Japanese electronics giant is closing its Chinese LCD TV production factory at Dalian Toshiba.
Production of TVs manufactured at DLTV for the Japanese market will be shifted to ODM, and Toshiba will continue to supply TVs to the Chinese market through a partnership with a local manufacturer. Toshiba brand sold by Crambo Visual introduces new interactive guide to the range of televisions with Internet access, Smart TV. With this guide Toshiba, the user can search series, movies or gender, directors … in a fast and easy allowing in turn set up a personalized guide to your tastes and preferences. This interactive guide Toshiba has an extensive database of film extra information presented in a visual and intuitive graphic interface. The Samsung Smart TV is a great choice for gifts this Christmas, since, as its name implies, is a smart TV that aims to revolutionize home entertainment. Almost Smart Samsung TV does it all, at least as far as entertainment is concerned, since you can browse any website and do what you normally do on a computer, how to chat with friends, connect to your social networks and review your email, you can watch movies and favorite shows that you have stored in the memory of Smart TV, or just watch TV channels. The highlight of the Samsung TV is your Internet connection allowing you to visit any web site with its own browser based on Chrome, so if you want to see a movie basket, you can do and turn your TV into a virtual library unlimited movies and series, although if you are someone who does not like to visit illegal sites content, you can connect to the Netflix application, if you have hired. So far, the method of payment of this video store from the sofa is by credit card, althoughWuaki announce that there will be more forms available.

At last year's IFA Toshiba unveiled a new processing system for its LCD TVs called Resolution+, which uses the Cell Broadband Engine (developed by Sony, Toshiba and IBM and as sported by the PS3) to upscale standard definition sources to ‘near hi-def'. Although we questioned Toshiba's strategy when the technology was announced at IFA - talking about the prevalence of SD and the move towards 4k TVs in the same breath - we can certainly see the logic in this new technology. What's less logical is why Toshiba is billing this as ‘the first ever upscaling TV' when all hi-def TVs have to upscale SD content in order for it to match the screen's resolution.
The technology debuted in Toshiba's XD-E500, standalone DVD player, where it failed to win us over but now Resolution+ is being used for the first time in a TV inside the company's REGZA ZV series, and lo and behold we've got our hands on the 46in version from that very range, giving us the chance to assess the worth of the tech without the need for a DVD player. From an aesthetic perspective, the 46ZV555D isn't a radical departure from previous Toshiba TVs, but that's not necessarily a bad thing - the gloss black bezel and boomerang-shaped swivel stand look as sumptuous as ever, while the illuminated Toshiba logo below the screen is a lovely touch (and you can turn it off if it gets too distracting).
These are joined by a D-Sub PC input on the rear, analogue and optical digital audio outputs, audio inputs for the component and PC inputs and a subwoofer output. Get TrustedReviews' award-winning reviews, opinions and advice delivered to your inbox for free! This guide facilitates the search and selection of content, allows access to a wealth of information and extras.
In addition, this new range of Smart TV allows the possibility to program (up to eight days in advance), the program recording to USB.

In total, 2.5 million descriptions of films, 120,000 per fifes of actors and TV show data from 1960. The company says 99 per cent of programmes broadcast in the UK are in standard definition, and therefore Resolution+ offers a way of boosting the quality of those programmes in order to narrow the gap between SD and HD material. After all, it'll be a while before free-to-air HD content is widely available, and standard-def DVDs are still most people's movie media of choice - all of which means there's plenty for this new tech to get its teeth into.
But what sets Resolution+ apart from other upscaling systems is the enormous processing power offered by the Cell chip, which applies complex algorithms to the incoming signal in order to sharpen up edge detail and enhance the overall image. You get three HDMI inputs - two on the rear, one on the side - which is the minimum you should expect these days, while the component and twin Scart sockets provide further input options. Transient connection needs are served by the S-video, composite and stereo audio inputs on the side panel, and the common interface slot lets you add pay TV channels to the standard Freeview line-up.
This new solution leverages the network connection of these sets to improve the content of conventional programming guides.

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