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What’s the secret to designing the visuals for a game that you hope to be around for years to come? About the themes, I think they help because modern reference material is readily available – but they can also be detrimental, because people often have their own view of a place through years of exposure in films and other media. Funcom’s been working on the game in various guises for almost a decade – how do you keep elements fresh so long down the line? In the PvE sense, the game allows for freeform character development far beyond that seen in most MMOs.
Most of the innovations in the rest of the game also carry over into PvP, and I feel we are restoring something gone from many MMOs with our conflict between three secret societies. Interest has been high with half a million registrants – what’s been the most popular faction so far? WoW numbers are dropping, and there are numerous MMOs in the works such as Guild Wars 2, Wildstar and Blizzard’s next effort. You’ve got an eclectic mix of influences and gameplay styles with combat and puzzles. In the same sense, MMOs which succeed grow the market base and we always benefit from more players playing MMOs. The Secret World is set for a 19 June launch – hit the link to register for the ongoing beta. Spooky atmosphere, challenging instances and a great community is what made us give Funcom’s title  the first position in our Top MMORPGs of 2013 list.

How big a challenge was finding the correct balance and tone for the game?Joel Bylos: It has been a lot of work getting the elements into place and ensuring that they fit well together. Has anything fundamental changed to keep up with the times?JB: I think that good ideas resonate, regardless of when they were created. In addition we have mission types that will ask the player to step beyond the game and blur the lines between the real world and The Secret World.
Three sided factional combat has all but disappeared from the MMO genre in recent years and we are bringing it back with our persistant warzones where players engage in The Secret War for world domination. What have you learned from the beta?JB: There has been shown great interest for all the secret societies from people signing up for the beta, which is a very good thing. One of the more significant changes has been an overhaul of the weapon skill system based on player feedback.
It allows us to push pixels like no other MMO while still meeting all the demands of a modern MMO engine.
There are always dozens of ways that players can break any scripted sequence in an environment where any player can interfere.
My biggest belief is that people will be happy to pay for a quality product – be it in monthly subs or microtransactions. So yes it is possible, but of course you need to build your engine from the ground up to scale in that way, especially for this current generation of consoles which is growing a bit long in the tooth.
I think Senior Producer and Creative Director Ragnar Tornquist is fairly good at keeping the story in line with his vision and not letting it spiral out of control; the rest of the content naturally follows suite.
The game has had a long pre-production time, where different ideas, systems and even time periods for the game were considered. Everything combines to convey a feeling and even when the graphics have become outdated, the combination of elements will still inspire players in the right way.

In addition the world tells the story through elements such as phone books, newspapers, radios, cell phones and dozens of other objects. Right now one of them seems to be getting a bit more traction than the others, but it’s constantly changing. As designers I think a large part of the experience we bring from our other games comes from lessons learned about what works, what is fun and what players really want.
And the game has to walk the fine line between capturing peoples imagination and yet not sending players spiralling into paranoia. Probably the biggest fundamental change was a shift in the time period – the game was originally set in the 1920s and was brought forward to the modern day. Everything provides the player with information that they can use to construct their picture of what is going on at the heart of The Secret World. There are dozens of MMOs released every year and all of them attempt to innovate in some way.
EA has been amazing at sharing their experience with both ToR and Warhammer Online, and provided us resources to improve our testing and developing processes.
I do think that in 10 years the MMO landscape will be significantly different to what it is now – but the changes will happen year by year, game by game for the next decade.

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