I'm going to take some time off to focus on other projects, like the writing of Issue #7 for Order of the Black Dog.
Hey, so the guy(s?) at Two Geeks Talking, apparently some nerd website, interviewed me about comics! My main webcomic, The Order of the Black Dog, has resumed updating with its exciting fifth issue! I've decided to dedicate several comics in a row to telling the story of a normal Saturday night of gathering friends over. This week: a short break from our dumb time travel nonsense to discuss something that occured to me lately regarding sci-fi. It's taken three years to get to 200 comics, but Ballerina Mafia has finally limped its way here. I must confess that lately I've lost the energy and interest for Ballerina Mafia that I used to have.
It was quite fun to watch the fans of Rocksmith of Facebook bitch up a storm when they figured out the new DLC was Nickleback.
Black Dogs news: As of writing this (Sunday), I am in the middle of drawing page 22, out of 23, of Black Dogs, Issue #2. Since I need to still dedicate my time towards income and The Black Dogs, updates will only be once a week for a while. Don't forget to click on that little "TWC" link below this post to vote for Ballerina Mafia!
This is an idea I wanted to experiment with for a while now, and finally had the motivation and comic of proper format to try it.
So, I have to bite the bullet and make the incredibly embarassing action of running a poll to ask why people aren't buying my shirts, so please participate in the poll below.

We've got a small stock of shirts to sell, and onc they sell out I'll be selling a bunch more. Ever really look at an elephant and contemplate the fact that a creature that ridculous looking - and huge - exists in real life? This comic, and your new background, is brought to you by Stephen, QuetzaDrake, and Monstersids!
Additionally, I've been making progress on my new comic project - the next big comic to replace Concession - and really, really want to get it started by the end of the year.
This comic is generously brought to you by QuetzaDrake, jcheek, Kevin Dulany, Scott Robertson, and Saint Jimmy. Now that I caught up with the owed Friday Comics and Bio Pictures, it's time once again to open the donation bar.
You can now find more art and information on Lucas, my brother's character, in the cast page! That concludes the three Friday comics and three bio pictures that that big donation earned. I've done the three Friday comics that I've owed since that big donation, but I still owe two more character bios. I've had a lot of trouble coming up with ideas I like, and honestly, I haven't wanted to do this comic for a long time now.
Would have been cooler to have to talk on Skype or appear on a couch in front of an audience. It's a way to donate pe week to help support my works, especially in the realm of webcomics. Old fans will remember the sometimes-quite-lively forums, where weirdo furries can get together, discuss the comics, and meet each other.

He's trying to start a parkour gym and training facility in Utah, which I think is pretty awesome, so if that's something you're interested in - or if you're just feeling generous to a good cause - I'd love to see this campaign go places. They had a really awesome demo out a few years ago and are now trying to independently fund their own album. I had a really funny idea for it, but no time - I've been focusing heavily on commissions and such. It was actually kinda fun, and boy did I seem legitimately insane with tiny cutouts on my desk. Instead, I'm going to use the extra time to work on that new comic project I've mentioned for so long now. This is a different poll then the Google Docs poll, which was getting spammed, so please vote again if you already voted in the last one. I had a fun time at FurFright, although I don't have any stories in particular to relay in comic form. Go give it a look a hastily taken photograph of myself done on the spot alongside a lot of information you probably already know! It's quite fun, if very frustrating, and helps you learn some good techniques for the guitar.
It was supposed to tide people over until the new project, which was never supposed to take this long to start. I don't know hwen I"ll start back up, so just watch my Twitter, the Ballerina Mafia Facebook page, or subscribe to the RSS feed.

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