Allan Hough is one of the organizers and reminisces about how he got playing pong, “Both my grandpas had tables in their garages when I was little, and I looked forward to playing every visit, even though they always handily trounced me.
Ping pong ball, and check out Ping pong ball on Wikipedia, Youtube, Google News, Google Books, and Twitter on Digplanet. It seems like the best ping-pong players in the world have a sixth-sense for knowing exactly where the ball is going to be, often without even looking. Obviously, a giant gun that rapidly shoots ping pong balls is totally awesome enough on its own to warrant your attention, but just wait until you hear why it was built in the first place.
TORONTO a€” Pitched on a blue stand in the middle of a grey room deep inside the CBC building in downtown Toronto is the lottery machine that will soon determine the top of the 2016 NHL draft.
This afternoon we headed over to SPiN New York for a very special event featuring ping pong (duh) and Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Models Jarah Mariano and Genevieve Morton.
Jarah and Genevieve were in the building to help announce the BNP Paribas Showdown at Madison Square Garden where they’ll be bringing the match ball to center court. Check out the pictures and some videos below via Vine on our twitter (ps you have to love the Marty portrait in the background). Become A MemberWhen you become a member of Table Tennis Nation, you become part of the newest breed of table tennis enthusiasts – a modern fusion of competition and community that is taking over the country one Brawl at a time. You will love our hand-picked collection of the best things on the internet, updated daily with three awesome new products. Organize your books with an eye-catching, minimalist look by storing them on this floating bookshelf. Google has taken on board ex-Motorola President Rick Osterloh to head its new hardware division. Twitter is now positioning its app on the App Store as a 'News' app rather than a 'Social Networking' one.

The new IMAX movie 'A Beautiful Planet' was created to show people on Earth what it is like to live in space. Obesity, Type 2 Diabetes, and Psoriasis are shown to correlate with each other in a new study out of Denmark.
A new report stated that the rise of artificial intelligence systems and deadly viruses could cause human extinction. SpaceX launches a 360-degree video of the historic Falcon 9 sea landing, giving every viewer out there a chance to witness the huge event up close.
The European Space Agency formally announced its plans to create a permanent base on the Moon.
Individuals with ADHD, anxiety, and depression were more likely to show signs of technology addiction.
You may have seen our recent post about Dr Pong which is a cool German ping pong bar that embraces Berlin style – where players form lines on both sides of the table, hit a shot, then run around the table to play one from the other side. Whoever is in the traditional server spot serves the first ball to the person directly across from them, and then moves out of the way, to the right. The person to the server’s left takes their place and the rest of the circle moves accordingly, counterclockwise.
Meanwhile, the person who was served to returns the ball and then moves out of the way, to the right.
If someone messes up (hitting the ball into the net, off the table, or any traditionally illegal manner) they are out, and must leave the table. When the game is over, the finalists tap the paddles on the table signaling a new round of play is about to begin. Each episode, the bumbling Sterling Archer has embarrassing run-ins with his mother (Malory) and his series of flings, all whilst supposedly saving the world.

The wimpy plastic ball starts melting and then completely vanishes in seconds, leaving behind no evidence that it ever existed in the first place.
26-year-old Roberto is originally from Mexico but the performer and juggler currently lives in Great Yarmouth.
Osterloh brings plenty of marketing and product designing experience to the table, which will benefit Google in the long term.
Natural disasters, nuclear weapons, and climate change were also listed as long-term threats to humanity.
The so-called Moon Village could be the successor of the International Space Station by 2030s, and help mankind in its journey to Mars.
While you can blame it on many factors like food and habit, your DNA may have something do to with it too. Additionally, the addiction was found to be more prevalent in young, single men compared to others, reveals a new study. American Tripps brings this style to San Francisco. The Secret Alley is the scene of the crime for most of their events located in the Mission District of San Fran.
After college I got a job at a start-up where I mostly just played ping-pong in the break room.

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