The Secrets of Loc Muinne mission is one of the new parts added to “The Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition”. During wandering in Loc Miunne you'll meet arguing people on the marketplace, including two scientists you've met in Flotsam. Direct pathChoosing the Direct path, which is the second doors, or the longer one, you'll finally reach an expedition [#14]. Step 2, Variant A: Defeat Cynthia and AdalbertBoth Cynthia and Adalbert are difficult enemies.
Optionally, you can go to the nearby rooms, where you'll find strong and tough Draugirs and Bruxas [#17] and also few Rotfiends [#18]. Just after entering the corridor from the first chamber [#21] you run into group of Redanian soldiers [#22] - eliminate all of them. Before you start solving the riddle, it's worth to read all collected books and take a look on all nine frescos which are in the chapel. Start searching the laboratory - you'll find five Daerhenna's notes which are worth to collect because they activate small Daerhenna's Journal. These riddles can be tricky and finding out by trial and error just gets you attacked by hordes of powerful gargoyles.

They want to hire you as a bodyguard during some mysterious expedition, commanded by Cynthia (you've met her in the Vergen).
When he teleport on the elevation when you can't reach him, he summons Wraiths - each time one more. It's worth to ask out about Triss and few other things before you decide about a treaty: You decline all treaties.
Meanwhile you can collect few books you can find in this room, like The Gnomes of Mahakam and Tir Tochair, Astrological Curios, Astrological Charts and Legendary Treasures.
There is only one way to prevent an encounter - you have to persuade him, that he is a living creature. In both cases your tactic is very similar: hold the sign Quen all the time, avoid blows and retaliate when their protection ends.
If you didn't kill Cynthia in the last part of Secrets of Loc Muinne, you can go to bed with her after choosing proper dialogue options and hugging her. You can join men at once, or meet them later: you'll find them in the tower's undergrounds [#2].
What is more, you are thrown fireballs at, which appear where you stand, so try not to stay in any place too long.

At first attacks Body Eaters[#15] which shouldn't be problematic; remember, that they're blowing up a moment after death. Then your turn will come - eye may ask you one of three riddles: I'm seen to fly, described as hard.
If you succeed, you'll receive a golem's trophy - otherwise you'll have to fight with three golems. More difficult pathBefore you cross the first doors, pull out the silver sword and activate Quen Sign because three Bruxas [#3]. Because of very small room, you'll be exposed to frequent attacks, and, what is more, you have to watch out for resonating crystals [#4][#5][#6][#7]- if you attack them, they'll absorb part of your energy. When you clean up all chambers, go out through the doors [#13], which led you on the corridor.

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