If you think this is just another biology book or some sort of mystery who done it,you are very wrong. Top 10 Most Mysterious Secret Societies in the World including organizations, groups, and more such as the illuminati, knight’s templar, and freemasons. Unleashing one incredible trailer after another, EA and Funcom's The Secret World is an MMO (massive multiplayer online) set for Windows-based PCs and (possibly) Xbox 360. While it isn't clear if the game will be launching on Facebook, beta registrations for a "Phase One" Facebook social game called "Secret War" have opened up online. Trailers for each group were released, represented by the following characters, "The Firestarter" (her milkshake brings all the demons to the yard), "The Puritan" (holy shotgun, Batman!), and "Alex McCall" (who doesn't care if he's a John Constantine knockoff, because at least he's not being played by Keanu Reeves). You'll also have the option to register for the beta without Facebook, but Facebook is the one that promises to deliver "the full experience".

Ever think about the millions of bacteria that thrive on your skin, even after a shower or bath? It is actually about all the microscopic beasties living on us and all the microscopic environmental things our bodies deal with every day.
Standing outside your typical MMO, the game seeks to do away with levels and classes, focusing instead on skills and abilities. Prospective applicants just need to sign up on the official website after taking a personality test to decide which of the three factions you'll play -- the Dragons, Templars, or Illuminati.
There's an overarching storyline and side quests among three ancient, rival organizations banding together to save the world from evil. To keep track of this game and interact with other excited fans, follow its official fan page here.

Full of amazing, full-color photographs that magnify our everyday companions -- from the Vitamin C we consume in the morning to the creatures who share our pillows at night -- and Bodanis's witty and stylish reporting, this is an "inside story" that will appeal to every member of the family. It also makes you want to put on a bubble suit to protect yourself from the many things bombarding you every second.

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