Il existe un royaume interdit au-dela de la Vallee des Fees ou l’hiver est roi: la Foret Blanche. The space was originally intended as a place for Walt Disney and his family to stay at when they visited the park. The Suite can sleep six and has antique furnishings from the 17th and 18th century along with an array of incredible amenities.
But perhaps the most magical part of the suite is the custom-made 4 x 4, multi-jet Jacuzzi with waterfall faucet and chroma-therapy lighting.
When temps are brick-oven high and humidity levels surge past "swamp-like," therea€™s nothing like a quick swim to cool you off during a business trip or vacation.
Throw in monster views, insane settings and ingenious design, and the pool becomes more than just a watering hole.
On the edge of a 7,000-foot butte in Jackson Hole, Amangania€™s 115-foot outdoor pool gives unrivaled vistas of the Grand Tetons and Snake River below.
Ita€™s heated year-round and linked to a 113-square-foot whirlpool, so you can soak in the snow-capped mountains even in the dead of winter. Designed to blend into the surrounding desert landscape, this secluded Utah resort embraces its surroundings with a pool carved around an 80-foot-high natural stone escarpment that's more than 165 million years old.
Ringed by king-sized daybeds and sun loungers, the pool offers insane views of Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument during the day and swimming under star-filled skies at night. Eye-popping is the only way to describe the 360-degree Red Rock vistas that surround Enchantmenta€™s aqua blue watering hole. Recently revamped, the pool and patio were doubled in size and elevated 10 feet (for better sightseeing), and designed to blend into the natural surroundings. Guests can snorkel and swim with more than 75 species of tropical fish, as natural springs and ocean water fill the pond through subterranean channels. Guests at this Colorado Rockies lodge relax in the worlda€™s largest hot springs pool, where 3.5 million gallons of nearby Yampah Springs water flow into one of two bubbling mineral pools daily.

Only in Vegas would you find a 200,000-gallon, shark-filled aquarium in the middle of a swimming pool. But thata€™s what you get at the Golden Nuggeta€™s $30 million water complex, where you can swim seemingly side-by-side with a dozen sharks (including sand tiger, brown, black tip, nurse and zebra varieties).
Brave swimmers can get even closer to the man-eaters by slipping down the Shark Chute, a three-story waterslide that shoots you straight through the tank. With nearly 26,000 square feet of aquatic fun, guests can float along a river of a nine interconnected pools (complete with whitewater rapids and lazy currents), shoot down four waterslides, rope swing into the Tarzan pool, swim through waterfalls or chill in one of three Jacuzzis. This legendary resorta€™s spa takes inspiration from its stunning mountain setting with an underground grotto of 10 mineral-based, chlorine-free pools framed by cavernous rock walls, arches and tunnels.
Guests can enjoy thundering waterfalls, hot and cold plunge pools and a mineral and lap pool, complete with 6,500 fiber-optic stars embedded in the ceiling above and underwater music below. Pushing design to its literal edge, this 1927 historic hotel has one ultra-modern feature: a window-walled rooftop infinity pool that sticks out eight feet from the buildinga€™s exterior. Non-acrophobics can swim to the deep end and take in the views of downtown Dallas, 10 stories below. On a private 600-acre estate in Virginia wine country, Keswicka€™s 25-meter infinity Horizon Pool impresses with a mesmerizing reflection of the surrounding Blue Ridge Mountain foothills.
Set on a 70-acre island in upstate New York, the Sagamorea€™s 95,000-gallon infinity pool and large adults-only warming pool command panoramic Lake George and Adirondack views. With 150-plus chaises, the 10,000-square-foot terraced deck has ample elbow space for poolside lounging.
Practically flush with the Pacific, the Sheraton Waikiki's infinity pool blends seamlessly with the ocean, creating the illusion of one spectacular body of water. Additional perks include cold water mists, oshibori (moist towels), MP3s with Hawaiian music and unparalleled views of Waikiki Beach. Overlooking Biscayne Bay, a waterway connects a 300-foot infinity pool (Floridaa€™s longest), an 80-person hot tub (the worlda€™s largest) and a wading pool.

Add it all up and you've got a gorgeous 15th-floor water complex that's the size of a football field.
1 + 3 + 9 + 17 + 51 = 81 = 92 Aliquot divisors of a number are all the divisors of that number excluding the number itself but including 1.
So the Pythagoreans used 153 : 265 to represent the square root of 3 long before the bible was written. The Above Top Secret Web site is a wholly owned social content community of The Above Network, LLC. Among these is Kinga€™s Pond, a 1.8-million gallon a€?aquarium" sculpted out of 200-year-old natural lava rock. Those looking to do some leisurely laps can dive into the larger pool, which measures more than two city blocks and is kept at a balmy 93 F. She has a mad cartooning habit and can hula hoop on one foot while drinking a glass of vino.
She also has a mad cartooning habit and can hula hoop on one foot while drinking a glass of vino. Why are the number of degrees in the compass and the number of days in the year divisible by 5? The opinions of our members are not those of site ownership who maintains strict editorial agnosticism and simply provides a collaborative venue for free expression. I love this kind of stuff too, it's kind of like numerical gymnastics & a lot of fun to play around with. Elle y fera une rencontre qui va bouleverser non seulement sa vie mais egalement celle de toutes ses amies et de la Vallee des Fees.

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