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Movies have the magic that takes you into a different world and makes you believe in some of the most impossible things. We all love to share that good time with our family and watching these family movies 2012 will certainly be the best thing to with the family.   These new releases of 2012 were total entertainers for all the ages. Frankenweenie: Another animated movie by Disney released in 2012, Frankenweenie is a story of a boy Victor and his dog Sparky. Thunderstruck: A family movie and an action packed film Thunderstruck is based on a basketball fan Brian. Cowgirls N Angels: It is the story of a rebellious girl Ida who is in a search of her father who is a rodeo rider.
The Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure: Oogieloves are three friends Goobie, Toofie and zoozie.
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1280 x 1024 jpeg 192kB, The Secret World of Arrietty Wallpaper - Original size, download now. Cast Members: Amy Poehler, Bridgit Mendler and Carol Burnett in Los Angeles to promote the film.
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The fascinating story lines and the mesmerizing roles played by talented actors have a long lasting impression on our minds. From animated movies like Brave and Rise of Guardians for children to adventure movies like Battleship and Avengers for grown-ups, the year 2012 was full of entertainment and heart touching movies.

After losing his dog the boy tries to give the dog a new life by some scientific experiments and succeeds. The story starts with world changing moments when the earth starts breaking up and results in the formation of different continents. The story starts with the decoding of a strange signal received by Sean Anderson from a mysterious island. He plans to pretend working at a ritzy country club and in this lie various things happen to him.
The story revolves around two characters, a small town news reporter and an animal lover and volunteer. Brian switches basketball talent with NBA superstar Kevin Durant and becomes the star of his school basketball team. So, in search of her father Ida starts looking at local rodeos, Ida meets with the sweethearts of the Rodeo, a team of female trick riders. That is why these movies have been kept under the category of films that you can watch with your family.
These people are not known to humans until one day when a 12 years old boy Shawn finds little Arrietty and they become friends.
He hides this from the rest of the world but lately they all come to know about this and learn how a new leash of life can be monstrous. In order to protect beliefs of children from the evil spirit, these guardians unite to fight. Sid, Manny and Diego are returning to their home and they meet seafaring pirates who stop them from returning home.
Band of Misfits, Hugh Grant stars in his first animated role as the luxuriantly bearded A Sony picture The Pirates! These two people come together to save a family of gray whales trapped in Arctic Circle by rapidly forming ice.

On the other hand Kevin Durant struggles in his game and a time comes where he cannot make a shot. The team owner Terence Parker comes to know that Ida is the grand-daughter of one of his friends and decides to help her.
However before the party they come to know that last five magical balloons were lost by their friend J. The story revolves around these two characters and how their friendship becomes a danger for little Arrietty’s family. Jack Frost convinces other guardians to rise against the evil spirit named Pitch, and saves the children from this evil black spirit. So, Sean and his stepfather Hank with helicopter pilot and his daughter go on an adventurous journey to this island of strange creatures and never seen geographical conditions. Band of Misfits is a story of a pirate captain and his crew who wish to defeat their rival pirates Black Bellamy and Cutlass Liz to get the Pirate of The Year Award. As the story continues Brian learns that to be a good player and to save his season, he work hard and set the things right.
So, Ida also joins the team and discovers various things about her like her love for horses.
On their journey they meet some very interesting characters who help them in recovering the balloons and saving their friend’s party.

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