Secret Service: Does this Derbyshire restaurant and bar deserve its 4.5-star rating on TripAdvisor? As one of the most beautiful places in Oklahoma, Broken Bow lies nestled in southeast Oklahoma near the foothills of the Kiamichi Mountains – a subrange of the breathtaking Ouachita Mountains. The town lies within McCurtain County and with a population just over 4,000, Broken Bow is a gateway city to Beaver’s Bend Resort Park and Hochatown State Park.
She is the Oklahoma staff writer for Only In Your State, busy mom of 3, internet entrepreneur, lover of God, family and OU football.
Overlooking the gorgeous garden, your spy settled down, with three guests, for what was hopefully going to be an enjoyable evening.After grabbing the menu from the bar, it was encouraging to see an extremely extensive menu. With a quaint town full of history, great weather, pristine water, spectacular views and an array of outdoor activities, this little town is one of Oklahoma’s best kept secrets.
Although tempted, your spy and their companions decided to jump straight to the mains and order a dish from plentiful list of meals.

Oven-baked potatoes, hot and cold sandwiches and seasonal salads feature on the menu too.For lunchtime diners, these are probably a huge hit. And if you're after a lighter bite in the evening, and some guests were enjoying them, it's an option.If you fancy pasta or pizza, these feature too. One meal in particular jumped out from all the rest and that was the chicken, spinach and mushroom penne, with a creamy white wine and garlic sauce.Your spy was spoilt for choice when it came to selecting something to eat. A glance around the room seemed to show every single person eating different things from the menu. Everything looked lovely.After the lighter bites and the pasta and pizza, the menu gives diners even more culinary treats.
There's beef, pork and chicken to tickle your taste buds.Two of your spy's guests decided to try the Rooster's home-made classic burger. Using locally-sourced beef, they're served in a soft roll and a bucket of chips, home-made coleslaw, salad garnish and tomato relish.

Topped with puff pastry, the dish is filled with a medley of fresh salmon, smoked haddock and Atlantic prawns in a creamy onion and parsley sauce.
It is served with chips and peas.And finally, we ordered a 6oz rump steak with a skewered field mushroom, griddled tomato and watercress, served with a healthy salad and chips. The service was exceptional and despite being very busy we didn't wait too long.And if we had, it would have been worth it.
They were hot, served together and it was clear that the chef had taken time to present them well.The steak was tender, the burgers were crumbly and clearly homemade and the fish pie was superb.

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