For a whole lot of people, especially those in developing countries, science a€” and with it, medicine a€” isna€™t readily available to the majority of citizens. Following on from Maharaja’s highly acclaimed tour of 10 North American cities last year, it’s an immense pleasure to announce that Maharaja will join us in Sydney for a day on the 28th of December, 2013, at Sydney Conference and Training Centre (SCTC), Ingleside (near Mona Vale). Prof., Tony Nader MD PhD, Maharaja Adhiraj Rajaraam, is Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s designated successor as leader of Maharishi’s worldwide Transcendental Meditation Movement and the foremost exponent of Maharishi Vedic Science. Thus, it’s with added delight that we invite all of Australia’s Meditators, TM-Sidhas and Governors, to come together, to be together, and enjoy deep rest and silence together from the 27th of December ’13 until the 13th of January ‘14.
The coming year-end courses will be held at two locations on Sydney’s Upper North Shore and Northern Beaches.
In Chicago the New Paradigm presentation featured a ‘pre-event’ social hour with a dinner following the presentation. The presentations explored the meeting point of science and spirituality by featuring pioneering research that reveals the Veda and the Ramayana as blueprints of our body and the entire universe. Extensive research on these breakthrough discoveries has also documented collective benefits for society, including the potential for creating world peace.
If you book to attend either the WPA or the Summer Residence Course, and you commence your course on 27th Dec, then any fee for attendance at the “A New Paradigm” Presentation is included in your Course Fee.

Vedic Experts will be available from 28th Dec until 8th Jan with schedules for instruction in Advanced Techniques of TM (ATs), Mahaharishi Vedic Vibration Technology (MVVT) & a TM-Sidhis Refresher Crs. Carol Maher has worked in the field of stress management,  personal development, health and wellness since 1983. By allowing the mind the freedom to be still, the body gains very deep rest, and releases accumulated stress. The National Summer Course schedule, which will commence on 27th December, is included below. Maharishi Vedic Science and Technology of Consciousness integrates the Ancient wisdom of the Vedas with leading-edge knowledge located by Modern Science. On the simple basis of maximising our own potential we’ll also be making a very natural contribution to the coherence, to the orderliness of thinking, in the collective consciousness of our entire nation.
There will be onsite accommodation for the Meditators’ Residence Courses and the World Peace Assembly for Sidhas and Governors.
She has an extensive background in Transcendental Meditation having completed the initial transcendental meditation course in 1978 and then the advanced meditation courses and techniques. Prakash, an assistant professor of bioengineering at Stanford, is the proprietor of a€?frugal science,a€? a term he coined to explain the movement toward building cheap versions of high tech tools.

Lo A?nico que perdA­ fueron doscientos cuarenta mil dA?lares (o ciento veinte semanas de trabajo, a dos mil por semana). Maharishi Vedic Science, featuring the Transcendental Meditation Program, provides a unique, simple, natural, effortless, and therefore practical, Consciousness-Based Approach to problems in All Areas of Life and a means by which Every Individual in Every Nation can rise to enjoy their full potential. Even though 650 registered, hundreds more continued to stream in at various stages throughout the evening. Free introduction talks & MeetupsLearn more about what meditation is and speak to teachers first hand FREE TALKSWho are The Meditation Trust?Accessible and affordable The Meditation Trust was established as a Registered Charity in 2000. Les autres associations loi 1901 ne sont pas tenues de suivre ce modA?le, mA?me si beaucoup le font.
The way Prakash sees it, labs dona€™t need the most expensive equipment out there in order to reach profound breakthroughs.

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