After almost a year of waiting Tokyo is finally here in all its bright neon, filth-infested glory.
Apart from the old, a slew of new NPCs also make an impression, the most visually striking being Inbeda, an Oni decked out in bling with a rather… extensive collection of anatomically correct mannequins. And if they’re not colorful in appearance, they can certainly be colorful in expression. Without spoiling too much, plenty of Japanese horror movie tropes also make an appearance throughout the Tokyo quest chain, including creepy kids, furniture moving by themselves and mysterious phone calls. One minor complaint though, is that while Tokyo is not lacking in quality, it feels a little lacking in quantity. That said, at the price of US$12, it should be judged against previous story Issues rather than a traditional MMO expansion, and in that regard, it packs more content, including sidequests and cutscenes, than any other Issue to date. In a nutshell, enemies in Tokyo can have multiple lifebars – their normal health bar and their AEGIS, a colored bar, or bars, that can be either orange, purple or blue.

As the first of three Issues comprising the Tokyo expansion, The Black Signal does not disappoint.
If there was anything to fault, it would be that the story ended a little too quickly, with a cliffhanger and a very ominous wall blocking the way to the next installment.
You have to -literally- climb through the sewers of Venice – complete with laser walls, machine gun turrets and a crack squad of commandos to get there. Apart from Oni living the high life, there’s also a delusional tank driver, a band of anachronistic demon hunters, a fast-talking Yakuza boss and a certain NeuromancerQueen99.
For one, there’s cute mascots for everything, especially eerie childcare institutions of dubious legality. The production values are great and all, but the map itself feels a little sparse, and the quests feel like they ended all too quickly. It’s based on rote learning of which enemy uses what colored bar, after which things play out like they would have without AEGIS.

To damage colored bars, each weapon can be linked to a Weapon AEGIS of the right color. And to make things interesting, enemies can put their AEGIS back up. It only gets somewhat complicated when enemies have two AEGIS shields, and they regenerate them.
Perhaps future issues will add mixed spawn types so that players will have to decide between taking care of one color or the other first. However, the AEGIS system feels lacking at present, which future issues will hopefully be able to address.

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