The scholars reveal to you they are searching Dearhenna's laboratory below Loc Muinne, surely filled with danger. As you talk to them you learn that they are tunnelling through the crypt to the sewers to access the laboratory underneath the redanian encampment.
Along the way you fight some Necrophages, Endregas (including a Queen endrega) and Redanian soldiers. You can try to charm him, but he states that he is an automaton and is immune to all charms, he then considers you a threat and attacks you. If you select that you are a guest, and then invoke hospitality, he states that it is a human law and he attacks you. If you choose to fight the Golem instead, thus bypassing all the dialogue, two additional Golems would come to life and join's the battle.
You are forced to fight and kill both Cynthia and Adelbert who splits into three opponents.
The quest, A Tome Truly Rare, and Dearhenna's Notes IV are available but The Bane of the Vrans is not. Unsurprisingly, he is in bed with a woman, possibly a whore, telling stories about Geralt and himself.
Saskia is dining with Sile de Tansarville and worrying about Philippa Eilhart who is in Radovid's dungeon. Not far from the large tower located at the center of Loc Muinne, Geralt ran into a peculiar pair of gentlemen whom I may already have mentioned. As it turned out, the "other members" were are Nilfgaardians - namely, the mages Cynthia and Adalbert.
The riddle proved quite challenging, but the explorers put their heads together and solved it. I must commend Geralt - he treated the talk with the golem like a duel and proved as effective at rhetoric as he was at swordplay. Another illusion melted away to reveal a marvelous machine - clearly more of Dearhenna's handiwork. As Cynthia told it, Dearhenna's artifact would tap into the emotional bond between its user and another individual to establish a magic connection, even over a great distance. Geralt defeated the Nilfgaardians.  It had been an exhausting fight, so he cooled off before approaching Dearhenna’s artifact.
During wandering in Loc Miunne you'll meet arguing people on the marketplace, including two scientists you've met in Flotsam. Direct pathChoosing the Direct path, which is the second doors, or the longer one, you'll finally reach an expedition [#14]. Step 2, Variant A: Defeat Cynthia and AdalbertBoth Cynthia and Adalbert are difficult enemies.
Optionally, you can go to the nearby rooms, where you'll find strong and tough Draugirs and Bruxas [#17] and also few Rotfiends [#18]. Just after entering the corridor from the first chamber [#21] you run into group of Redanian soldiers [#22] - eliminate all of them. Before you start solving the riddle, it's worth to read all collected books and take a look on all nine frescos which are in the chapel. Start searching the laboratory - you'll find five Daerhenna's notes which are worth to collect because they activate small Daerhenna's Journal. Adalbert was a member of the scientific expedition that had set out to explore the caverns beneath Loc Muinne.
If you accept their offer, they tell you to meet them in the Crypt of Mages in the basement of the square's tower. This is your second chance to pick up Queen endrega's pheromones if you missed it in Flotsam.
He also sees trying to find out his name-word as an attack and states he will consider you an intruder (Note however that you are allowed to ask if he is allowed to reveal his name-word). This fight can be quite a challenge, and it's not made any less frustrating by the fact that if you die, you'll have to go through all of the dialogue again. You are forced to fight and kill Adelbert, who splits into three opponents, with Cynthia's help on your side.

Instead he was asked to verify if a large force of Nilfgaardians on the South Bank of the Yaruga. She is told she needs to rule like a queen and to be at full strength for the Summit, worrying after Phillipa. If I did not, know that they were alchemists, shady characters calling themselves scholars, though they certainly were not known in academic circles. Though he found it hard to control himself, as the Black Ones had rattled his chain recently, Geralt engaged in a civil conversation. Our hero probed his opponent, discovered a weakness in his defenses and exploited it mercilessly. Ever careful, Cynthia sensed the aura and, as she had done before, cast a spell to reveal the surprises Dearhenna had in store for intruders. The expedition had reached its goal and it was time for the witcher and the Nllfgaardians to settle up. He was simply unwilling to let any part of Dearhenna's legacy slip from his emperor's grasp.
Intrigued, Geralt was eager to use it, if only to resolve one of the mysteries that still plagued him. They want to hire you as a bodyguard during some mysterious expedition, commanded by Cynthia (you've met her in the Vergen). When he teleport on the elevation when you can't reach him, he summons Wraiths - each time one more. It's worth to ask out about Triss and few other things before you decide about a treaty: You decline all treaties. Meanwhile you can collect few books you can find in this room, like The Gnomes of Mahakam and Tir Tochair, Astrological Curios, Astrological Charts and Legendary Treasures. There is only one way to prevent an encounter - you have to persuade him, that he is a living creature. In both cases your tactic is very similar: hold the sign Quen all the time, avoid blows and retaliate when their protection ends. If you didn't kill Cynthia in the last part of Secrets of Loc Muinne, you can go to bed with her after choosing proper dialogue options and hugging her. He is a Nilfgaardian mage that alongside Cynthia is involved in the quest The Secrets of Loc Muinne during Chapter III, on Iorveth's Path. As the explorers penetrated the underground corridors, he was ever haughty, offering caustic remarks and never really being useful. You can ask several more times for more details of her interrogation at his hands or just punch him there and then. You will need to choose the right combination of three to get past the guardian, if you get it wrong you get attacked by three Gargoyles (you can collect their hearts and dust and make some money). Investigate all avenues and you get the conversation choices based on that, anything invasive and he will attack.
One tactic is to give whoever's about to attack--or simply closest--a nice hard Aard to the face: if your critical effect chances are high, there is a chance you'll get an instant kill. They informed the witcher that the great Dearhenna's laboratory was nestled some where beneath the ruined city.
In any case, the skeletons in this cellar would be those of some Redanians who tried to mess with the witcher.
At night they trailed a drake serpentine, and a silver lady shining and fine, if only her visage she would deign to unfold. As it turned out, the artificial being, armed to the teeth with logical axioms, lacked common sense. Having had his fill of fighting during the expedition, Geralt let the Nilfgaardians take the artifact and leave.
Cynthia disappeared through a portal, Dearhenna's artifact in tow, while our hero went back to his own matters, urgent in and of themselves. You can join men at once, or meet them later: you'll find them in the tower's undergrounds [#2]. What is more, you are thrown fireballs at, which appear where you stand, so try not to stay in any place too long.

At first attacks Body Eaters[#15] which shouldn't be problematic; remember, that they're blowing up a moment after death. Then your turn will come - eye may ask you one of three riddles: I'm seen to fly, described as hard.
One could say that Geralt disliked him from the start - and the feeling was very much mutual.
Once the expedition discovered Dearhenna's laboratory, Adalbert sought to prevent Geralt from getting his part of the loot.
Moreover, don't bother attacking Cynthia when she looks like she's even considering teleporting, because she'll be entirely untouchable for an obscene number of frames, so while you're swinging away at her with mighty impotence, a number of Adelbert's projectiles are likely to have snuck up on you. It's possible he hoped to get something interesting out of Cynthia along the way, though truth be told he was also curious to see what Dearhenna had left behind.
If two competing groups find themselves simultaneously in a single subterranean chamber, well, only one can survive. Leaving behind a small stack of corpses, the team moved on only to encounter yet another guardian. Still shaken by his companion's death, Farid the alchemist chose not to take part and fell victim to more of Dearhenna's malice. The golem he had created proved a sharp conversationalist and keen logician - hardly fortunate for our heroes.
He did not go unrewarded, however: before she left Cynthia spewed information like a mountain spring - and it was nothing to scoff at. Adalbert, on the other hand, categorically forbade the witcher from approaching the contraption. If you succeed, you'll receive a golem's trophy - otherwise you'll have to fight with three golems. At any rate, wearing a trophy that increases Vitality doesn't hurt, as your 4 enemies can whittle it down in a matter of seconds--also an excellent reason to constantly keep dodging no matter your build or gear or difficulty setting.
If Dearhenna's laboratory contained scholarly treasures documenting but a fraction of his knowledge, or even more tantalizingly one of the sorcerer's creations, an expedition in search of it would certainly be worth the effort. Cynthia worked her magic once more, and as expected the guardian she revealed asked another riddle.
Geralt consulted his companions, concluding that the three guides of the riddle would need to be found in the allegorical frescoes on the walls of the chamber. More difficult pathBefore you cross the first doors, pull out the silver sword and activate Quen Sign because three Bruxas [#3].
Geralt was intrigued, took the alchemists up on their offer, and entered the tower to meet the expedition's other members. Facts from the witcher's past, previously lost to him through amnesia, now resonated in his head. The tension that had been building between the mage and the witcher exploded in a single act of anger. Because of very small room, you'll be exposed to frequent attacks, and, what is more, you have to watch out for resonating crystals [#4][#5][#6][#7]- if you attack them, they'll absorb part of your energy.
When you clean up all chambers, go out through the doors [#13], which led you on the corridor.
It was clear the group could solve the riddle by occupying the plates of the frescoes which they thought presented the guides. Cynthia had had enough of Adalbert's behavior, and she and the mage had been unable to agree on how to divide the loot. The fight could very well rid her of a whole set of problems, so she simply took the witcher's side.

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