The Secret Word Is ‘TMI’In what may well be the final outing of the recurring Secret Word sketch, which has long served as a showpiece for the departing Kristen Wiig, Jagger played an actor named Chaz Bragman. Fred Armisen’s Got Moves Like JaggerIn what will surely go down as one of the best sketches of the season, Jagger played an unassuming businessman at a karaoke bar where his fellow patrons insisted on singing Rolling Stones songs and cooing over how much better the botched performances were than Jagger’s own. Jagger Gets the Political BluesThough his duets with Arcade Fire and the Foo Fighters were memorable in their own rights, it was Jagger’s bluesy song inspired by the upcoming election that stole the musical show.
Adios, Kristen WiigSNL and Jagger sent Wiig off in style for her last show with a touching mashup of the Stones’ “She’s a Rainbow” and “Ruby Tuesday,” featuring cameos by Amy Poehler, Steve Martin, and Jon Hamm.
Newsweek Gets the ‘Weekend Update’ TreatmentJagger didn’t make an appearance in Weekend Update, but a certain Newsweek cover did.
I liked when someone picked up Wiig awkwardly and she scrambled to cover her bits before turning around with tears on her face.
With Samberg probably leaving, I’m still pissed they never let Jorma Taccone be a cast member.

I also am mad they cut Jay Pharoah’s Weekend Update bit online- but I love the fact that Steven A. Meta-sketches don’t always work on SNL, but Fred Armisen’s over-the-top “Start Me Up” swagger, a “Moves Like Jagger” joke, and Mick giving the saddest rendition of “(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction” all worked to make this an instant classic.
They were the final two to say goodbye to Wiig, and Sudeikis was visibly distraught, but they didn’t get the same kind of send-off.
The sketch wasn’t as good as it could have been (it should have stayed on the contestants longer — we demand more Spliff Sanders!), but the premise was brilliant. 2 wasn’t nearly as funny as the original, but I did appreciate them going back and wrapping it up. It’s like Cheri Oteri rubbed a lamp and her wish was for the genie to turn her from a 6 to a 9. Phil Hartman’s last scene with Chris Farley sticks in my mind as one of the best send-offs.

Was it Wiig leaving or was it some combination of her leaving combined with the jealousy of her showy send off? Of course the real problem this decade has been the writing on SNL, as evidenced by the fact Will Forte is absolutely hilarious in anything he does that isn’t SNL. Shannon Donnelly on the craziest moments from his appearance.Mick’s Monologue Is Pure GoldThough he risked being upstaged by his blinding gold jacket, it’s a testament to Mick Jagger’s charisma that he gave a compelling monologue without any of the showboating or outrageous cameos that have become a crutch for the show’s openings the past several seasons.

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