Three TTC employees voice the 5,600 voice prompts used by the TTC on subways, busses and streetcars. Whether oregano, chiles, coriander, cinnamon, thyme, or even tea, spices add incredible dimensions to what would otherwise be plain, ordinary meals.
Everyone who cooks—from the master chef planning an elaborate banquet to the amateur cook looking for a quick dinner—should have a confident understanding of spices and how each one can be used to create an exciting range of taste sensations.
Sarah Sheldon, a disturbed scientist deeply concerned with overpopulation, secretly sterilizes certain individuals during sexual intercourse. Published on June 17, 2015From rocking out to heavy metal to waiting at your door until you come home, the new 'The Secret Life of Pets' trailer shows what your pets do when they're home alone. Screen Junkies will make you question your entire childhood with their honest analysis of Toy Story. The budget for the first computer-animated feature helped make it the classic that it became.
If you happen to have $23,432,400,000, would you please build a dinosaur theme park already. Catch up on the epic space opera with a mind-melting marathon of all six films at one time. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, starring Ben Stiller, who also directs, looks great, lacks heart.

If you love the Zoolander star and don’t mind that this movie generates the occasional weak smile rather than huge laughs, then this self-indulgent, CGI-heavy Stiller world tour will make you happy indeed. Mitty was the central character of the 1947 fantasy starring Danny Kaye, based on the very brief James Thurber-penned short story in The New Yorker; the name has become synonymous with dreamers of this world. Now Stiller takes on the tale, directing from a script by Steve Conrad (The Pursuit of Happyness, The Weather Man). Risking his skin in his daydreams is a good antidote for the real danger lurking in the magazine’s halls. Mitty’s daydreams are also sparked by his secret crush on co-worker, Cheryl (a pleasingly low-key Kristen Wiig). With the final issue of Life about to go into production, Mitty has been tasked with printing the cover photo from a negative sent by reclusive and rebellious superstar photographer and perpetual globetrotter, Sean O’Connell (Sean Penn). But the precious negative has gone missing and finding it is the only thing standing between Mitty and a layoff notice.
The calculated layering of adventures and heroics, all involving long frame-filling close-ups of Mitty looking pensive or wide-eyed, show a variety of computer-generated splendours that don’t seem to be in service of anything. Stiller’s relentless focus on his own character leaves others poorly realized and the heart of the story pales amid the spectacle. And while cooking with these and other spices from around the world can often be intimidating and confusing, they’re actually quite easy to adapt to your own everyday cooking.

It had the proper blend of horror, suspense and sci fi which had been subtly placed into the film. He updates it in sort-of fashion with reclusive Mitty, now a bachelor, toiling in the decidedly archaic photo negative department of Life magazine. Corporate hatchetmen (led by a snide Adam Scott) have landed and are showing much of the staff the door as Life is repurposed as a web-only publication. In a flash, the coffee room at work falls away as Mitty swaps his nerdy, putty-coloured windbreaker for vibrant mountain climbing gear and a handsomely ice-covered beard to woo Cheryl by fantastic means. A The Curious Case of Benjamin Button gag is the most obvious example, dropped in for no other reason than to show it can be done. Deeper messages than chasing your dreams are lost to the slick, ad campaign-style bigness of the pursuit. Trust me there is shock value to it, but the filmmaker's ability to work within so many different themes truly contributed to the originality of the film.
But the exercise is without heart or genuine emotion, a missing element that constantly niggles as the film progresses.

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