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Ever wondered what the world would be like if the supernatural mythologies of the world weren't so mythical? The emphasis on personal story is also a strong one, as the game is set up in such a way that you can progress through the majority of game content without even speaking to or seeing another player-controlled character.
Weapons play a vital part in the game, with the choice of melee or ranged as the two primary options, though there’s a break-down in each, ranging from large and powerful assault rifles all the way down to quick and nimble blades. Gear is acquired in the usual ways, either through quest completion, vendor purchasing, crafting and randomly generated loot from the many corpses you’ll leave in your trail. Level design is beautiful in parts, though quite clumsy in others, really ruining any sense of awe and quickly replacing it with disappointment. The cut-scenes aren't safe either, with our character on more than one occasion failing to render pants (no, not in that way, there was simply a solid colour where the texture should have been), and in others textures failed to connect properly, causing invisible textures and a whole bunch of other anomalies.
Other problems are present in the game, like small zones and a heavy reliance on loading screens. There’s something to be sad for giving players a fixed set of armour and equipment upgrades to strive for, that perfect set of stat-enhancing items that let other players know exactly how accomplished they are.
Any dedicated World of Warcraft player can look at another and suss out exactly what pieces of equipment they are wearing, what bonuses they are getting to their attributes, and generally how hard it would be to take them down, should the need arise. Funcom has been giving player social outfits to tool around with since Anarchy Online, giving role-players a wide variety of outfits to mix-and-match.
Funcom has posted a guide to The Secret World fashion over at the supernatural MMO’s website, explaining how players can look unique and original like the people in these screenshots. I've been playing Secret World since it came out, and I still haven't come across super hero costumes or fur suits.

As for your "suits", you can now break apart most multi-piece costumes with some exceptions (like gloves built into a jacket or a pants and shirt combo that don't fit on their own). And while you CAN buy outfits in their store with real money, Secret World also constantly updates their in-game stores where you can buy clothes with your free-currency. LotRO - you can put cosmetic look together from ANY pieces, both armour (any kind: light, medium, heavy) and strictly cosmetic items. Unlocking new in-game challenges is nice and all, but where are the Amiibo that unlock new musical numbers? Each have their own beliefs, moral grounds and ideally their own play-style for people who like to roleplay with friends, or perhaps even enter one of the few dedicated RP servers available.
For some this may be a good thing, though for the more social MMO players out there, there’s still plenty of opportunity to pair up with friends or the general public to complete certain quests and instanced content. You can then switch this Deck around quickly and easily, essentially changing your character role without the need to re-spec. Each item has a level, which is safe to say has been the replacement for traditional character levelling, though there are a few small problems with this transition. This leaves you with two options, continue to farm or engage in side quests in an attempt to find better gear, or change out some of your lower level items for higher ones in order to progress, even if they don't suit your current play style.
We understand the need for loading screens, however this feels more like Neverwinter Nights than it does a modern MMO.
The Secret World does away with stat-based armour altogether, giving players in-game clothing stores, clothes as achievement rewards and special items in the free-to-play game’s cash shop. Hopefully they can also post a guide showing other online games how to take off their armour and relax. For an MMO that's set in modern times and is meant to be somewhat realistic (aside from all the demons and magic of course) it has a surprising amount of slutty MMO armour, superhero like costumes and fur suits. The interface for clothing is ugly and lags, plus there are full "suits" of clothing where you have to wear the entire outfit and can't choose just to wear the gloves or the pants or something.

Most outfits are multipiece now, there is no interface lag, and there have been over a hundred items added to the in-game store to buy with pax, the in-game currency. Having loads of clothing to choose from is wonderful, but the models who wear them look and move horribly. They're Callie and Marie, Splatoon's Squid Sisters, and they will be hitting stores on July 8.
Given the resources a modern day computer has access to, there really is no need to force small zones and load screens into the game.
I liked how Secret World did their stuff, they were lucky in that there World was essentially reality with a twist and the power comes from the person not exactly what they wear.
It's like almost every player character was on their way to a convention but had to stop on the way to fight the forces of evil. And they stick a vast majority of new clothing on the cash shop, even before the game went buy to play, so unless you're willing to fork out real money, you're going to be stuck with the lack luster selection of clothing available for ingame credits. The faces look like they were designed by an alien who had only heard of humans based on a third party description of one. As do media outlets like The Guardian, who have released a VR app called 6x9 that simulates the "psychological damage of extreme isolation" in a solitary confinement prison cell. She’s just a professional woman standing in the middle of an ancient, monster-filled temple.

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