The bullet catch trick used to be a lot more dangerous and a lot of magicians actually died trying to pull it off. The Walt Disney World Trivia Book: Secrets, History and Fun Facts Behind the Magic by Louis A.
From the author of Me and Earl and the Dying Girl comes a novel about music, love, friendship, and freedom.
Not a travel planner or guidebook, but a unique and entertaining collection of hundreds of multiple-choice trivia questions, fill with secrets and interesting facts about all aspects of Walt Disney World. UT alumnus Brian Brushwood performs his signature fire eating trick in his practice space near Dripping Springs. UT alumnus Brian Brushwood closes his eyes, leans his head back and lowers a flaming metal skewer down his throat. Until 2014, Brushwood toured colleges across the country with his magic show and has since settled down in Austin, producing three podcasts, running a YouTube series and occasionally performing live. Brushwood’s career in magic began with a simple card trick that a friend taught him before he left for college.
After years of busking on Sixth Street and opening for a local magician in college, Brushwood graduated in 1997, performing a 30-minute magic show as his Plan II thesis. After quitting, Brushwood went on tour with the magician he opened for in college and made no money for the first year. Although he does not call himself a magician, Coker said he understands the art and gave Brushwood suggestions that he still uses in his shows today. Share your thoughts on The Walt Disney World Trivia Book: Secrets, History & Fun Facts Behind the Magic. Lou Mongello is a devoted fan and self-instructed expert on everything and anything having to do with Walt Disney World and what it takes to keep one of the world's largest and most popular public amusement resorts up and running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. I've seen many Disney Trivia books over the years but only a few pages are ever dedicated to the most visited resort in the world.

The answer to this trick simply involves an inside man (or outside man) with another deck of cards who slaps it on the window when everyone’s attention is diverted.
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Brushwood said most of the tricks he teaches are reinvented versions of stunts he found in 100-year-old magic books.
When his friend wouldn’t share how it was done, Brushwood became determined to learn the trick himself, diving headfirst into the world of magic. He drudged through a series of day jobs while performing magic on the side before deciding to pursue magic full-time in 1999. By the third year, he was performing at over 150 colleges per year, booking gigs on the Tonight Show and touring with Brooks & Dunn for their Neon Circus tour. He said he gave himself a concussion attempting to break a 30-pound brick with his head and stripped the sealants off his teeth eating glass lightbulbs.
In The Walt Disney World Trivia Book: Secrets, History & Fun Facts Behind The Magic, Lou Mongello has created and organized a "reader friendly" book of multiple-choice trivia questions that even the most devoted Disney World enthusiast will find to be fun, challenging, and informative. FINALLY a book that takes this entire resort and puts it into a light even us Disney fans have to take a step back from and say, "WOW I didn't know that"! Brushwood said he is open to anything as long as it doesn’t run the risk of killing him.
Enhanced with five maps and an index, browsing through the pages of The Walt Disney World Trivia Book is almost as much fun as being there!
I spent hours at a time testing my Disney trivia knowledge and enjoyed every challenging minute of it. A member of the audience marks a bullet which a stage hand appears to load, but doesn’t actually.
Louis Mongello has compiled a extraordinary amount of fun facts in this addictive book guaranteed to delight anyone who is a Walt Disney World fan.

We have an unbeatable selection of 7 million books, honest, accurate grading and features that help you find out-of-print, second-hand treasure. Lou also likes to save kittens from trees and build homes for homeless kids in his spare time. I found some things I thought were fact were just actually well accepted rumors in Disney Web Circles, but this book cuts through those and gives you an in depth answer to each question without adding extensive writting that goes no where, it just gets right to the point. The facts that come with the answers are great at giving you a behind the scenes look at the park while using the trivia to guide you through it. I can find myself taking more time reading the answers then the question just so I can read the facts that this book touches on. If you want to test yourself on Disney World Trivia and want to take that up a notch and learn more about the resort then you ever have, buy this book.
The author has a Disney World Trivia site as well that gives you an idea of what this book contains and I'll tell you it delivers.
Also while reading this you'll notice that he keeps the material on a level that we can all relate to and I believe this is due to the fact that he does take the time to converse with the average person interested in the Disney Topic or with people that would find this topic as a general interest. A definate buy even if its your first visit or your 100th (for me its my 30th)to Disney World. For those visiting Disney World for the first time, a great idea would be adding this to your guide book purchase.
You'll find yourself standing in those long lines reading this book and being amazed at ever turn while having fun.

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