Based on my combat log parsing, typical game design, and beta forums this is how I assume it works now. More info from same log, I removed crits and made average Block, Glance, Normal, and Penetrate over 15000 attacks from the same mob (Fresh Zombies). One part that is missing here is that Block ALSO removes chance of Penetration, and Glance ALSO removes the chance of Critical. Please help out in pointing out any inconsistencies in my math, or if you have more information (parsing, experience etc). Breaking from World Of Warcraft's template, it's an experience that puts the focus on storytelling, on detective work, on brainpower and fourth-wall breaking alternate reality, a classless and peerless adventure that takes you from New York to Egypt and dark dimensions beyond. However, there's also no denying that The Secret World had a few flaws; a handful of gripes holding veterans back from returning and newcomers from finding their feet.
Bugbears that have now been either fixed, removed or mitigated by one of the most important updates that The Secret World has ever received: the Enhanced Player Experience. It's difficult to overstate just how impressive the Enhanced Player Experience is, and how it fundamentally improves the game on a number of levels. First off, enemies have now been rebalanced to make kill time quicker and combat less arduous.
New players, meanwhile, were slapped around the face by a fairly sizeable difficulty spike in the third zone. I'm so glad I picked up ESO (Explorer pack edition) for ?7.50 a few months back and left it on the shelf! Technically it's only ?11.48 for the first four "Issues", the remaining SEVEN have to be purchased separately.
Edit: Ok I just noticed that this was already answered but I'll just leave the comment anyway. If you (or anyone else) have more questions you can simply go to the bank or post office in London, talk to the cashier, swap to the "mail" tab and send me (RkRock) a mail with your question. Written by gamers, for gamers, we'll also be delivering the juiciest news from the industry, cutting commentary, insightful articles and open, honest reviews.

To craft a consumable, you will need a Consumable Toolkit and then the appropriate materials for what you want to make. Forexample: Inevitability’s 15% chance to give Minor Evade Chance +10% Evade Chance for 8 sec.
Last April I wrote a call to arms entitled The Secret World Is The Secret MMORPG Revolution, explaining how it's the most unique and forward-thinking example of the genre we've seen in years.
A game that slows down to let you engage with its lore, to find the macabre and the terrible behind modern life, where every myth, legend and Lovecraft short story has a basis in fact and is probably hiding down the next dark alley.
This might seem like an odd step for a traditional MMORPG to take, but The Secret World is not a traditional MMORPG. Again, I actually like the way The Secret World makes you think around problems using its incredible Ability Wheel to theorycraft and develop completely new builds, but even so, I hit this wall myself and remember it well. It's for lapsed players, those who completed the campaign and always meant to return once the Tokyo content released, but then found themselves facing a nasty barrier to entry: dozens of hours of grinding in virtual reality 'scenarios' before being allowed into the new expansion! All told, if you want to properly play TSW right now you need to fork out nearly a hundred quid. According to their latest marketing email, you can get the base game plus Issues 5-8 for just ?16.99! Whenever I would get stuck or have a question, I rarely got an answer of any kind, much less a serious one. Doing the missions and issues will keep you pretty well geared without touching endgame content. Only Issues 1 through 4 are contained in the base game, with the rest being available for small fees. Crafting is done in a "minecraft way" where you place items in the shape of the thing you want to craft, you can find all recipes using google. Its major draw is lengthy exploration missions that challenge you to out-think some magnificent puzzles, many of which actually require you to delve into the real world or actual websites to solve.
Now progression is much smoother and snappier, with the added effect that the slightly static combat is now delivered in smaller tense chunks.

You'll find better gear as you progress, with main missions tuned to dispense items that passively buff health and damage in order to increase your survivability, before revealing the opportunity to dabble in more specialised items. New players will discover an experience with the right level of friction, not in terms of lengthy combat encounters, difficulty spikes or backtracking, but in terms of satisfying puzzle solving and theorycrafting.
But whether they heeded my advice or not, it's an absolutely massive move that should finally open the floodgates.
Because while The Elder Scrolls Online and Wildstar tried to innovate and failed, The Secret World promised a genuine MMORPG revolution and actually delivered.
They can try and cover up that loss with as many shiny new toys as they like, but the game was hit hard enough losing Ragnar.
The Gear Manager lets you choose if you want to save the entire build (abilities and talismans etc) or only parts of it.
For many, getting drawn into combat against tough and durable foes during these epic quests was an annoyance rather than an exciting encounter, and though I don't personally take that view I can still still admit that I tended to try and 'game' the mechanics and evade foes rather than fighting them. The maps have been completely overhauled, marking practically every useful point of interest and making navigation much more intuitive, while it's now possible to -- oh joy of joys! I also have no idea how to craft decks so that I can quickly switch builds(assault rifles and blades and I've upgraded Blood Magic up to the first tier but never gotten to use it as I have issues switching builds in under about 25 minutes,) but my actual question is, how do I find out how many DLCs have been released? There is currently a deal to get Issues 9-12 for a little over half off through Funcom directly. So for example if you upgrade your talismans a lot you might want to only save your abilities to make sure it doesn't load (or tries to load) old talismans. I see ads for Issue#9-12, does that mean there are 9 other stories that are available or are 1-8 contained in the initial game? Again, I'm a huge fan of how The Secret World slows down and makes you experience its universe first-hand, but this can only be a good thing especially for veterans like myself (who tend to memorise the exact places to jump off the starting platform and eventually end up somewhere near where we want to be hundreds of metres below).

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