The Secret Life of Walter Mitty Stars Ben Stiller, Kristen Wiig, Adam Scott, Shirley MacLaine, Kathryn Hahn, Patton Oswalt, and Sean Penn, and is also directed by the star himself, Ben Stiller. I really enjoyed The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, and I know it has been getting a lot of mixed reviews from critics out there. All and all, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty was enjoyable to watch, and it is actually a nice family film. January 22, 2013 in art, batman, comic books, i like, irl, living your life, normalcy, not bad, omg i do all those things too!, picking your nose, real life, robin, spider man, style, superheroes, superheroes have to wipe too, superman, sure why not, they're just like the rest of us! This is a series of comic book-y illustrations by Greg Guillemin called The Secret Life Of Superheroes.
Hit the jump for a bunch more, but be sure to check out Greg's Society6 shop for buyable prints a couple NSFW ones featuring Catwoman and Mary Jane with BARE BOOBIES. Thanks to lilco, who agrees there should have been way more superheroes waiting in traffic yelling at all the other drivers that you hate them all and wish they'd never been born.
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We follow the somewhat boring life of Walter Mitty, who does have a boring life working for LIFE Magazine processing negatives for photographers, but Walter has a pretty crazy life…in his mind. I think, for some, they were hoping for more of an Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind kind of style to it, which this movie is nothing like.
He plays the cliche D-bag character that is the pretty much the enemy of Walter Mitty, and it just wasn’t needed at all in this movie.
The comedy doesn’t always work, but when it does, you will laugh, but the real beauty of the film is the cinematography.
He then receives a role of negatives from a famous photographer, played by Penn, and one of the negatives is missing. The movie is visually stunning though, and I commend Stiller on how he used the camera for these locations Walter goes to on his adventure.
His entire character was just idiotic, all the way to his beard that was either dyed way too dark, or was fake. The one negative just happens to be the one Penn wants on the last cover of the magazine, so Walter sets out to find him to see what happened with that missing negative.

I also like Stiller as an actor, and really enjoy him playing the dull Mitty with a crazy imagination.
Walter’s sister, played by Kathryn Hahn, was also a character that really wasn’t needed in the story.
Kristen Wiig was also a great in the flick, and it was actually nice seeing her play a “normal” character, since she usually goes for more of those crazy comedy roles. Not that those roles are bad at all, it was just nice to see her play a different kind of role.
Patton Oswald’s character that was thrown in there for some comedy relief, and sometimes it worked, but I felt his character was surely overused.

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