An article: Transcendental experiences during meditation practice, by Fred Travis, PhD, Director of the Center for Brain, Consciousness, and Cognition at Maharishi University of Management, provides an overview of research on individuals experiencing higher states of consciousness. However, after a search of the scientific literature he reported that physiological measures and first-person descriptions of transcendental experiences and higher states have only been investigated during practice of the Transcendental Meditation® (TM) technique. TM is an effortless technique for automatic self-transcending, different from the other categories of meditation — focused attention or open monitoring. Specific physiological changes are associated with this subjective experience of Transcendental Consciousness. Whereas control subjects describe themselves in relation to concrete cognitive and behavioral processes, those experiencing Cosmic Consciousness describe themselves in terms of a continuum of inner self-awareness that underlies their thoughts, feelings, and actions.
In addition, the Cosmic Consciousness subjects showed the EEG patterns seen during Transcendental Consciousness along with the EEG patterns when they were asleep, and during waking tasks. Transcendental Meditation at first helped me a lot, after several years it had messed me up so bad that I couldn't finish speaking a sentence all the way through. The first two weeks into TM from initiation increased my ability to control my thoughts to such a degree I could literally turn down the volume of a song that got stuck in my head — a few seconds-long process in which the volume simply decreased to zero. Anyway that was about the time I started smoking a ton of weed and that steady TM practice (along with the benefits I got from it) disappeared. FYI the TM Center and organization has all the trappings of an organization in general — follow the leader type of stuff.
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Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. Mimo wszystko wiele osob nie siega po te forme relaksacji, gdyz zaklada, ze osiagniecie stanu glebokiej koncentracji jest dla nich niemozliwe. Zdaniem naukowcow nalezy poszukiwac odpowiedniej dla siebie metody medytacji, gdyz nie wszyscy jestesmy predysponowani do konkretnych form praktyki. Byc moze poczatkowo nie bedziemy mogli sie skupic na wypowiadaniu mantry, a nasze mysli beda dominowac nie dajac wytchnienia umyslowi. Warto podkreslic, ze byc moze nie od razu uda nam sie wprowadzic nasze cialo i umysl w upragniony stan, jednak nie nalezy sie zniechecac, gdyz jak glosi stare powiedzenie „praktyka czyni mistrza”. Travis was invited to give at “Advances in Meditation Research” (AMR), a meeting of the nation’s top meditation researchers, which took place a year ago at the New York Academy of Sciences in New York City. Travis explains that different meditations have different effects, and that meditation can lead to nondual or transcendental experiences, a sense of self-awareness without content. It allows the mind to settle inward beyond thought to experience the source of thought — pure awareness or Transcendental Consciousness. Travis further explains that with regular meditation, experiences of Transcendental Consciousness begin to co-exist with sleeping, dreaming, and even while one is awake. Travis suggests that such higher states of consciousness can be seen as normal developments beyond the classic stages described by Piaget.
Jak podkreslaja naukowcy, jej regularne praktykowanie obniza cisnienie krwi, pomaga w radzeniu sobie ze stresem, zmniejsza ryzyko demencji, wzmacnia wspoldzialanie prawej i lewej polkuli mozgu oraz wplywa korzystnie na proces zapamietywania.

Predyspozycje kazdego czlowieka sprawiaja, ze niektore techniki medytacji sa dla nich korzystniejsze niz inne, co potwierdzily Jak przekonuje autor, mantra to po prostu nic nie znaczace slowo, ktore nie budzi zadnych skojarzen, ktore bedziemy powtarzac w myslach podczas medytowania. W tym celu siadamy wygodnie na podlodze, zamykamy oczy i w myslach powtarzamy mantre, wprowadzajac spokoj i rownowage do naszego umyslu. Yet the goal of these practices seems unknown or elusive to many practitioners — transcendence.
One simply needs a technique to experience transcendence and thereby facilitate the development of these states. Booth otrzymal swoja mantre od swego nauczyciela na warsztatach medytacji transcendentalnej, ale jak przekonuje rownie dobrze mozemy ja wymyslic sami. The paper presents first-person accounts followed by an overview of the physiological patterns associated with Cosmic Consciousness. The practical benefit of higher states, he says, is that you become more anchored to your inner Self, and therefore less likely to be overwhelmed by the vicissitudes of daily life.
Wazne jest aby nigdy nie wypowiadac jej na glos i nie zdradzac nikomu poniewaz wowczas ktos moze nam narzucic jakies zbedne skojarzenie z nasza mantra i wowczas podczas jej wypowiadania nasz umysl nie uwoli sie od gonitwy mysli.

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