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If you are not doing the Ragin Games this weekend, you can log your score and come watch this weekend and see how you would have measured up in the competition!! The Double Under jump rope exercise is extremely beneficial in building overall muscle strength and conditioning in your legs, core, and upper body. The jump rope handles should go past your waist about 3 - 6 inches when you stand on the rope with both feet about shoulder width apart. Once you have adequate control of the rope, where you can actively control the speed of the rope without stopping, then you are ready to attempt your first double under. Once you can execute one double under successfully it is time to start stringing 5 - 10 - 15 jumps together in a row. Try raising your knees higher when you jump until you get better control of the rope speed. Duane Waits is a 12 Year Military Veteran, CrossFit Level 1 Instructor and owner of CrossFit Revealed in Austin, Texas.

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You will be able to compensate for the length by moving your arms closer or further away from your body when you start jumping. Develop a fast-moving rope with single unders, and with practice you will develop the ability to speed the rope up and slow it down. Take 3 - 5 single jumps first then with a quick strong wiping motion of your wrist, speed the rope up and jump about 2 - 3 inches higher to have enough clearance as the rope goes under your feet 2 times.
We are not perfect beings so you must pay close attention and continually making small (micro) adjustments to keep your rhythm steady.
He has throughly enjoyed his CrossFit journey and has touched many lives with his coaching and instruction.
CrossFit Athletes now have a real solution on how to overcome the difficulties and frustrations that Double Unders can present. Icing the area after the WOD will be helpful as well.Jumping Rope to include Double Unders is a calf intensive exercise, but the only way to strengthen the area is to continue doing the movement. You can also tie a few knots in the rope or wrap the rope around your hands if it is not a rope you own.
Just like learning to ride a bike or drive a car you must develop a feel for the double under jump rope skill.

Naturally, regardless of your level of coordination you should feel your timing becoming better and better to where it becomes muscle memory.
If you find yourself expending a large amount of energy to successfully execute one double under, then some more fine tuning needs to take place.
Experiment with a few different jumping patterns and as you continue to practice, as you get better start taking away the single jumps until you are only doing the double unders. Once your skill level improves experiment with different speeds by slowing the rope down and speeding the rope up. When you can make 20 in a row look easy you have made it to the top of the double under mountain. 4.9 OUT OF 5 STAR RATING - Discover what CrossFit Athletes, Mixed Martial Arts fighters (MMA), Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) fighters and Boxers left and right are raving about, crushing their Personal records (PRs) at their local Boxes and Gyms.
This jump rope kit also includes a jump rope bag and a durable premium professional quality TPU coated 10 ft replacement cable and extra screws in addition to all the instructions you'll need to Improve your fitness. Whether you're a beginner, an adult, man or a woman, or a determined jackie warner or buddy lee wannabe, our rope will get you closer to being a pro in no time. Therefore, we went out and created a 14 video series on mastering jumping rope, double unders and becoming a pro at it.

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