The Warrior is a ranged specialist using the Assault Rifle and Shotgun to bring down her enemies. The Deck is very good for solo play, as it can control its environment and leap out of danger if enemies come close, but the Warrior must be very careful when facing opponents which are resistant to being Hindered. Fire at Will: An Assault Rifle Frenzy attack which hits several targets in an area around the selected target. Incendiary Grenade: An Assault Rifle attack which hits several targets in an area around the selected target. Shellshocker: An Assault Rifle Elite attack which is channelled for a few seconds to do many hits to several targets in an area in front of you.
Beanbag Rounds: Whenever you Hinder a target you gain the Minor Penetration Chance effect, which increases your chance to do Penetrating hits for several seconds. Pinned Down: Whenever you hit a target with a Penetrating hit, you Hinder the target and significantly reduce its movement speed for several seconds.
IDW has done crossover stories before (Infestation, Infestation 2, Mars Attacks IDW), but in the past these have been rather indirect, with the same menaces (zombies, Lovecraftian monsters, the Mars Attacks martians) invading the different realities of its various licensed properties (G.I.

The plan is to send the robots from one of their worlds to challenge the heroes of another world and, should they defeat the robots, they will then automatically be transported into cells at the League’s headquarters for the next stage of their scheme to conquer everything.
In short order, the title characters of the cartoons Samurai Jack, Ben 10, The Powerpuff Girls and Dexter’s Laboratory are captured, yet something goes wrong, sending a half-dozen robots to other locales, like the universe inhabited by Ed, Edd and Eddy of Ed, Edd n Eddy. Simonson captures the cadences of the various characters well, and her plot is straightforward and simple, although perhaps there’s too great an emphasis on action and not enough on comedy (I remember at least a few of these shows being funnier than the comic featuring the characters).
One issue in, there doesn’t seem to be much to the comic other than the sheer strangeness of mixing the diverse character together, but in comics, you can go a long way on strangeness alone, particularly when mixed with nostalgia. I was so excited for this I refreshed comixology multiple times waiting for it to be available, and I’m picking up a paper issue tomorrow as well.
She can do a lot of damage to both single targets and groups of monsters with Penetrating hits and Afflict them with damage-over-time effects, but her main tactic is to constantly Hinder and slow down those who stand against her, so she can shoot them from a distance.
The Warrior can be very useful in player-versus-player battles, where slowing down opponents often can be the key to victory. Targets hit become Afflicted with a damage-over-time effect which lasts for several seconds.

Every target you hit on the way becomes Hindered and has its movement speed significantly reduced for several seconds. The targets hit get Hindered and have their movement speed significantly reduced for several seconds. When this counter reaches seven your next attack will automatically Hinder the target, which has its movement speed significantly reduced for several seconds. In fact, the first panel begins with readers apparently joining the villains in the middle of their plotting session. Well, there are five more issues of Super Secret Crisis War, and the aforementioned one-shots, one of which will ship each month. The softer, rounder, more realistic Ben 10 and his villain look particularly out of place among the flatter, more abstract and exaggerated characters, but there isn’t really a way for an artist to bridge those gulfs in designs without altering the characters beyond recognition.

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