I can't find the SP+MP you mentioned, all I could see is a mmo 15 bucks a month subscription.
Good interview on RPS with Ragnar about female characters, don't read the faith part because of spoilers. Maybe it's apart of the newest newest NEWEST idea of a tech tree called WoT Dev's Tech Tree? Although I wouldn't mind a Left 4 Dead styled multiplayer only game so long as it wasn't one of those monthly fee MMORPGS. I'm going to download the previous games right nowEDIT: HOLY SHIT, 25€ (almost 30$) on steam? The TLJ games are juvenile as fuck but for some reason the entirety of the gaming world doesn't seem to notice.Finally, someone who makes sense.
Try hanging out with the LBGT crowd sometime, they would have you believe that it is marketting and religion that has caused everyone to be homophobic. Fucking damn it!It looked like a Lovecraft themed game starring Zoe Castillo from Dreamfall, lol. Ragnar may have not intended for her to be interpreted that way but that's exactly how she comes off due to fuck awful writing.It always cracks me up how the TLJ series is prized for having realistic female characters when I hardly ever see any girls in the West who look as beautiful as Apirl or Zoe.Shit, Zoe in particular, is so exaggerated that she has both a big butt and big tits yet she's able to get away with the label of "realistic" simply because she dresses like shit, LOL!What is this?
Zoe's original design back when she was supposed to be an Asian American instead of a London Eurasian Spick from Africa.

Although it's sad at the same time because everybody swears that the TLJ is a smart & sophisticated game. I must've been one hardcore pretentious fuck back then coz TLJ goes against everything that I stand for when it comes to videogames.Curiously, the CD Projeckt devs undergo a similar route but I have no problem with them because they actually design some good gameplay.
THey blame their own troubles on tv & religion because most of these mothafuckas don't even read history.
The character designs look like a modernized version of old school Shin Megami Tensei but without all the gothic mannequins looking people.This looks like the type of modern game that I've been waiting for. The combat system is passable but what's amazing is how the rpg hub system & stats handle exactly like an oldschool Biowhore game. She's just a walking Deus Ex machina and this will shine even more so once the final game comes out.I don't give a fuck though. You'd actually feel right at home with Witcher 2 coming in from NWN, Baldur's Gate or even Dragon Age Origins. You're just roleplaying with other people.The theme of the Secret World and the plot are exactly what I was waiting for Suda 51 to make. Too bad that he'll never make anything like this coz he makes more bank off of that shitty grindhouse satirical bullshit. It's hilarious how she's so unintentionally slutty yet she begins & ends the game nearly naked.

She found FAITH, THAT;s supposed to be DEEP!She's trying to invite her ugly boyfriend over for an orgy but he refused. He was actually fucking some Japanese girl at the time who Zoe later finds dead at Reza's apartment. She even told him about Reza but she still fucked this guy anyway.On the plus side, at least that didn't come off as socially awkward like a Biowhore romance would. You just need to undergo a series of hardships to discover what it is that you believe in most.For Kian, this is faith in god or whatever religion he was in.
It's basically just a shitty script written by Eurotrash who speak shitty ass Engrish.It's no wonder that the Brits don't consider themselves as part of Europe.
I'm actually considering funding the project if only for the 30$ package that comes with a soundtrack.I won't but I do feel tempted to do so. The funding is surprisingly at the halfway mark already.I had no idea that Dreamfall had a big enough fanbase to pull it off.
Although I'm betting that half the people funding this piece of shit have never actually played a TLJ before.These games are godawful.

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