The new toolbar, named Programs, will appear on the right side of the taskbar, immediately to the left of the notification area. The submenus are actually subfolders inside the Programs folder (and the programs are actually shortcuts).
Obviously, you'll want your favorite programs on the main part of the menu, rather than in a submenu. June 21: In my original version of this article, I neglected to mention the need to unhide the folder. Amazon Shop buttons are programmatically attached to all reviews, regardless of products' final review scores. Freelance journalist (and sometimes humorist) Lincoln Spector has been writing about tech longer than he would care to admit.
PCWorld helps you navigate the PC ecosystem to find the products you want and the advice you need to get the job done. A new Facebook application brings the popular social networking service back in the spotlight, as it attempts to take users on a dangerous website and deploy malicious files on their computers.
One of the infections has been identified as MyWebSearch, a computer threat that displays unwanted pop-up adverts on all the affected computers. The more complex your layout and contents, the more you will need a design professional's helpa€”and maybe a high-end desktop publishing package, too.
Templates come pre-populated with images and dummy text, both of which are easily replaceable with your own (you can either click on a block of text and start typing, or paste in text or images youa€™ve previously copied to the clipboard). If you prefer to start from scratch on a blank sheet, you can set up page dimensions, margins, columns, and other basic defaults in the Page Layout ribbon.
The Design tab also provides collections of color palettes and effects you can apply to add character to your layout.
Another option in the Design tab lets you apply a background color, pattern, or even an image to your document. Nothing is more boring than a page full of plain text, but sometimes you dona€™t have a lot of images to relieve the monotony. Adding drop capsa€”large initial capital lettersa€”to a paragraph is childa€™s play: In the Insert ribbon, simply click on the Add a Drop Cap icon in the Text tools. A pullquote is a quotation from the text that you copy into a box and use as a design element, much the way youa€™d use an image.
The Word Art icon on the Insert ribbon lets you use colorful display fonts with flourishes and effects you wona€™t find in standard fonts. By now you may have noticed that Text tools take up only a small area on the Insert ribbon, since there are so many other items you can add to spruce up the look and impact of a document.
A couple of things will happen: The image will appear in your documenta€”if not exactly where you intended, close enough so that you can easily drag it to where you want it. At the same time, the Picture Tools ribbon will appear, filled with options for everything from cropping to artistic effects and frames.
Word also has special tools for inserting shapes (for simple diagrams), SmartArt (for more complicated business diagrams), and even Excel-style charts that you create on the fly. The newest graphic element in the Insert ribbon is the Screenshot icon: Click it and youa€™ll be able to insert any currently live screenshot on your Windows desktopa€”a useful tool for people who want to illustrate computer processes.

You can add captions to graphic elements using the Insert Caption feature in the References ribbon, but therea€™s a catch: Because the feature was intended for academic publications, it automatically assigns numbers to them (in sequence)a€”and ita€™s all but impossible to get rid of them in print unless you want to go into Worda€™s field codes. Many of Worda€™s tools can be applied on the fly, so if you dona€™t like the way something looks you can easily change it. If youa€™ve added several elements to a document and they arena€™t behaving the way you want, you might find help in the Arrange section of the Page Layout tab. Most commercial printers who work with small businesses will accept documents in PDF format, and Word lets you save documents as PDFs. But for people who are simply looking to enhance the appearance of everyday documentsa€”flyers, brochures, booklets and the likea€”Word has much to offer.
Contributing Editor Yardena (Denny) Arar is a San Francisco-based freelance writer, avid online shopper, media junkie, consummate foodie, and proud possessor of a private pilot's license. Joe Rubenstein told me that "There is a Start Menu in Windows 8.1," then explained how to make it work. You can add a Start menu--of sorts--to the Windows 8.1 taskbar without installing a third-party program. If you want to create an additional submenu, right-click the Programs toolbar and select Open Folder. You can rearrange the menu by dragging items up and down, or dragging them in and out of submenus. Our parent company, IDG, receives advertisement revenue for shopping activity generated by the links.
As an affilate for the people displaying the nuisance pop-up adverts, they are getting paid for each successful installation", said Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant for Sophos. Facebook has already removed the application from its search listings, but some people may get infected in the near future. If workers are allowed to be given access to these sites then it's vital that they are do not put their personal and corporate data at risk", the Sophos expert added.
But even if you want to change design elements (such as fonts, for example), you might start with a template just to pick up preset margins and other basic layout parameters that would be annoying to create from scratch. You might also want to click the Design tab and choose a themea€”a collection of fonts for popular layout options such as titles, subheads, and plain text. You might choose one color from a palette for a border and another for subheads, for example.
Click on Page Color to see these optionsa€”theya€™re a pleasant alternative to the usual plain white.
Tools to make your layouts more interesting include drop caps, subheads, and pullquotesa€”and ita€™s relatively easy to apply them in Word. You can choose between having the enlarged initial capital letter embedded in the text or in the left margin. Ita€™s a way of highlighting an important nugget from the story, while at the same time adding visual interest to a page. You might, for example, opt to have text flow around the box, or you could choose to have it above and below (but not around) the box. You can use these characters to liven up a page, but avoid going overboard: A little of this sort of eye candy goes a long way.

Current versions of Word include tools that let you perform basic image editing from within the app.
As with text boxes, you also get an icon next to the image that gives you choices for how it fits into the text. If you want your images to have captions that arena€™t numbered, you have to either create a text box below (or beside) the image just for the caption or put them both in a box to tie them together, another complicated procedure.
For example, you can flow text into columns simply by selecting it all and clicking on the number of columns you want in the Page Layout tab. Here you can find features for aligning objects and bringing them in front of or behind other objects.
There are, however, different types of PDFs, so make sure to check with a printer beforehanda€”ask if they can work with the PDF format generated by the Word version you are using. For example, if you need crop marks on pages, Microsoft advises you to export your Word document to Publisher, the Office desktop publishing app. The learning curve isna€™t too steep, and if ita€™s already on your desktop, the price is right. So, instead, create a submenu called Ignore Me, and drag those three shortcuts to that folder. Because the buttons are attached programmatically, they should not be interpreted as editorial endorsements. To get started, go toA File > New in the left navigation bar, which brings up a selection of popular templates (including the default blank page) topped by the search window. You could, of course, specify these individually as you work, but the fonts in a theme are chosen and sized according to generally accepted design precepts so they'll look good together. Drop Cap options let you change the font, the height (in number of lines of normal text) of the character, and its distance from the text. In Word, put the cursor in the general area youa€™d like to place a text box, and click the Text Box icon in the Insert ribbon. You can also opt to fix the position of the box on the page or tie it to the copy around it, so that if the copy moves, so does the box. As with the text box, you start by placing the cursor in the area where you want the image to appear. Then click on Pictures (or Online Pictures if you want to look for images in Officea€™s huge collection of clip art), and click on the image you want to insert. High-end packages also let you create multiple master pages to serve as templates for complicated documents. While Word makes it easy to create pages with headers and footers, ita€™s not so easy to mix them up with other page styles in the same project.

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