Vampire Diaries masterminds Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec convened at the ATX Television Festival on Sunday to reminisce about their 15-year working relationship — and ended up dropping some serious gems for TVD fans. Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Damon’s motivation to change should have been because he wanted to change FOR HIMSELF.
True I agree Damon is very sexy but he was only a good guy to impress elena Stefan wants to be good for no other reason but his own morals. Bonnie is too damaged to explore anything this year I’m afraid, not after everything Kai did to her and what she had been through after he was done with her. I may be one of the very few people who have enjoyed almost everything about this show since day 1. Going into season 7 without Elena could either be very good for the show or really really bad! I think a gay storyline with Damon and Ric would add to the fun of the show… Make Damon and Ric the new power couple?? An actual storyline centered on an LGBT character would be great, but TVD has always been disappointing on LGBT content or characters. Stop calling steroline incest beacuse is not second stop Uses this term beacuse is disgusting and improper calling others shopping this way , incest existence in really his is big problem .
If everyone stoped watching a show just because they don’t like something about it all shows would be over. Whether you use this document as a reference when things get difficult or as a road map to get you from beginning to end, we’re pretty sure you’ll find what you’re looking for here. This document contains a complete Hidden Mysteries: Vampire Secrets game walkthrough featuring annotated screenshots from actual gameplay! You can toggle between the Inventory and Book Tray by clicking on the appropriate tab at the bottom of the screen.
In regular scenes the Tips Button will show you all accessible areas with red arrows and items that can be picked up with a Hand Icon. Inventory items will be added to your tray at the bottom of the screen after completing Hidden Object Scenes. Some items will automatically combine in your inventory once 2 corresponding pieces have been picked up. Place the LIGHT BULB on the lamp on the right, the numbers “120” are reflected at the foot of the bed. Place the CUCKOO BIRD on the upper left side of the door to unlock it and access the Library. Place the OIL CAN on the ladder to eliminate the rust from the wheels and automatically move it to the right. Find the flashing symbols on the book cover; click on them in the sequence shown in your game. Place the INKED STAMPER on the right side of the book (C) and the numbers: “2 – 5 – 93” will appear in red.
Zoom into the boom box on the ground; click on the cover to open it and pick up the BATTERIES. Once you decipher the code you will know that Green corresponds to the Left Leg, Red corresponds to the Head, and Blue corresponds to the Torso. Click on the inside arrows to place the cards on 1 of the 4 holding spots in the inner circle, or to place a card back on the outer circle. Click on 2 adjacent pieces to swap their positions until they form the image shown on the screenshot.
The one on the left should look like an “E” and the one on the right should look like a “W.” Please look at the screenshot for the solution. Zoom into the loose brick on the lower right side of the gate; use the CHISEL to remove the brick and pick up the METAL PEG. Zoom into the pitchfork; take the 2 screws off with the SCREWDRIVER (place your cursor over each screw, not the tip of the screwdriver).
Click on the pole that falls on the bucket and it will combine with the SHOVEL HEAD in inventory to create the SHOVEL. Zoom into the tackle box in the lower left; pick up the LURE and it will automatically combine with the FISHING POLE to create a FISHING POLE WITH LURE. Zoom into the crack on the floor; place the POLE WITH LURE in the hole to obtain the SWITCHBLADE.
Place the OAR PIECES on the broken ladder in the lower right to fix it; pick up the LADDER once it’s been repaired.
The colors at the bottom of each file show you the order in which the files should be placed in the drawers. The solution to this puzzle is contained in the “Introduction to Chemistry” book in your book section.

Zoom into the skeleton on the right; place the TAPED BONE and the SKELETON HAND on the skeleton’s arm. Zoom into the computer monitor; enter the password “ANGELFISH” on your keyboard and click “ENTER” on your keyboard as well. For the longer bars you have to repeat the process more than once, experimenting with different colors. Remove the nails from the curtains with the HAMMER to find newspaper clippings on the wall. Zoom into the fridge on the left; open the fridge with the SMALL KEY and you will find blood from the hospital inside. Zoom into the lion head above the right door; place the TEETH on the head to unlock the door below it. You must arrange the balls so that all the numbers are equal to 50 on each side of the rack. Place the POOL CUE back on the pool table and something will fall on the ground; pick up the SNOWGLOBE on the ground. Zoom into the faucet on the wall; place the FAUCET KNOB on the faucet to make the water run. To solve the puzzle you must open the ANCIENT GREEK ARCHITECTURE BOOK to view the heights needed for each vase. Zoom into the statue on the left; place the LEFT ARM and RIGHT ARM on the statue to obtain the PENDANT. Zoom into the large boulder blocking the door on the right; use the PICK AXE on the boulder 2 times to break it.
Zoom into the airboat on the right; place the AIRBOAT THROTTLE on the lower left side of the ground. Zoom into the tank; use the CAGE in the tank to contain the snake and the SNAKE CATCHER will be added to inventory. Place the STOOL by the signs in the back to zoom in; use the SNAKE CATCHER above the sign to obtain the MACHETE. Follow the direction of the yellow arrow, which takes you left and leads you to the upper left side; click up where you see the tip of the second yellow arrow.
The green arrow represents the path that occurs when you clicked up on the second yellow arrow, which takes you back down to the lower left. For the last part of the solution, follow Diagram 3 (white pattern) to the upper left side of the screen. Click on the crank of the device that appears after the puzzle has been solved to raise the bridge out of the water. Click down twice and zoom into the left cell; place the SUN PENDANT in the slot above the cell to trigger a Hidden Object Scene. Place the SCORPIO COIN on the contraption on the left side of the wall to trigger a puzzle.
The zodiac signs that have a combination of humans and animals belong in the 2 slots that meet in the middle. Place the decoder in the upper left side, as shown in the screenshot, until you see the 4 letters: (ECAD). Zoom into the package on the table; cut it open with the BOX CUTTER and pick up the PIPES inside.
Zoom into the patch of dirt in the lower left corner; use the TROWEL on the dirt to obtain the DIRTY STATUE (MONKEY). Place the MURAL PIECE on the upper left side of the wall to open a niche; pick up the RIGHT ANTLER in the niche below the mural. Click on “ECAD” to solve the puzzle and trigger a Hidden Object Scene on the coffin; click on it to play it.
Place the BAR OF SOAP and the DIRTY STATUE (MONKEY) in the bucket on the left to obtain the clean MONKEY STATUE. Pick up the BLACK QUEEN below the monkey statues and it will merge with the WHITE QUEEN in inventory to create the PAIR OF QUEENS.
Pick up the HOOK at the bottom of the clock and it will go into inventory, merging with the VINE to form a GRAPPLING HOOK. Zoom into the moose head in the upper center; place the RIGHT and LEFT ANTLERS on the head.
Go all the way back up, go through the door in back, and then go into the stained glass door. Embark on a mysterious journey to the heart of Transylvania and investigate a series of nocturnal kidnappings bringing unrest to Eastern Europe. Embark on a mysterious journey taking you from London to the heart of Transylvania and investigate a series of nocturnal kidnappings bringing unrest to Eastern Europe.
Overall, lively Vampire Secrets: Eternal Love game isn't usual Hidden Object game, it's one of the best Mac game, either.

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Keeping Klaus and the Original family around meant they had to be nerfed and they just weren’t as interesting. I would be afraid to see what would’ve happened to the character of Kai if the actor stayed. They changed not only him but the other two characters so much just to get that relationship.
That the change is so fleeting (hell – he still went off murdering Whitmores without telling her) tells you that that change was not genuine and did not stick. Damon (and Stefan) were not able to be themselves for three seasons all because the writers had to change them for the delena relationship.
I feel like JP relied too much on her twitter account and not enough on making this a good story to tell. Use the walkthrough menu below to quickly jump to whatever stage of the game you need help with. Any unauthorized use, including re-publication in whole or in part, without permission, is strictly prohibited.
There is also a Diary that will be added to your Book Tray at the end of the first chapter.
You can also pick up an inventory item in a regular scene whenever you see a Hand Icon appear.
In the example shown in the screenshot, the number 14 counts towards the left and right side totals. In other words, you can swap a double set of books for another double set of books anywhere on the bookcase. Once you reach the top right side, go all the way up and the maze will drop back down to the lower right corner. Follow the green line to the top right side and once again you will fall to the lower right corner.
In terms of whereabouts difficulty, Vampire Secrets: Eternal Love game programmers were pretty merciful towards Hidden Object adherents. Not sure the writers would know how to write for him next season without destroying his character some how and I enjoy Kai just the way he is. Find a different show because you clearly don’t understand sh*t about this one, Jesus Christ. His interactions with Bonnie are real, that’s who he is and the writers are showing that.
I think Bonnie should explore her sexuality, I don’t know if she really knows herself yet. Your investigation will lead you to Bran Castle, a place steeped in the myth of Count Dracula. Vampire Secrets: Eternal Love game holds playful and straightforward gaming, relaxing astounding sounding and funny video, it will become pleasantly surprising for all adorers of excellent Hidden Object Mac games genre.
The brothers bring balance to each other, which is why they are so much stronger when not fighting. I just hope the writers keep on the path and don’t get off it again with the series finale. I can’t watch Stefan and Caroline either because of the no chemistry free zone and who even believed anything that they wrote for Stefan in the finale anyway? Kinda like this show, should’ve went ended when it was a fan fav now we are all wondering how many fans are going to be left watching next season. When he almost killed Jeremy and let enzo stab Elena in season 5 just because she wouldn’t get back with him I was all set.
Even if SC had chemistry what they did with SE in the finale would’ve made me not like SC right then and there.
It’s unrealistic for you to think everyone is going to like this ship, of course not everyone is going to agree.
The problem is the writers need to get a clue and put relationships in the background for awhile…put the focus on the brothers like they said then build from there.
To me, it would have been more interesting to see how Damon handled being in love and not having her and keeping Stefan and Elena together but going through major ups and downs, like real relationships which I think would have put the show in a better, stronger position going forward.

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