Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. EXISTANCE• Every country in theworld has secretintelligence agencies forthe protection its peopleand to gather importantsecret information whichcan impact their interest.Intelligence agencies are asymbol ofcountry’s defence strength and power. MOSSAD - ISRAELThe Mossad which is Hebrew word meaning to say "Institute for Intelligence andSpecial Operations is a unit national intelligence agency of Israel.
MSS-THE MINISTRY OF STATE SECURITYThe Ministry of State Security (MSS) of the Government of the PeoplesRepublic of China is the security agency of the Peoples Republic of China. RAW – RESEARCH AND ANALYSISWING –INDIA• Indian intelligence agency• Headquartered in New Delhi• Formed in 21 September,1968• First director was R. ASIS- History• The Australian Secret Intelligence Service (ASIS) was established on May 131952, as a collector of foreign intelligence, primarily in the Asia-Pacificregion.• For over twenty years, the existence of ASIS remained a secret, even frommembers of the Australian Government. DGES :- Directorate-General forExternal Security - FRANCE• The General Directorate for External Security is Francesexternal intelligence agency. Directorate-General for ExternalSecurity• The DGSE can trace its roots back to 1947• The DGSE have been shaken by numerous scandals during thecold war• As of 2007 the DGSE employed a total of 4,620 agents. The CIA and FBI are both investigative agencies that deal with the security of the United States of America and its citizens. Unlike portrayed in Hollywood movies, spying is just the tip of iceberg when it comes to several duties and responsibilities included in the job of a CIA agent. The main responsibility of the US intelligence agencies is to safeguard the national interests and integrity of the country. Intelligence agency is one of the most powerful and significant organization of any country. DGSE is intelligence agency of France and it stands for Directorate General for External Security.
BND is abbreviation of Bundesanchrichtendienst and it is only intelligence agency of Germany. MSS is one of most influential and largest security agency of China.MSS stands for Ministry of State Security.
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Although the best education in the world is in the UK, but American education is not less than the UK’s education in any aspect. It is one of the mainentities in the Israeli Intelligence Community, along with Aman (military intelligence)and Shin Bet (internal security).• The Mossad is responsible for intelligence collection, covert operations, andcounter terrorism, as well as bringing Jews to Israel from countries where officialAliyah agencies are forbidden, and protecting Jewish communities. In March 1951, it was reorganized and made a part ofthe prime ministers office, reporting directly to the prime minister.
Operating under the direction ofthe French ministry of defense, the agency works alongsidethe DCRI (the Central Directorate of Interior Intelligence) inproviding intelligence and national security, notably byperforming paramilitary and counterintelligence operationsabroad.
In 1999, the DGSEwas known for employing a total of 2,700 civilians and 1,300 Officers orNon Commissioned Officers in its service.• It also benefits from an unknown number of voluntary correspondents(spies) both in France and abroad. The US Federal Law Enforcement Agency is a division of the US Department of Homeland Security.
In this article, we have presented the salary range for one of the federal agencies, the United States Secret Service. The objective of the intelligence agency is to collect and analyze any information required for stability of government and country.
RAW stands for Research and Analysis Wing and headquarter of agency is located in New Delhi. It was founded in 1948 to ensure the stability of country after segregation of Indo Pak subcontinent in 1947.

The sworn members are classified as Uniformed Division and the Special Agents.The Secret Service has 2 major roles to play. This agency is controlled by government of UK and it’s headquarter resides at Vauxhall Cross in London. Director of CIA is Michael Morell and presently about 20,000 employees are working under CIA.
It covers all things including entertainment, Music, movies, people, places, concepts, travel, you name it, you will find it on TTF. Today, ASIS is a part of the ForeignAffairs portfolio and is responsible to the Minister for Foreign Affairs.
One role is related to the protection of financial systems of the US, US treasury bonds, US currency and notes by investigating frauds, stopping the counterfeiting and all other financial frauds. These agencies provide services to other departments of country like Defense department, Department of national security, law enforcement agencies and department of foreign policies. This agency not only performs operations of foreign intelligence but it also plays active role in internal security matters of country. The main objective of CIA is to gather required information regarding other countries, people, corporations and groups and then provide it to policy makers of government of United States. I love writing about entertainment because there is just so many exciting things to write on this topic.
The other role is related to the protection of the President, past Presidents, Vice-Presidents, US embassies abroad and presidential candidates. DGSE offers intelligence services along with the Central Directorate of Interior Intelligence and reports to Ministry of defense of France. This agency is responsible for civil intelligence as well as military intelligence for country. MSS is responsible to take required action against agents of enemies and monitor any revolutionary activities that can disturb existing system of country. Actual number of employees of the intelligence is unknown however, it is estimated that 350,000 employees are working for this Russian intelligence. History of DGSE is not very extensive however; it is responsible for collecting information regarding foreign intelligence and assist government to deploy effective foreign policies. BND collects all intelligence information required for security of country and provide information directly to government in case of any threat. The organization also collects information regarding intelligence activities of other countries. FSB is responsible for various intelligence activities inside and outside border of country. The organization provides intelligence services to military intelligence Aman, internal security Shin Bet, Parliament and other government bodies.
Mossad was produced in year 1949 and its major aims are intelligence compilation, secret operations, as well as counter-terrorism. To acquire information this agency relies on resources like surveillance system and wiretapping communication at international level.
This organization was founded covertly and its reality was also hidden from government for many years.
In the history of ISI, not a single agent of organization was ever caught on camera similarly, not a single double agent is found in agency in its past record. BND monitors information regarding activities like WMD proliferation, terrorism, crime, drug trafficking, weapons dealing, illegal immigrants, money laundering and transfer of technology illegally. In Russia all law enforcement departments operate under rules and regulations set by this intelligence.

The objectives of organization include gathering information regarding foreign intelligence; ensure the integrity and survival of country economically as well as politically along with security of Australia and its people. FSB also maintains security and integrity of country by preventing crimes like drug smuggling, crime and terrorists activities. It also offers suggestions to policy makers of country on basis of information gathered from its resources.
ISI continuously interfere Indian policies to restrict its efforts to become ultimate power in South Asia. RAW, IndiaAnalysis and research Wing is independent intelligence agency of India shaped in 1968.
ISI also holds almost 10,000 agents that are maximum number of agents throughout the world.
The organization collect information and intelligence about foreign management, criminals and organization, provide details to India policymakers as well as protects the nation from violence.7. The major aims of the agency are to gather secret information and intelligence examine activities of other opponent nations and controlled criminals and take act for the safety and security of the country.6. DGSE, FranceGeneral Directorate for outside Security is observed as the only most commanding agencies of the security.
It was shaped in year 1982 to supply as outside intelligence organization for the France Government. Formed in the year 1956, it is the only well-organized and best intelligence organizations in the world. FSB, RussiaThe service of Federal Security is the only best intelligence agencies of world.
The major aim of the FSB is to gather information, protect and fight with activist and make sure security of country. The agency works with the committee of Joint Intelligence, the inner safety Service, the Defence Intelligence and the Government Communications Headquarters, and offers secret information and foreign intelligence about other organizations and countries to United Kingdoma€™s Government.2. CIA, United StatesCIA is sovereign agency of secret intelligence of US functioning under Director of National Intelligencea€™s commands. The agency is separated into 4 other sections together with the supporta€™s Directorate, the intelligencea€™s Directorate, the Sciencea€™s Directorate and Technology and the service of National Clandestine.1. ISI, Pakistan ISI is the strongest and best intelligence agency of the world as positioned by American Crime News. 1st they are master of proxy wars and brilliant in covert operation(Either it be soviet, Afghanistan or India) .
Secondly they are too good in making double agent and indirect agents not only in public but also in enemies military.As we have seen many times that ISI penetrated in Indian Army and Indian military intelligence too. We Have Reached to Mars And U Motherfuckers Still Trying to Enter Indian Borders..If Ur Terrorist Grups are having so much guts dan y dun give a direcct fight to the indian army??? I mean terror attacks happen almost every week in Pakistan and many of ISI Agents or whatever they’re called are allegedly leaking intelligence to terrorists or are involved in terrorist activities?
The Mumbai Terror attacks are as big as a screw up can get, particularly when they were aware that an attack was going to happen and yet they never did anything about it.

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