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When his marriage fell apart, Ricardo (Ezra) Adler, a secular Jew from Venezuela, suffered a serious crisis that led him on a journey.
He sought out many religions and sects in his quest to discover the secret of a stable relationship, but it led nowhere. High demand for help with sexual issues in religious society prompts Michal Prins to open institute offering counseling and guidance on marital relations.
The journey eventually turned into a bold and intriguing documentary film, "The Lost Key," which describes the process many couples experience on the way to "ideal sexuality," according to the Kabbalah. This revolutionary film which openly discusses sex was examined and endorsed by rabbis, including Chief Sephardic Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef, who gave it the "hechsher" (rabbinical product certification).
The diverse spectrum of couples who appear in the film is surprising: Religious, secular and ultra-Orthodox.

The kosher certificate does not reduce the direct and candid conversations about sex that appear throughout the documentary.
Adler was surprised to discover that religious Jews are not necessarily familiar with the ideas that the film presents.
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He grew up in Venezuela, studied in the US and did not take any real interest in his Jewish-ethnic roots. If you do things in a mechanical way you don’t get to see the beauty and the places that this can lead you to.
You can be happier in the bedroom after implementing the relationship principles of the Zohar.
People are thirsty, they feel that something is missing in their relationship, and in their lives and this film fills in the blanks for them.

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And the result is that if you are more connected to your spouse, and you can have a long lasting and happy relationship.
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