After many attempts and lots of internet searches I have finally nailed it down and the recipe works no matter what ingredients you have on hand. Now Maggi Seasoning, you’ve probably seen it in the store with a yellow and red label and probably wondered what its for. The Secret to Fried Rice   Save Print Several secrets to fried rice are revealed in this recipe. My mom is probably a lot like your mom, she sacrifices the crap out of everything to make sure that we all have what we need and taking the time to teach us everything she knows so that one day we could walk on our own as kind, contributing citizens. In a large saute pan, over medium heat add the rice and oil, cooking until hot and the rice is beginning to pop.
Make sure you make your rice at least one day ahead, cool, place in a bag or tupperware in the fridge to store. Hi Val, I’ve never frozen eggs, but the rest certainly could be and then throw in fresh egg when you reheat.

While fried rice is technically (I think) Chinese, my Japanese mother-in-law taught me the other secret ingredient to perfect fried rice. Most of all she just loves us dearly and what more could we want, well other than her cheesy ham and potato bacon bake or busy day casserole?
Yes, always best to use at least day old cooked rice, but here’s some really good news. There’s only two things Mom ever wanted other than the gift of us kids not fighting for one whole day (or nothing at all, as she often said for holidays), and that was hot french fries or a meal at The Great Wall, her favorite restaurant. In a small bowl, lightly whisk together the eggs and add to the pan, lifting and tilting the egg and pan until all of the liquid is touching the pan and cooking and none is sitting on top of the egg. Second, you have to really fry the rice, patience is the key here because often you will want to just throw everything in the wok and be done quickly. Only a couple shakes of Maggi Seasoning is not a lot of MSG in your fried rice considering you will be making about 8-10 cups once we’re all done.

But back to the rice, the secret to perfect fried rice is actually to use 1 to 2 day old rice.
Trust me, it’s the best way to ensure that your rice absorbs all of that flavor and fries up nicely in the pan. So, start with the rice a day or two ahead (which is why I love that I can use it in one meal, make extra and have my next meal started already) then just cook up some carrots and peas and toss in the chopped ham.

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