L’Oreal Studio Secrets Professional Secret Magic Perfect Base is pretty much a dupe of Clarins Instant Smooth Perfect Touch. The formula is silicon based but still manages to remain lightweight sans that itchy, uncomfortable feeling I get from such primers. Clarins includes a spatula to remove product from the jar making it a bacteria free application.
Disclosure: The following item was purchased by me for review purposes (and because I like flinging my money at makeup products of any kind) on Musings of a Muse. Hi Muse i liked this too, i didn’t want to like it as its loreal, and im such a make up snob.
LOL same here gemma ?? I don’t have larger pores tbh but this was fab at keeping my foundation extra fresh and it’s practically a dupe of the Clarins one!

I bought this stuff a few weeks ago and was shocked at how little product you get for the price.
I wasn’t interested in yet another primer since I had so many little smashbox ones and am a fan of monastat anti chaffing gel.
So last week I had 3.00 in CVS cash to spend and they had it on sale for 40% off I thought why not!
I tried this primer on my hand at CVS last weekend, and I was quite impressed with the texture and feel.
I use the green smashbox photofinish and it’s hard for me to want to try anything else.
Oooh, I was relieved to see the comment above, and your response to it, saying that the Hard Candy one is similar.

Im glad you said how similar this is to the clarins one, as that was the next on my to try list, now i wont bother.
I was hoping this would give me an even skintone, but it actually drew more attention to my skin flaws.

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