jones) and the ugly one (John), along with several others make up a core group of people whom I happy to call my friends.
In the end, my army took down a Colossus of a game (see what I did there) and my mortal enemy was born.
Everyone needs that person, but not everyone finds it so I count myself lucky to have found that in Steve. And because I am a geek they are all named after geek culture (which I've gone into detail about before).
Flia followed me around the rest of the tourny trying his hardest to vote opposite everything I did. It caused him a moral dilemma when I voted for Ocarina of Time and he demanded an explanation for my vote and in the end he could not bring himself to vote against one of his favorite games.

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