Irreverent musings, armchair geography, piscatorial haiku and ground breaking ethnographic insight on the subject of San Francisco's marine fisheries, written by fish inspector, tuba player, baseball historian, n'er do well, stogie chomper, puppet master, crab killer, tenor and reigning monkeyface eel record holder, Kirk Lombard.
Ready for the broilerLeaping Into My ArmsEvidently, word of my fishing prowess has finally reached the striped bass population of California. I should add that in our lowly MFN opinion Little Walter was not merely the greatest harp player ever, but one of the most important musicians of the 20th century.
Had just been thinking how Gus' Discount rubber worms don't really wiggle enough, when, BAM! If you consider that he was really the first person, (or at least one of the first) to actively and purposefully distort his instrument then you begin to comprehend the enormity of his influence. I mean, sexual dimorphism aside, what is it about the presence of women that immediately nullifies a potential threat?
The second one was evidently taken just before his tragic and premature death at the age of 33.

Having succumbed to multiple head injuries sustained in a beating outside a south-side Chicago night club.
But after a few moments of deep internal debate,I decided there was no saving a fish of such profound suicidal inclination. If I could smoke a cigar in this apartment without inciting a mass Danish rebellion (upstairs and down) I would do it.
It was created in 1905, when an agricultural-engineering accident caused most of the Colorado River to flow into the Salton Basin for more than a year.
Over the years, naturally occurring minerals in the soil converted this body of water into a salt water lake with depths of more than 50 feet. During the first and second World Wars, a thriving commercial mullet fishery existed in the Salton Sea, due in part to the fear of Nazi U-boats prowling the coast. A man who caught more fish, sang more songs, hit more notes, shot more quail, dug more clams, appeared in more Broadway shows, and knew Groucho Marks better than any person reading this blog.

In the 1950s, several species of salt water game fish were introduced, including halibut, grunion, gulf croaker, sargo, several strains of corvina and even roosterfish.
Hoping there will be plenty of other Lanas to test my mettle against in the coming months.Yikes!
Orangemouth corvina, along with croaker and sargo, have thrived in this rugged environment. For a time it even enjoyed a reputation as a hot spot for movie stars and other celebrities.
A task which entailed no small bit of labor as it had been sitting in an abandoned lot for three years.

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